The Influence of Russian Women on Western Artists

  Numerous Russian women with dignified manners, beauty and talent went to the West and became eternal “goddesses” in the hearts of artists. Ballerina Olga Khokhlova’s dance moves the famous painter Picasso, eventually becoming his wife and giving birth to his eldest son Paul; Fauvist painting master Matisse chose Lidia Gerektorska A model, a partnership that lasted 22 years; Gala, who was initially called an angel by the famous French poet Éluard, later became the wife of the surrealist painter Dalí, helping Dalí unleash his amazing artistic talent…now , Another woman who has been unknown until now has been added to the list of fragrances – Olga Smirnitskaya, and her name is linked to the father of waltz, John Strauss.
  This poignant love story is told in the new book “100 Love Letters by Johann Strauss and Olga Smirnitskaya” by the Austrian author Thomas Figogne.
  Both composer and conductor Strauss traveled frequently to Russia. He is deeply admired by the audience and loved by women. He can be said to be proud of the spring breeze, but he has an innate fear of love and marriage. One day, however, he finds himself in love – Olga Smirnitskaya, a charming young Russian noblewoman, has Strauss mesmerized.
  In a love letter to Smirnitskaya, Strauss wrote: “Kissing your hair (Smirnitskaya once cut a strand of hair for Strauss) is my daily necessity. I can’t sleep, and I’m worried about wasting my time.” Smirnitskaya’s parents were horrified, and they were reluctant to hand over their jewels to the prodigal son.
  But they were still deeply in love. Smirnitskaya has an outstanding musical talent and has composed a lot of music. Strauss often performed her compositions at concerts, which were very popular.
  However, their love did not escape the fate of the 20th century. Strauss’ family was the first to spoil the relationship: his sons didn’t like the future stepmother. Meanwhile, Smirnitskaya’s parents have doubts about Strauss’s sincerity.
  In the end, Smirnitskaya bowed her head in tears, and Strauss returned from Petersburg unhappy.
  ”When the people on the boat looked at me, they looked like they were looking at a lunatic. Maybe I made them terrified and they avoided me. Maybe they would put me in the yellow room and let me die like a beast…” From this passage of Strauss, people may be able to understand the reason why Russian women captured the soul of genius.
  These Russian women are true idealists and are not afraid of any pressure. In their hearts, art is paramount, and they deify the creations of their lovers. Whether it is Strauss, Picasso, or Matisse and Dali, they are all moved by their passion, so that they can break free from all restraints and reach the pinnacle of art.
  Another important reason is that Russian women have a unique understanding of death. They believe that death is a gift from God and is fearless.
  Strauss, Picasso and Dali were deeply influenced by them, and they all expressed their departure from the bourgeois artistic trend.
  When Dali and Gala met, Gala was already married, but they fell in love at first sight and fell in love with each other deeply. Gala gave her life unreservedly to her trusted lover, and it was with this strong feeling that she grew old with Dalí. Gala died in 1982, and Dalí built a tomb for her that is rare in the world: using an underground passage to connect Gala to his own grave.
  Fauvism master Matisse created 90 outstanding works for his beloved model and girlfriend Lidia.
  The combination of Western artistic genius and Russian “goddess” has produced a huge impetus, making them more outstanding works.
  The paintings of the painters Picasso, Matisse and Dali, the poems of Eluard and the music of Strauss have made these Russian women immortal, and their beauty and talent have made the works of their lovers famous for eternity.