Afghan refugees stunned France with a knife

One death and eight injuries, three of them were dying because of their serious injuries! According to the French “Paris Competition Pictorial” reported on September 1, the vicious knife attack on the outskirts of Lyon on August 31 caused media attention. Due to the suspected foreign refugee status, many French right-wing party representatives slammed this incident. The current immigration policy of the government is too loose and naive.

“Lyon Daily” said on the 1st that at around 4:30 pm on Saturday, a 33-year-old man attacked a passerby with a kitchen knife and a barbecue fork in Villepinte, a suburb of Lyon, due to the gathering around the incident. Long-distance bus stations, subway stations, light rail stations and a number of bus lines, panic pedestrians have been hurt to varying degrees due to avoiding them.

A female witness said that the murderer was madly hacking at the 57 bus stop, a man’s head was cut, a woman’s ear was almost cut off, and a male abdomen was knives… A man who was waiting for a car to attend a music festival and was only 19 years old was killed on the spot because of a “barbaric attack.” Three of the other eight injured were still in danger.

The Figaro newspaper said that the suspect had no documents and began to conceal his identity. However, the police subsequently released information indicating that he was an Afghan refugee who submitted an application for asylum. There is no criminal record in France. The suspect has been arrested on the grounds of “murder and deliberate murder” by the police.

After the attack, French Interior Minister Kastane expressed close attention to the progress of the investigation and expressed condolences to the families of the deceased. Lyon Mayor Cologne told the media that the suspect’s motive for the murder should wait for the prosecutor to announce the results of the investigation.

“Paris Competition Pictorial” said that several politicians had criticized the government by using a knife attack in Lyon. Le Pen, the president of the National League, issued a tweet saying that he came from Afghanistan and applied for asylum in France… The government’s innocent and indulgent immigration policy has once again caused serious threats to the personal safety of the French people. The Vice-President of the National League and European Parliamentarian Baldara said that after the holiday, the Macaron government could no longer avoid the escalation of violence caused by the outbreak of immigration. Republican lawmaker Obel said that the “right of asylum” granted to refugees has been “misguided” and that France should thoroughly review relevant laws to prevent illegal immigrants from being sheltered by “rights of asylum.” Aubel also called on France to ask the Afghan judiciary for “handling the crimes of its citizens.”