The Kardashians: From Trash Pickers to American Dynasty

  Recently, Kim Kardashian, who has already divorced and parted ways, and her ex-husband “Kan Ye” went on a hot search again—but this time it’s not the real Kan Ye “body”, but Kim Kardashian brought her A funny short video shot with Kanye’s 9.5-year-old eldest daughter North.
  In the video, North thickened his eyebrows, blackened his hairline deliberately, widened his nostrils with shadows, painted Kanye’s “goatee” on his mouth, and put on a black coat and black hat, posing Kanye in front of the camera The iconic smelly face. Kim Kardashian wore a black dress and black sunglasses. Accompanied by Kanye West’s song “Bound 2”, the mother and daughter faced the camera, North played Kanye West’s “lip-singing”, and Kim Kardashian appeared naked in the MV, and the lyrics and pictures contained sexual hints. As a mother, she and her 9-year-old daughter chose this song to imitate, which is really puzzling and embarrassing.
  In order to be famous, they are willing to do anything, which seems to be the overall impression of the Kardashian family in the market. As an Armenian family that traveled across the ocean and escaped from the butcher knives of the Turks, the Kardashian family came to North America from Karakal, the eastern region of Turkey, and gradually became a “famous family” through hard work and “a lot of drama”.
  On the social networking site Instagram, Kim Kardashian has 310 million fans, Kim’s younger sister Kylie has 330 million fans, Kendall has 230 million fans, eldest sister Kourtney has 170 million, and third sister Khloe has 240 million. The number of fans of Kim Kardashian alone is fast surpassing the total population of 332 million in the United States. Its influence and gold-absorbing power are self-evident.
  What is the charm of this family that occupies the news hot list all the year round and sits on the “industrial chain” of 100 million yuan?
From rivers and lakes to temples

  The beginning of the story of “Kardashian” standing out from the crowd is a courageous grasp of the opportunity and diligent efforts to make progress.
  In early 1900, before the Armenian genocide, Kardashian’s great-great-grandparents sensed danger and fled to the United States by boat. Life in a foreign country is very difficult. The Kardashian family relies on picking up trash to maintain basic food and clothing in the United States. Even when Kim Kardashian’s father, Robert Kardashian, was born, his parents were still in the bottom life. Do some meat processing business and do some odd jobs to make money.

Famous lawyer Robert Kardashian (middle) and children

Kim Kardashian and her eldest daughter North take a short video

  The number of fans of Kim Kardashian alone surpasses the total population of 332 million in the United States.

  Robert is determined to change his destiny by reading. After graduating from the University of Southern California as an undergraduate, Robert received a law degree from the University of San Diego and was admitted to the bar. While waiting for the “vacation period” to get his lawyer’s qualification, he and his friends founded the music weekly “Radio & Records”-6 years later, when he sold the management ownership of this magazine, Robert reaped the first pot of gold in his life.
  Since then, lawyer Robert has become famous in one fell swoop by defending his innocence in the alleged “wife murder case” of football superstar Simpson. Robert and Simpson were alumni and friends at the University of Southern California. After Simpson was involved in the case, Robert became the chief think tank of Simpson’s “Dream 9 Lawyers Group”. With 140 million people watching the trial of the case, Robert turned the tide and Simpson was acquitted.
  Robert’s inspirational rising story has enabled the “Kardashian Family” to complete the class leap, but to achieve today’s “Kardashian Family” territory, it depends on one person—Robert’s wife, Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris , Now the “Queen Dowager” of the Kardashian family.
  In 1991, Kris cheated and divorced Robert, and remarried American athlete Bruce Jenner, the men’s decathlon champion who broke the world record in the 1976 Olympics.
  ”Kardashian”, a surname that combines the vicissitudes of immigration, the pain of exile, and the glory of a lawyer, plus a famous retired athlete who was once regarded as a national hero, Kris smelled a business opportunity of 1+1>2—she told E! The entertainment channel recommends itself and wants to make a reality show about the “Kardashians”. In 2007, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was born.

“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Season 1 Poster
famous for famous

  ”Kardashian” + the family life of a famous retired athlete sounds more attractive, but if the “reality show” is just to restore life, it seems that there is no dramatic effect to retain the audience.
  How to attract viewers to open this program first? This year, Kim Kardashian, the soul of the future Kardashian family, debuted.
  Kim Kardashian was originally the organizer and best friend of American socialite Paris Hilton. In 2007, Hilton attracted everyone’s attention because of a sex scandal, and the popularity was much higher than that of being a well-behaved celebrity before. Kim Kardashian seems inspired. It was also in this year that she released a sex video with her then boyfriend Ray J, which was played nearly 300 million times on pornographic websites. Kim Kardashian took the company that leaked the video to court and won a $5 million settlement — allowing the site to use the sex tape openly and without restrictions.
  The popularity of the Kardashian family and its reality show is obviously much more attractive than $5 million, and the first season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has become a hit show.
  In the following 15 years, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” also followed the “keynote” set by the popularity of this sex video, and sent countless topics to the public: quarrels, cheating, crime, childbirth, money, desire… big
  sister The live broadcast of giving birth, on the one hand, was the emergency time when the amniotic fluid broke, and on the other was the dramatic moment when she insisted on makeup; the third sister was detained for drunk driving, and the whole family dressed up as if going to a banquet. Kim Kardashian was very satisfied with her makeup and took crazy selfies ; the conversations between the sisters are full of gunpowder from time to time, fighting for a skirt… The most dramatic one is Bruce Jenner, the retired athlete who was bundled and sold by Kris. Transgender womanhood graces the cover of the prestigious Vanity Fair magazine.
  Relying on the popularity of reality shows and the scandals of the five sisters, their mother, and “stepfather” in real life, the Kardashian family’s influence and money-absorbing power are growing.
armenian blood

  In 2022, Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Ray J, the leading actor in the sex video that became popular that year, said in an exclusive interview with the media that the video was not released because of any technical error, but Kim Kardashian. Dai Shan and her mother Kris lobbied him to voluntarily leak it, the purpose of which was to create momentum for the broadcast of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, which was unknown at the time. Although Kardashian vehemently denied the claim, viewers didn’t seem to buy it.
  Even in the face of their own bodies, the Kardashian family is willing to undergo exaggerated, painful, and future-unknown transformations in order to be more eye-catching and topical: In terms of appearance, the five girls of the Kardashian family used plastic surgery Ways to make each other look the same: breast augmentation, waist liposuction, hip augmentation, lip augmentation, tanning… After a series of operations, the lordosis that breaks through the proportion of ordinary people, exaggerated comic-like over-injected lips, and artificial mixed blood feeling With brown skin and similar makeup, the bodies of five girls are also part of the Kardashian family’s viral marketing.

  From “speaking” to “doing”, Armenian blood is always running in this dramatic family.

Through plastic surgery, Kim Kardashian has a lordosis that breaks through the proportion of ordinary people

Several of Kim Kardashian’s children were baptized in Armenia

  From money status to appearance and skin color, today’s Kardashian family seems to be drifting away from the humble Armenian family that sailed across the ocean in a small boat more than 120 years ago.
  But unexpectedly, the spirit of the Kardashian family seems to follow and care about that homeland forever.
  The Kardashian family has never hidden their Armenian origins, on the contrary, several of Kim Kardashian’s children were baptized in Armenia. From 2015 to 2019, the children’s fathers changed several times, but Armenia’s oldest church gave them the same blessing. Also in 2015, on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Kim Kardashian returned to Armenia, publicly called on the international community to recognize history, and asked the Turkish government to apologize for its crimes.
  In 2020, when the situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan was tense, Kim Kardashian united with overseas Armenian descendants to put pressure on the US Congress to oppose the sale of arms to Azerbaijan; in the same year, she donated another $1 million to Armenia and posted a video online to mobilize Fans help by donating money or sharing what happened in Armenia.
  The faux Barbie dolls, the scandals and gossip that surround them seem to disappear in churches in their homeland, or in the campaign for Armenia. Once things are related to Armenia, the clothes and makeup of the Kardashians are always plain, and their expressions are no longer so dramatic. They prayed devoutly, appealed sincerely, and said in front of the camera that “as a mother, imagining what the Armenian children have experienced, I am heartbroken”.
  Will these be a long stretch, too?
  The poet Georg Amin once wrote in “Song of Armenia”: “I am an Armenian, as old as Mount Ararat, and in my deep sorrow, Mount Ararat will bow its head .” In Armenia, “the quality of a hero is the ability to endure one more moment”.
  The long climb of the Kardashian family may prove that: from form to content, from “saying” to “doing”, Armenian blood has always been running in this dramatic family and has never left.