American spirit

Although Corvette’s popularity is not as good as Italian super-running giants such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, its strong linear acceleration performance, deep bottom-to-back acceleration, and the unique charm of the American V8+ muscle line also make it He is well known among hardcore fans. More than 10 years ago, Corvette ZR1 scored 7 minutes and 19 seconds 63 in New Taipei. It was the fastest production car at the time, and it became the fastest production car of the Nissan GT-R and the Italian wind son Pagani Zonda F CS. A “God car” in the minds of global hardcore fans.

Known as the “national run” of the United States, Corvette can be said to have witnessed the development of the entire American automobile industry, which has never been broken since the first generation in 1953. As a representative of the American muscle car, it is not inferior in many competitions around the world, and it has resisted the “model extinction” period twice. The first time was the oil crisis of 1973-1980. The economic depression, the second is the US subprime mortgage crisis of 2008-2009.

Unlike those cars that have experienced several generations of models and have been developed for more than half a century, most of the old-qualified models will maintain a traditional style. However, since the eight generations of Corvette, almost every generation has made a big move. Corvette’s most admirable is the long-lasting “life force”, whether it is its rivals or competing models within the group, such as Ford Thunderbird or Chevrolet Sevier. Corvette also faces more demanding environmental emission requirements. The LT series engine on the C7 is an embodiment.

The popularity of the Corvette C8, which was released recently, is mainly due to the fact that the major changes in this model have brought enough topics. Some riders or

I know that the previous Corvette models have been using the front and rear driving force layout of the car since its birth. According to Corvette’s engineers, the potential of the pre-driver layout has been exhausted by the Corvette C7. For more efficient power, more balanced weight distribution and better driving visibility, the latest Corvette C8 will use the power layout of the mid-mounted rear-wheel drive, which is also the power of many super-runs. The layout form.

The front grille of the Corvette C8 features a three-stage black honeycomb design with a more complex spoiler around the front grille, making the aerodynamic performance of the new car much larger than the previous generation. improve. The two symmetrical “V” shaped ridges on the front cover are very powerful. Inside the front grille is also integrated with a camera. This camera can not only act as a driving recorder, but also in the valet parking mode, the owner can also monitor the driving route of his car in real time, and rest assured. The most interesting thing is that in the track mode, the driving computer will record the dynamic data such as the speed and G value of the vehicle, and combined with the picture of the driving recorder, it becomes a professional track recorder, which is very interesting and practical.

The structure of the mid-engine makes the Corvette C8’s side temperament change dramatically. At first glance, it looks like some models of Ferrari or McLaren. The forward dive posture is less than that of the previous generation. A bit wild, but a little more intense and balanced feeling. The canopy of the Corvette C8 can be removed and placed inside the chest, and the inside of the trunk is designed with a special buckled canopy. This design is very easy to implement, and the convertible can be realized without changing the structure of the vehicle body. Users can choose not only the roof of the same color as the body, but also the glass roof and carbon fiber roof.

The Corvette C8 black double-spoke rim is simple and dynamic, with a front wheel size of 245/35 ZR19 and a rear wheel size of 305/30 ZR20. The new model will come standard with Michelin Pilot Sport ALS tires. The model comes with a Z51 performance pack and the tires are the more powerful Pilot Sport 4S. The front 4-piston caliper is standard, but it is not equipped with a perforated brake disc. With the optional Z51 kit, the eBoost Brake Assist and larger brake discs will also be available. This eBoost Brake Assist feature reduces brake response time through an electronic system and provides a richer adjustment option later, which is important for intense and complex track driving.

The Corvette C8’s interior has a more intense fighting atmosphere, and the workmanship material has a qualitative leap compared to the previous generation. The control panel of the center console is almost tilted to the driver’s side, reflecting the driver’s core concept. The Corvette C8 uses a new car system with a screen size of 8 inches for navigation, Wi-Fi hotspots, Apple CarPlay and more. This system can be seen on many commercially available Chevrolet models. . According to GM’s official disclosure, Corvette C8 also supports vehicle OTA upgrades. There are two suitcases in front of and behind the new model. A slightly larger handbag can be placed in the front, and a golf bag can be put down in the rear trunk. It is not a problem to visually place a medium-sized boarding.

The Corvette C8 will be powered by a 6.2V8 engine model LT2 with a maximum power of 369 kW and a maximum torque of 637 N·m. It is matched with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission with a very fast shifting speed of TREMEC. Manual mode for shifting and automatic mode for relative comfort. There are 6 driving modes including wet slip, travel, sports, track, MyMode and Z-Mode. The new MyMode and Z-Mode can customize the working logic of the engine and the transmission to achieve better. Daily driving comfort and more brutal power output. This makes the Corvette C8’s 0-100km/h acceleration time only 3s, and the maximum speed will exceed 350km/h.

Perhaps many people will say that the Corvette C8 is not pure, but I think all of its changes are to achieve higher performance limits. In today’s era of many super-running turbines, even electricization, it is very difficult to stick to the large-displacement V8 self-priming itself. Before the policy and other factors, the Dodge Viper stopped production, which is regrettable, but believes that the renewed Corvette can still pass on the spirit of the American Super Run.

For the chassis, the Corvette C8 has a double wishbone independent suspension before and after, and the Z51 performance kit also includes the fourth generation MRC electromagnetic damper, which can make the vehicle better adapt to a variety of working conditions. In addition, the electronic limited slip differential of the rear axle is still standard in the whole system, which can enhance the tracking of the vehicle and further improve the control limit.

The Corvette C8 has a lower chassis height than the previous generation C7. To ensure good practicability, GM engineers have equipped the C8 with a chassis lift system. When it is necessary to pass the speed bump or the lower base, the front suspension can be used. The height is increased by 40mm within 3s, and the location data is automatically stored in the GPS system. The front suspension will automatically rise when the position is next passed. The system supports more than 1000 locations.