The suppression and blooming of life

  When readers first read “The Last Song”, they may mistake it for a bland novel of pure love, but as author Nicholas Spark said, the novel includes many elements closely related to life, taking into account many emotional cues. It is rich in content, concise in writing, and ingenious in conception. It is a touching and pure love masterpiece. “The Last Song” is like a gorgeous piece of love, accompanied by the fresh breath of the summer seaside, playing in your ears, starting and ending, exciting.
  From: The Loss of Love The
  story takes place in a small seaside town in the southern United States, and revolves around a father and daughter who have not seen each other for a long time. Steve moved here three years ago after he divorced his wife three years ago because he was obsessed with his piano playing career. His daughter, Roni, saw the family break down and blamed her father for it all. Since he left home, Roni has refused to play the piano again, and even plans to give up the chance to attend the prestigious Juilliard School. This summer, Roni’s mother sent her and her younger brother Jonah to Steve’s house for vacation, but Roni was still reluctant to deal with this “unfamiliar” father and opposed him everywhere. When she was bored, she went to the beach to watch a sand volleyball game, and met a young Will. Will chatted with her enthusiastically, but she was indifferent and eager to escape.
  The protagonist of the novel, Ronnie, is like many children who grow up in divorced families as rebellious. Her arguments with her father and her reluctance to make new friends are in fact an escape, and she is terrified by the lack of love. Love is not only a feeling of happiness, but also a basic human need. Roni lost her father’s love when she was a child, which made her personality incomplete. After many years, when she meets her father again, what will happen to her life? Will the handsome Will finally come together with her? The beginning of the story captures the reader’s curiosity.
  Inheritance: The pursuit of love
  The human heart is always easily warmed and influenced by the beautiful things in life. Roni was still hostile to Will’s deliberate approach at first, but when Will helped her take care of the turtle eggs, her heart was touched by Will’s love and she tried to accept him. Of course, Steve will not miss this opportunity to reunite with his daughter. He cooks vegetarian food for Roni with his own hands, and also makes suggestions for her love development. She is also gradually moved by her father’s love. She once met a new friend Breez at the seaside. Although Roni was framed by her for stealing because of their misunderstanding, Roni generously used herself to buy wedding dresses when Breez was in trouble. All the money was given to her.
  The three emotional lines of love, family and friendship unfold naturally in the story and blend with each other. Roni is actually a straightforward girl. At first, because she lacked the warmth of a complete family, she tried to protect herself in this complicated world, and turned herself into a hedgehog, pushing away everyone who came close. However, when relatives, lovers and friends extended their warm hands to her again and again, her cold heart melted. Their love was like a master key that opened the door to her heart.
  Turn: The return of
  love The pursuit of love requires courage and endurance, and some people can’t get it in their whole life. Therefore, people cherish the fruits of love. Will was born into an aristocratic family, and due to the unexpected death of his younger brother, he took on the dream of a family. He has dated many girls because he wanted to feel the meaning of his existence. Will felt this especially strongly when he was with Roni. It can be said that his pursuit of Roni is the pursuit of freedom, a kind of earnest and persistent love from the heart. When Roni, who had lost her love since childhood, felt that she was strongly needed, she naturally threw herself into that warm embrace and started playing the piano for him again. After Roni tasted the sweetness of father’s love for the first time, she also eagerly wanted to do something for her father. So when she learns that Steve feels guilty for burning down the church because of his own mistake, she comforts him immediately and is eager to prove her father’s innocence. Blaze finally realized her past mistakes and expressed her apology and gratitude to Roni at the wedding reception.
  The giving of love goes both ways. When a person accepts the love of others, he always wants to return it. It turns out that a person’s happiness is much higher when they give love than when they receive love. Perhaps it is because of this that both Will and Roni are willing to pay to protect their hard-won love. Roni always tries to maintain her father’s dignity, and her sacrifice is also responded by Blaze. The return of love creates a complete personality. While receiving love, Roni also learns to give love to others, which naturally forms the harvest and inheritance of love in the connection between people. Love, in fact, is not that complicated. The affection between Roni and Steve, the love between Will and Bryce, are the most ordinary love in the world. And this most ordinary love is also the most extraordinary. It may be difficult for those living in noisy cities to understand that the key meaning of love lies in gratitude and giving.
  Together: The Sublimation of Love
  Roni ‘s life seems to be calm and even happy now. But beneath all this calm appearance, it is dark and turbulent. Because not long after she enjoyed her father’s love, she got the bad news that her father had an incurable disease. In fact, Steve had already learned of his illness. He felt guilty for escaping family responsibilities when he was young, and only brought a pair of children to live with him because he wanted to spend the last time with his children. He also wanted to compose a final song for himself, but was unable to complete it due to the deterioration of his condition. Roni helped her father write the song and played it for him, and Steve left quietly listening to his daughter’s loving music.
  Roni also played this song at his funeral because she knew her father wanted to spread love to more people. When she looked up and saw the sun shining through the window that her father and brother made together on vacation, she seemed to feel that her father never left, because his love still warmed her heart. The burnt-down church was rebuilt, and the baby turtles hatched from her turtle eggs were released into the sea with Will’s help.
  The song ended slowly, but the love did not leave because of the death of my father. The meaning of love has been sublimated. The newly built church, the little turtle trying to climb back to the sea, and the sweet first love of Roni all contain a melody that never stops, and will sing the true meaning of love forever!
  Love is the theme of the whole work, the novel narrates love, discusses love, and promotes love. Will’s love made Roni believe in the existence of love, forgive her father who left home, and pursue her piano dream again; her father’s affection made Roni feel the warmth of her father’s love and improve her personality; Roni’s love Friendship makes Blizzie realize the bad nature of her boyfriend and return to the right path of life; Roni’s love for her father makes him realize the care of his family and obtain the redemption of his soul… The vines of love are interwoven into a loving Warm the house, take in every traveler who has lost their way in life; the notes of love are combined into a love song, soothing their scarred hearts.
  Love is a pure and profound topic, worthy of our study, pursuit and treasure. Before his death, Steve realized that life is like a song, mysterious and unpredictable at the beginning, and emotional ups and downs in the middle. In the end it will end. And this only applies to the objective world of man, but not to the spiritual world of man. Because life is like a song, music has an end, but love lives forever. Eternal love is the continuation of life. It will be quietly implanted in the heart and grow up slowly. You only need to meditate and feel your own heartbeat, then you can smell the fragrance of love and hear the melody of love.