Why do people get tired and doze off?

1. Not enough sleep
It may be obvious, but the main cause of fatigue is that you sleep too little, which can negatively affect your mental concentration and health.

Countermeasure: Ensure that sleep is prioritized and have a regular schedule. If you still have problems, ask your doctor for help. You may have a sleep disorder.

Second, sleep apnea
Many people think they sleep enough, but sleep apnea can affect sleep. The result: Although you’ve been lying in bed for 8 hours, you’re not getting enough sleep.

Countermeasures: If you are overweight, lose weight; if you smoke, quit smoking; wear a positive pressure breathing apparatus while sleeping, if the patient has apnea, you can perform the necessary mechanical ventilation according to the preset frequency to help your airway continue to open at night .

Third, insufficient intake
Eating too little can cause fatigue, but eating the wrong food is also a problem. A balanced diet can keep your blood sugar in the normal range and avoid hypoglycemic reactions when blood sugar drops.

Countermeasure: Maintain the habit of eating breakfast, intake protein and complex carbohydrates at each meal. For example, if you eat eggs with bread, you can eat snacks to ensure sufficient energy for three meals.

Fourth, anemia
Anemia is the leading cause of fatigue in women. Periodic blood loss during menstruation can cause iron deficiency and increase women’s risk of anemia. Because tissues and organs carry enough red blood cells, it is necessary for the human body.

Countermeasure: Because anemia can cause iron deficiency, supplementing with enough iron and eating foods rich in iron, such as lean meat, liver, shellfish, beans and rich grains, will help anemia.

Fifth, depression
You may think that depression is an emotional disorder, but it can also cause many physical symptoms. If you are tired and “down” for more than a few weeks, go to your doctor.

Countermeasures: Depression responds well to psychotherapy and medication.

6. Hypothyroidism
The thyroid gland controls your metabolism by controlling how quickly the body converts food into energy. When the glands are working poorly and your metabolism slows down, you may feel weak and gain weight.

Countermeasure: Take a blood test to determine if your thyroid hormone is too low. You can take synthetic thyroid hormone to speed up your metabolism.

Seven, excessive caffeine intake
Caffeine can cause tachycardia, elevated blood pressure, and resting tremors if consumed in excess. And studies suggest that excessive coffee intake can make some people more tired.

Countermeasure: Slowly reduce your intake of coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks, and any caffeinated drugs.

Potential urinary tract infections
If you have ever had a urinary system infection, you may be familiar with frequent urination and pain, and routine urine tests can quickly diagnose the infection.

Countermeasures: Antibiotics are very effective against urinary tract infections, and fatigue usually disappears within a week.

Nine, diabetes
In patients with diabetes, blood sugar levels remain high. Blood glucose is not converted into energy in the cells, but is accumulated in the blood.

Countermeasure: Diabetes treatment includes lifestyle changes, such as dieting, exercise, hypoglycemic drugs, and insulin, which can help the body handle the stored sugar.

Ten, heart disease
When you feel tired after daily activities. If you find that it’s happening more and more frequently and you can’t get the job done as easily as before, go to the hospital to talk to your doctor about heart problems.

Countermeasures: Lifestyle changes, medications and other treatments can control heart disease and restore your energy.

Eleven, sleep disorders caused by shift work
Working at night or three shifts will disrupt your biological clock. I slept at night but didn’t dare to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep well during the day.

Countermeasure: Avoid exposure to the sun when you need to rest. Keep the room dark, quiet and cool. Sleep supplements and medications will help you.

If your fatigue has nothing to do with other diseases, the best remedy is exercise. Exercise will accelerate the flow of oxygen in the body and mind, and accelerate the circulation in the body to make people active. Most people who “frequently feel tired” are actually healthy people. It is important to pay attention to the type of fatigue, if the fatigue is persistent and intense, you must consult a professional physician.