The longest-lived goldfish: the “mandarin duck couple” achieved under the scalpel

   Usually, the life span of a goldfish is 5-10 years. However, in Worcestershire, England, a man named Ares raised two very peculiar goldfish—George and Fred. They lived for 20 years. “, has become the UK’s longest-lived goldfish.
  In addition to people’s amazement, no one would have thought that this pair of goldfish has not been easy along the way. They have suffered from illnesses, experienced many hardships, and even suffered from “cancer”. The reason why they survived is because Doctors removed their tumors. This is even more incredible, unheard of! So how did the doctor operate on the goldfish?    In August 1980, Ares was born in Wyre Forest, Worcestershire, England. Because his family was engaged in fishing, he often went fishing with his father, so he was
  fond of him since he was a child.
Fish are especially close.
   One day when he was in junior high school, he and his father went fishing in the sea. When collecting the net, they found a small shark accidentally caught among many small fish piles. His father wanted to release it back into the ocean. After releasing the animals, he continued to gorge on the nearby small fish, and his reluctant and cute appearance instantly amused Ares.
   Later, Ares and his father put it into the sea. Watching the shark linger, Ares also waved to it frequently.
   In a blink of an eye, Ares was 22 years old. That day, when he went to the playground, a slender girl in a red dress was particularly conspicuous among the crowds of people coming and going, which immediately attracted him.
   Ares walked up to the girl and found that she was concentrating on watching the goldfish in the fish tank. Her concentration and fascination reminded Ares of the little shark he caught when he was a child. She should be as cute as the little shark Bar.
   In this way, Ares met the girl, her name was Mary, and she was a primary school teacher. But after two months of dating, Ares was a little discouraged. He had a deep affection for Mary, but Mary had always been lukewarm, and she didn’t seem to have a special affection for him.
   After thinking hard, Ares decided to give a gift to test it out. Since Mary likes goldfish so much, let her give her two goldfish. Ares searched a lot of information, made a detailed investigation, and finally selected two Danfeng goldfish.
   Danfeng, also known as egg phoenix, is the best of the traditional goldfish species. This fish appeared in 1950 and comes in various colors, many of which were popular in the 1960s. Blue phoenix, purple phoenix, five-flower phoenix, and phoenix-tailed goose head red are relatively loud varieties among danfeng goldfish.
   The so-called “Dan” refers to red, but the red phoenix goldfish is not all red, but only limited to the light on the top of the head of the fish, and the body is as white as snow and flawless as frost, so people call it Dan. Dingfeng, such a red-topped phoenix is ​​a legitimate Danfeng goldfish.
   Ares chose two authentic Danfeng goldfish. Sure enough, when Mary saw the goldfish that Ares carefully selected for her, joy also jumped out of her eyes, and soon flew into the taste of love.
   Facing the goldfish, Mary liked it more and more, and couldn’t help naming the two goldfish George and Fred.
  George has a pair of glass ball-like eyes, a bright body, a smooth back, a small and pointed head, and complete fins. He always swims fast in front, like a general looking for a way. Fred was about the same size as George, but seemed shyer, with a slender and slender body, with a smooth back and a tail that drooped naturally, like the flowing skirts of ancient women.
   Sometimes, they swim back and forth in the fish tank, and sometimes they stick together like a pair of lovers. Mary often stood in front of the fish tank, watching them lost in thought. At this time, Ares would hug her from behind. The pair of goldfish are their love messengers. With their protection, their love quickly heats up. But just as they were immersed in the joy of love, George encountered an emergency.
   Ares went to see Mary after get off work that day, and he still fed the goldfish as usual, because goldfish are omnivorous fish and sometimes like to eat small fry, so he threw some small carp. But it never occurred to him that maybe George was eating too eagerly, and a small fish that had been swallowed in half got stuck in George’s mouth.
   Mary panicked all of a sudden, and saw that the little fish’s tail was still sticking out, but George couldn’t move. The situation was critical. While comforting Mary, Ares immediately called the doctor at the veterinary clinic. The other party said that the goldfish must be operated urgently, and if it causes suffocation after a long time, it will be life-threatening.
   Soon after, Ares took George to a veterinary clinic, where the doctor gave him a little local anesthesia, then gently slit his mouth open to remove the small carp stuck in his throat.
   Immediately afterwards, the doctor used paper clips to fix George’s severed jaw and stitched it neatly.
  A week later, the wound on George’s jaw healed, and the doctor helped him remove the paper clip that had fixed the wound. Looking at George who was alive and kicking again, Ares finally let go of his hanging heart. But what he didn’t expect was that this accident was just the beginning, and the various situations that followed became more and more dangerous each time.
  The secret of longevity, “poor bowel movement” thinking about the best prescription After
   George fully recovered, the relationship between Ares and Mary also improved, and soon they entered the palace of marriage. In addition to reveling in the sweetness of their newlyweds, they also bought a new fish tank and moved George and Fred into their new home.
   For every fish farmer, the excessive toxins in the water quality of the fish tank is a tricky thing. It is a normal phenomenon that the toxins in the water quality of newly opened aquariums exceed the standard, because in the early stage of the aquarium, the number of nitrifying bacteria in the aquarium is scarce, so the ammonia and nitrite cannot be decomposed, and the toxins will accumulate, and the toxin index will slowly rise. high.
   When the tank was opened for two weeks, it happened to be the peak of toxin production. Ares remembered that his father taught him a way to find a piece of “old cotton”, which had been used for a period of time in a fish tank with a complete nitrification system. White cotton, these “old cottons” already have a large number of nitrifying bacteria on them, once they are placed in a newly opened fish tank, they can immediately decompose toxins.
   The water quality problem of the fish tank was solved, but within a few days, Ares found that George refused to eat, looked dull, and stayed motionless at the bottom of the fish tank, and his stomach was still bulging, which must be sick.
   Ares immediately went to consult a veterinarian. It turned out that George’s condition was “poor defecation”. If he didn’t solve it in time, more and more toxins would accumulate in his body, and he would die at that time. Mary scratched her head. She only heard that people can be constipated, but she didn’t expect that fish can too! There is no way but to send George to the veterinary clinic.
   A nurse first injects anesthetic gas into the water with a small tube, allowing the bubbles to pass through George’s mouth and gills; another monitors his heart rate with a probe. The veterinarian then used minimally invasive tools to remove two large clumps of feces that had accumulated in George’s body.
   The entire operation lasted 50 minutes. Although the operation was quite successful, George was still lying on the bottom of the fish tank, looking very weak. It wasn’t until two days later that he slowly recovered.