Women eat more easily in 5 places to gain weight

Many foods in the kitchen are tempting. Eating fast while in or through the kitchen makes it difficult to control the amount of food you expect. The worst is standing in front of a refrigerator or a cupboard full of food. If you feel hungry, prepare the right amount of food and sit at the table and enjoy.

Burgers, fries, chicken wings, and other desserts in the diet ads on the TV in front of the TV will stimulate your appetite, make you unable to go to supper, or pick up fries, ice cream, chocolate, etc. The feasible solution is to pack up snacks other than the right amount.

When you are unwell in bed, you will be indulged in lying in bed or lazy and unwilling to get up. Eating in bed will make you eat unconsciously and affect your bedroom hygiene. If you feel hungry before going to bed, you can eat some fresh fruit, of course, do not eat in bed.

Most of the fast food in the car is high in calories, especially when you are driving, because you are too busy paying attention to the road conditions, you may eat too much food. If you have to eat in the car, choose a packaged healthy snack or meal that will help you keep track of your calories.

Eating while working at your desk keeps you from focusing on food. If you eat too fast, your brain can’t receive information about how much you’ve eaten in a few minutes, and you may still feel hungry even if you have eaten enough food. It is best to leave the desk to eat, and try not to put snacks in the desk drawer.

A recent study found that a substance in breast milk can effectively kill cancer cells.

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg and Lund University in Sweden have found that a mixture of alpha-lactalbumin and fatty acids in breast milk can kill 40 cancer cells. The most important thing is that this substance has no side effects, it only destroys cancer cells and does not harm healthy cells. Researchers named the substance “Hamlet” based on the acronym HAMLET.

Researchers treated patients with bladder cancer for five days. They injected “Hamlet” into the subject through a catheter and found that the patients had killed cancer cells in their urine after each treatment. The results show that “Hamlet” can effectively reduce the number of cancer cells in a short period of time. The researchers will continue to test its effect on skin cancer, cell mucosal cancer, and brain cancer.