Mrs. Prime Minister’s Pit husband “has a good way”

Sarah Netanyahu was born in 1958. She graduated from Tel Aviv University. She was originally a flight attendant of the Israeli national airline. In 1991, she married the Israeli politician Netanyahu. Since 2009, she is the wife of the Israeli Prime Minister.

In late August, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid an official visit to Ukraine, the first visit to Ukraine by the Prime Minister in 20 years. The visit was generally successful, but the media was enthusiastic about a series of rude actions by Prime Minister Sarah.

Kiev airport rude
On August 19, the Netanyahu couple flew to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The two men slowly walked off the plane, the welcome ceremony of the Ukrainian side was ready, the red carpet was placed next to the ramp, and the three girls in traditional Ukrainian costumes were warmly welcomed with the welcome buns and salt. Netanyahu smirked a piece of bread with a smile, took a sip of the salt, and handed a small piece of bread to his wife, hoping that she would also take a bite to thank.

However, at this moment, the scene of incredible thought happened: Sarah barely took the bread and squinted at it, but did not taste a bite, but threw the bread straight on the ground. The mayor of Kiev, who was greeted at the airport, and the former world-famous heavyweight champion, Clichy, and others, looked at each other and were at a loss.

After the strange action of Sarah was exposed by the media, it caused the anger of the Ukrainian people. Some people asked her to apologize and explain the reasons for this rude behavior. Some people even asked her to be included in the list of “national enemies” of a non-governmental organization, so that she is “responsible for her actions.” The organization, established in 2014, aims to “eliminate the national enemy of Ukraine”. The organization will publish the “enemy” personal information on the website and implement “sanctions”.

On August 19th, the Netanyahu couple received a bun from the Ukrainian girl at the airport.

However, the Ukrainian official adopted the attitude of “big things are small and small things are done”. Uganda’s press secretary, Mendel, said that Sarah refused to taste the bread that Ukraine welcomed at the airport. “It’s not that she does not respect the performance of Ukraine and will not cast a shadow over their visit”. Uzbek President Zelensky said that the statement that Sarah does not respect Ukraine is “purely nonsense.”

Netanyahu also half-jokingly said, “Firefighting” for this incident: “I came for a historic visit, but if there is no ‘bread accident, the media probably won’t have that much attention. Obviously, Sa Pulling no intention to offend Ukraine. When she got off the plane, she specially wore the Ukrainian flag in yellow and light blue to show respect.” Since then, the talks between the leaders of the two countries have been carried out smoothly, and the two sides have signed Relevant documents on bilateral cooperation in the fields of agriculture and education.

The Israeli media speculated that Sarah’s actions may be related to a bad mood. The “Israeli Times” reported that Sarah was not angry before the departure and felt that she did not get the courtesy she deserved. The Netanyahu couple’s trip was not a special plane, but a flight from Israel Airlines to Kiev. Sarah also felt that she was not “welcomed” when she boarded the plane. After the plane was lifted, she became more and more angry, and even left the seat to enter the cockpit and crew theory. For security reasons, the accompanying bodyguard prevented her action. This makes her even more annoyed.

After the Prime Minister’s wife had a lot of trouble, the crew had to be more careful. 45 minutes before the plane arrived in Kiev, the captain once again welcomed Sarah. The media in the Middle East reported that the captain later said that he said before the take-off that he wished the government leaders and his wife a pleasant journey, but “the wife of the prime minister seemed to be absent-minded and did not hear what I was saying.” In response to this report, the Prime Minister’s Office responded that there was indeed a misunderstanding on the plane, but it was immediately resolved and the aircraft flew as planned. The story about bodyguards is “a lie that is uncompromising.”

On June 16, Sara Netanyahu was sentenced by the court to a fine of $15,000.

Life is high-tempered and bad
In fact, the Israelis have not seen much about their Prime Minister’s wife, “Pengfu.” She always does what she does, and she is temperate, and her life is high-profile and extravagant.

In June last year, Sarah was allegedly privately charged with public funds worth US$100,000 (US$1.70) and was accused by the Israeli prosecutors. According to the indictment, from April 2009 to March 2013, Sarah continued to order some of the most expensive restaurants in Jerusalem to the Prime Minister’s residence. In December 2011 alone, I ordered a meal worth $6,500. In the month, I ordered $7,100 for meals.

According to Israeli law, the Prime Minister’s official residence can be taken out if there is no chef. But Netanyahu’s family has a chef, but they still sell it and let taxpayers pay for it. This is illegal. Sarah also hired a waiter for public funds on weekends and private parties, but wrote “cleaners” during reimbursement. The prosecution claimed that Sarah knew that the reimbursement was not true, but he still made false reimbursement. The deputy director of the Prime Minister’s Office, Sedov, was also prosecuted for financial fraud by assisting Sarah in reimbursing the cost of take-away and handling invoices.

For the case of “public money called takeaway”, Sarah once firmly denied the allegations. Her lawyer argued that Sarah himself was unaware of the “can’t be taken out” rule, and that these foods were made by Sara’s assistants to receive guests visiting the bureaucracy. But on June 12 this year, Sarah admitted that she was “slightly illegal”, signed a plea agreement, and was sentenced by the Jerusalem District Court to a fine of $15,000. She will also leave a criminal record. Sedov also reached a plea agreement and was fined $2,765.

The Israeli media also exposed Sara’s bad temper to the staff. When Netanyahu was not the prime minister, Sarah was sentenced by the court to a fine of tens of thousands of dollars for rude treatment of the staff. Some staff members were fined to work late at night because they did not say “good night” to her. In 2009, when Netanyahu became the prime minister for the second time, Sarah’s “spectrum” was even greater. The former official residence of the Prime Minister, Naftali, said that he was often abused by Sarah during his work at the Prime Minister’s residence from 2011 to 2012. Just because he didn’t buy the boxed milk, Sarah yelled at him at 3 am. He does not get overtime pay for overtime work and is often deceived. On one occasion, the flowers he inserted did not change for a day, and Sarah was so angry that he took the vase and threw it on the floor and broke it. To this end, Naftali claims $170,000 from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Netanyahu couple.

In 2017, Netanyahu (second from left) and Sara (second from right) attended a banquet for religious holidays.

In the 2013 general election, the Netanyahu couple voted at the polling station.

In early 2018, the Israel Times also exposed a recording of Sarah in 2009. At that time, Sarah was furious with her assistant because the media’s report on her did not satisfy her. In the recording, Sarah almost hysterically shouted: “I am a well-educated high-grade woman, a successful psychologist.” This recording was placed on the “Israeli Times” website, readers can Listen at any time. It was alleged that the media reported that she assisted a school in fundraising activities, but forgot to mention that she was a psychologist.

I don’t know if I want to clear it.
In the face of public opinion criticism, Netanyahu’s attitude has always stood on the side of his wife. For example, for the above recordings, he first voiced through social media, emphasizing that this is “part of the barbaric and crazy political persecution of my family.” He said: “These recordings have no value. This is just a continuation of the sport for me and my family. I have said many times, do you want me to step down and replace me? Then vote. Let my family stay alone. Quiet and quiet.”

Netanyahu’s attitude has sparked some dissatisfaction from the Israeli media. Some media claimed that it may be that Sarah used to live a high life and always made a “pit” between unconsciously.

Sarah, 61, was a flight attendant of Israel’s national airline and married Netanyahu in 1991. This is her second marriage. Two years later, Netanyahu participated in the election of the Likud group leader, and Sarah accompanied him. Netanyahu became the Israeli Prime Minister from 1996 to 1999. Ten years later, he once again entered the Prime Minister’s Office. In the political ups and downs, Sarah has been with him. The two have a good relationship. On the evening of the 2015 general election victory, Netanyahu directly expressed his heartfelt wishes to the media: “I want to thank my beloved wife Sara, who has overcome too much suffering around me and gave me too much confidence and strength. And the courage to move forward.”

However, Sarah’s critical moments are always “dropping the chain” and it’s really a problem. For example, there are many Soviet immigrants among Israeli nationals. When visiting Ukraine, one of Netanyahu’s purposes was to win the support of the “Soviet Jews” in the election. However, Sarah’s performance is not strong. Although the Ukrainian authorities do not care about it, the people will not buy it. The dissatisfaction with Sarah is likely to be transferred to Netanyahu.

As far as the internal situation in Israel is concerned, it is precisely the “falling event”. Netanyahu needs Sarato’s support and less trouble. On April 9 this year, Israel held a general election, Likud Group became the largest party in the new parliament, but Netanyahu failed to form a cabinet within the prescribed time limit, the newly formed parliament was dissolved, and the second will be held on September 17. Second election. For Netanyahu, this is a crucial moment in life and death. The police accused him of accepting bribes. If he could not re-elect the prime minister, he might be waiting for the prosecution’s investigation and prosecution.

Israel’s Jerusalem Post stated that Netanyahu’s blame for his wife in the case of lawsuits seems to be unwise. On the other hand, some of the allegations involved Sarah, and Netanyahu denied all charges. At this time, he certainly hopes that Sarah can “forbidden and low-key”, but if there is a problem, he still has to be a scalp and a pretty lady – the couple have long been tied together, and it is unclear to think clearly.