Be animal police in New York

After college graduate Lin Jie immigrated to the United States, he accidentally found a special job: animal police. After undergoing rigorous training and examinations, Lin Jie and Sheriff David worked together to maintain the harmony between animals and people in the city. Whether it’s a thrilling wild boar catch or a ridiculous hunt for chickens in the city, it shows the importance and sense of responsibility of the animal police!

Bring cat abusers to justice
In May 2018, after graduating from the Zhejiang Police Academy, Lin Jie passed the English test with excellent grades, and immigrated to New York, USA with the help of his aunt, temporarily living in his aunt’s house in New York. The prosperity of New York made him dizzy, especially the crowds coming and going, making him feel extremely fresh.

When he first arrived at his aunt’s house, a white puppy was always running around him. Although this dog was not big, he was lively and naughty, shaking his head and swinging his tail to make him feel happy. My aunt called the puppy “yoyo” affectionately. Soon, Yoyo mingled with Lin Jie. It always loved to follow Lin Jie or turn around him and take him for a walk. Seeing this, his aunt was very happy.

One day, my aunt was temporarily away from home, but it was time to walk the dog. Aunt called and asked Lin Jie to help out with you. Looking at the uneasy sidewalking Yoyo looked at him with pitiful eyes, Lin Jie took it out with him.

Unexpectedly, since then, Jie Lin has opened a new world! As soon as I arrived on the street, after a long day at home, Yoyo immediately rejuvenated, looking around and scrambling around. Where Lin Jie evoked mischievous yoyo, accidentally, yoyo hit the road.

Seeing the cars coming and going, this was incredible. Lin Jie hurriedly chasing and shouting Yoyo. Youyo was obviously frightened by the steady flow of cars. He hid in Tibet and listened to him. At this time, under the reminder of the kind people, Lin Jie hurriedly reported the case to the animal police and asked for help. After a while, the animal police’s police car came over. The two policemen got out of the car and saw Yoyo trembling in the traffic. The police hurried forward to stop the traffic. When the traffic gradually eased, the police hugged Yoyo and said gently, “Poor little guy, you are scared!”

Talking, the police walked in front of Lin Jie and gave him to you. Under the care of the police, Yoyo hummed twice and looked at Lin Jie pitifully, as if he felt that he had made a mistake. It was obviously frightened too, lying lightly on Lin Jie’s shoulders, whispering like a child doing something wrong.

Lin Jie thanked the police. The police said to Lin Jie: “This is the first time you’ve come to walk the dog. You should go down the road, that’s safer! But, to be honest, your dog looks great, very Health is cute too! ”

Lin Jie was touched by it. Fortunately, the police arrived in time to resolve a highly likely car accident. This is the first time Lin Jie has learned about the profession of animal police. With curiosity about the animal police, after many inquiries, Lin Jie learned that the “animal police” belongs to the non-profit private organization-the American Anti-Animal Abuse Association. Police.

But because they are wearing uniforms similar in color and style to police uniforms, equipped with special equipment such as handcuffs, pistols, and police lights, they can also exercise their right of arrest in accordance with the law, so they are not much different from other policemen walking through the streets of New York. The difference is that people are more accustomed to calling them “animal police.”

Lin Jie, who was born with a good feeling for animals, was worried that he was out of work, so he decided to try the animal police. At the animal police office, Lin Jie was received by David, an experienced animal police officer. According to him, “animal police officers” have very high requirements. Most of them used to be police, security, and private detectives. Have enough love and tolerance. Lin Jie was accepted because he graduated from the police academy and worked as a volunteer in stray animal shelter.

I thought I could take the post immediately, but I didn’t want to work for a few days before receiving professional training. In addition to zoology, psychology, and interrogation skills, Lin Jie also learned the “body language” of 15 common animals to reach the state of being able to gain insight into the “inner world” of animals according to their expressions. In addition, he also completed 47 hours of shooting training.

After graduation, Lin Jie returned to the law enforcement department and accepted a two-week complaint call. During this period, he found that he knew everything about the circumstances of the case and his interrogation skills had improved greatly. He was then arranged to assist Sergeant David in his work and follow David’s internship for six months to learn animal police’s handling of various emergencies.

One day, Lin Jie suddenly received a call for help. Someone found an iron box on the street containing two dying kittens. After receiving this call, David and Lin Jie rushed over immediately. At the scene, many people had been watching, and they could see that the two kittens in the iron box were born shortly after they were born. They were starving and severely dehydrated. One of the eyes was already inflamed and red. Although someone tried to feed them, it didn’t help.

Who is so cruel? Seeing this, David and Lin Jie immediately brought the kitten back to the animal hospital for rescue. Even so, one kitten died from hunger. The other kitten survived but was thin and pitiful. In order to find out the truth and bring the cat abuser to justice, David and Lin Jie immediately launched an investigation to find the true murderer. Kung Fu is worthy of someone who cares, just as someone saw the iron box appeared in someone’s hand, following the clue, they found the real murderer.

It turned out that in order to test the kitten’s tolerance for hunger, the man used two newborn kittens as an experiment, which was extremely cruel. David and Lin Jie arrested the man on the spot. Under the Anti-Animal Torture Act, the man was sentenced to five years in prison, not to be released on bail, and fined $ 20,000.

Police chasing animals across the city
After half a year’s internship, Lin Jie has learned about various situations. After successfully passing the comprehensive examination, he officially became an animal policeman and took up his post with a certificate.

The first big case after taking office was that a porcupine broke into a family’s garden, and the head of the household called for help. After putting down the phone, Lin Jie and David hurried to the scene. It was a family close to the forest. The porcupine was trapped in the garden and panicked. Maybe it feels dangerous next to it. It has thorns all over the body. Porcupine thorns are dense and dense. Once it is stuck on a person, it will be extremely painful.

This is a dangerous case. Both the safety of the porcupine and his own safety must be ensured. David and Lin Jie are both careful. They evacuated the crowd first, then placed the animal-specific cage not far from the porcupine, opened the cage door, and tried to lure the porcupine into the cage with food. Obviously, the porcupine was too alert and didn’t obediently go in.

Unable to do anything, Lin Jie regenerated a plan. He surrounded the porcupine, leaving only the channel of the cage, and tried to lure it into the cage again. This time, the porcupine struggled a few times and finally obediently entered the cage.

After closing the cage, Lin Jie and David drove the porcupine to a flat field in the nearby forest, and carefully opened the cage door to release the porcupine. Watching the porcupine slowly come out of the cage and walk back to nature, Lin Jie The heart rises with infinite pity and pride. These animals have unknowingly let him pour into his feelings.

Of course, in the work of being an animal police officer, Lin Jie also encountered many interesting things. Once, the parrot flew into the middle school classroom. Lin Jie invited the parrot out of the classroom for the children without harming the parrot. The parrot seemed to be in opposition to Lin Jie, and wanted to stay in the classroom. Finally, after everyone’s joint efforts, the parrot finally flew out of the classroom. Although the whole classroom was messed up, the students seemed to be having fun, and even learned the lesson of “care for animals” from it.

On another occasion, a chicken truck accident happened on the highway, and the chicken cage was accidentally knocked open. All the chickens in the cage ran out and rammed on the highway. In order to return these chickens to the original owner and avoid traffic. The accident happened to protect the lives of chickens. A large group of animal police staged a “chicken chase” on the highway, which made people laugh.

In the end, most of the chickens chased back, and Lin Jie was too tired. But watching these chickens obediently stay in the cage, he felt that all the effort was worth it. There are a lot of interesting things, and there are a lot of things that make people angry. Once, Lin Jie received a report from a landlord that renters abused dogs in his home and often heard dogs screaming. Lin Jie and his team of four launched a detailed investigation into the matter. First of all, knocking on the door of the room and walking in, you smelled a foul odor, and the surrounding environment was too bad. Lin Jie looked around, and finally found the hidden dog in a hidden cabinet. Then, two, three, and a total of four dogs were found.

At first Lin Jie thought it was just that the owner didn’t know how to raise a dog, but when he was about to leave with the dogs, the blood on the corner caught his attention. The blood was dry, but still shocking. Instinctively, Lin Jie was certain that there had been tears between dogs. After investigating and obtaining evidence, I finally learned that this place turned out to be a den for dog fighting.

Lin Jie arrested the dog fight on the spot and took the dogs back to the animal shelter. However, because the dogs were trained to fight dogs, they are very competitive and need the psychologist’s patience to help them gradually integrate into the crowd and not cause harm to people. Looking at these hurt dogs, Lin Jie was distressed. Dogs, like humans, have life and dignity. We should let them feel love.

Harvesting Love in Animal Rescue
In the process of being an animal police officer, Lin Jie unexpectedly harvested love. This matter has to start from the stray puppy “Lily” this “matchmaker”. During a rescue, Lin Jie rescued a stray dog ​​trapped in the water. At that time, it was trapped under the bridge, and the water was getting deeper and deeper, and it soon drowned. It did not dare to move and stayed in the original place. On the ground, Lin Jie waded to the puppy and hugged it to a safe land. Along the way, the puppy kept his head firmly on Lin Jie’s shoulder, full of attachment. After keeping warm for him, Lin Jie brought it back to the animal hospital. At the hospital, the doctor seriously diagnosed and treated him. When it was determined that it had just been frozen and returned to normal with a little warmth, Lin Jie’s hanging heart finally landed.

Since then, Lin Jie named the puppy “Lily” and put it in the shelter. He would visit it in his spare time. Obviously, Lily also likes Lin Jie very much, chasing him around, or jumping on his forefoot to his raised arm, watching him stretch his tongue and pretend to be cute.

One day, Lin Jie went to see Lily as usual, but found that Lily didn’t come to meet him, and suddenly hit him at restlessness. According to the staff of the shelter, Lily disappeared early in the morning. I wonder if she ran out alone.

Worried about Lily, Lin Jie searched for Lily and called for Lily, but with little success. Lili seemed to disappear suddenly, making him worry about anxiety, and spent twenty days in fear. During the period, Lin Jie posted posters about hunting for dogs and found them through media such as newspapers and television, but there was still no news. Just when Lin Jie was disappointed or even hopeless, a phone call made to his cell phone. The other party was a girl. She said that her name was Anna, and she found a stray dog ​​on the road a few days ago. Today she suddenly saw a dog hunt in the newspaper. She thought that the dog should be Lily.

Lin Jie hurried to drive. When he knocked on the door of Anna’s room, Lily leaped into his arms with a smile, and Lin Jie’s heart appeared indescribably moved. It turned out that when Anna found Lily, she hadn’t eaten for several days, and was so hungry that she was very hungry. The kind Anna took Lily home and took good care of her so that Lily could regain her vitality.

Anna and Lily had a great time. When Lin Jie was about to take Lily away, Anna and Lily’s eyes showed resentment at the same time. Lin Jie knew that Lily had found a suitable home for herself. Lin Jie tried to communicate with Anna, hoping that she would accept Lily. Anna agreed, looking at her happy expression from the inside out. Lin Jie knew that Lily would be taken care of and very happy here.

Since then, Lily has been carefully taken care of by Anna. Lin Jie often finds time to visit Lily. Anna talks to Lily with him, as if there are endless words, a dog is holding two hearts tightly. Unconsciously, the two became emotionally indifferent.

In March 2019, Lin Jie and Anna held a grand wedding. As a matchmaker, Lily followed the whole process of the wedding. In fact, animals, like humans, have love and aura. During his time as an animal police officer, Lin Jie not only gained his career, harvested his growth, harvested his love, but also gained a rare love …