Who is the most tired in a family

  The German philosopher Schopenhauer said: “Marriage means equal sharing of personal rights and double obligations.”
  Two people get married and form a family. I thought love was enough. After living behind closed doors, I realized that supporting this family is not as easy as imagined. Not only do we need to build brick by brick, and supply every meal and vegetable, but we also need bit by bit hard work and dedication day after day. Only those who have experienced it will understand the hard work.
  So, who is the most tired in a family?
  Some people say that men are the most tiring. They have changed from big boys to “pillars”. After experiencing wind and rain, they silently supported a family. Some people say that women are the most tiring. They become “gyroscopes” from young girls, taking care of everyone inside and out, and taking care of everyone hard. Behind the different answers, there are their own helplessness and sadness.
  Saw a video of a migrant worker. He has two children, and his wife takes care of them at home. He goes out to work, hoping to earn more money to supplement the family and make life better for his wife and children. But who knows, there are not so many job opportunities. Without a degree, he can only do odd jobs of decoration and moving every day, earning two to three hundred yuan. When there is no work, there is no income for the day, until the days pass and the wallet becomes dry. In order to save money, he is reluctant to rent a house, and lives under the bridge every night. He only spends 10 yuan a day, two steamed buns and a bottle of boiled water, which is his meal.
  The person who took the video found him, asked about his recent situation, and felt sad for him. Asked if he had called his family to relieve his loneliness, he cheerfully said that they should not be worried, and a man should “report good news and not bad news”.
  At that moment, like many people in front of the screen, my eyes seemed to be filled with sand, which was sore and unbearable.
  Men are used to silence, their tiredness is more in their hearts, chewing alone in the middle of the night, and they don’t like to talk to outsiders. However, we must also admit that men are not steel and iron, even if they carry heavy burdens on their shoulders, they will sometimes get tired.
  Someone on the Internet asked: “Why do men like to stay alone in the car for a while after get off work?”
  Gao Zan replied: “Men also get tired sometimes, but they can’t tell their tiredness in front of their daughter-in-law, they can’t complain in front of their children, they can only release themselves like this in a place where no one is around.” They are like a machine, working continuously , wear yourself down. If you don’t pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times, once you get sick, it will be difficult to recover. Therefore, other people in the family should pay more attention to their dynamics and help them relieve their pressure, instead of sarcasm and indifference.
  Rewatching the movie “Tali” two days ago brought me to tears again. She has three children, and she is so busy every day that her feet don’t touch the floor, she can fall asleep lying on the sofa. Later, she developed symptoms of split personality, and her husband realized it later.
  A comment from a netizen is very heart-wrenching: “The story in “Tali” does not have antagonism between men and women, there is no slogan and fist-style performative feminism, and there is no offensive machismo at all. It is more about It truly shows the truth of family life, a real picture of complicated, trivial, sweet and suffocating alternately.” And this picture is the true portrayal of many women after they get married.
  Before marriage, a woman may not touch the spring water with her ten fingers, and her heart and eyes are full of innocence and brilliance. After marriage, a woman has to shoulder the burden of life, and no matter how hard or difficult it is, she can’t shed tears easily. The endless housework, the endless work, and the endless situations of children all need her to deal with. If the pain in the hands and body is still tolerable, then the incomprehension and intolerance of the people around them is the key to defeating them.
  It is true that for women, they choose marriage, and their love and responsibility will inspire fighting spirit. At the same time, please give them more understanding, more kindness, and more support, so that they can live a little more comfortably.
  The philosopher Kant said: Family relations are built on marriage, and marriage is rooted in the natural complementarity or mutual connection between the sexes. A happy family is bound to be inseparable from mutual understanding and mutual support between husband and wife.
  When a man is tired, a woman cares more, sits quietly with him for a while, or says a few words of complaint, which can relieve her husband of the burden; when a woman is tired, a man cares more, listens to her nagging for a while , giving her a solid hug can make the wife smile again and be full of strength. Even if the days are tough, we have to be so busy that we can gain a firm foothold and seek stability in a huge city. But because of you in this city, and because of you by my side, the difficulties are no longer so terrible. When you see my hard work, my thoughts of giving up and bitterness will slowly dissipate. When I understand your difficulty, your silent pressure and frown that always tighten can be gently relaxed. In this way, it is the meaning behind the fatigue and the joy behind the busyness.