What figure does a man appeal to a woman

In the eyes of women, men are like male gods, because they have many “attractive” features. Through in-depth analysis of the results of the opinion polls, physiologists have concluded that the parts of the body that men most catch women’s eyeballs can help men to improve their physical fitness.

1. Neat and clear abs. Researchers at the University of Western Illinois found that women believe that the abdominal muscles are the sexiest muscles on men’s bodies. This view makes sense, the abdominal muscles are located on the front and middle of the body, and if you are not wearing clothes, at first glance, her eyes will inevitably freeze on the abdomen. From a physiological point of view, men with more abdominal fat have lower testosterone content, which means that they have lower sexual desire and poor fertility, and women naturally do not like it. If you can’t change your appearance, men can sculpt clear abdominal muscles through fitness.

2. Hard buttocks. When men turn around, women don’t stare at their back heads or knees. Like men, women also like the opposite sex with a hard, strong buttock. A poll showed that of the 100 women surveyed, most respondents expressed their admiration for strong glutes.

3. Wide and tight shoulders. Researchers at US State University have found that women’s sexual satisfaction is closely related to their partner’s shoulder width. Wide and strong shoulders are considered a sign of strength and masculinity. In addition, men with higher “shoulder-to-hip ratio” have sex earlier and have more sexual partners. Therefore, men with too soft shoulder lines need to work hard to shape their shoulders.

4. Invert the back of the triangle. Research results published by the University of Georgia in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences show that back width accounts for more than 79% of the attractiveness of men to women. When it comes to physical attraction, having a wide V-shaped back is better than a man’s height and penis size.

5. Stout and strong arms. A survey of more than 100 female college students across the United States found that most interviewees regarded men’s arms as their biggest concern. Women feel that this is a sign that a man values ​​fitness, and admits that he likes to see men’s biceps looming in a T-shirt or pullover. A strong arm also hints at a man’s ability to protect a woman and the power to hold her up.

6. Well-defined chest. From an evolutionary point of view, women favor men with thick pectoral muscles, which indicates that his hunting ability is strong. No matter how handsome his face is, men with fat chests lack sexual appeal in the eyes of women.

7. Mature male face. Research published by researchers at the University of Louisville in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that women are most interested in faces that can stimulate their desire to mate. Men with big eyes, a moderate nose, a strong chin and a wide cheekbones are their first choice.

8. Mysterious personality. Researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada have found that women prefer to be reticent rather than talk about the opposite sex. Although smiling is essential for social interaction, women are more enamored of men who look a little arrogant. Therefore, at the beginning of sexual intercourse, men can be appropriately mysterious and indifferent.

9. Strong and strong hands. Women pay attention to details. The male hand can show his ability to make a living and take care of his hobby. Big-handed men are often masculine.

10. The right amount of beard. Researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia have found that some men with short stubble are more sexy in women’s eyes because having the right amount of beard indicates that they are rich in androgens and have the ability to reproduce and raise offspring.