Rotherham case: Why was the ‘most vulnerable link’ crushed?

  On March 15, 2019, an extreme Australian man Brent Tarrant stormed two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand with a gun, shooting indiscriminately, killing 51 people and many others. Injured, he even started a live video during the murder, allowing the whole world to witness the 17-minute tragedy. During the crime, he changed the magazine three times. According to legend, the reason for his “revenge” against the Muslim community was engraved on the magazine. One of them was “Rotherham”, which is also known as “UK” by the British media. The largest child sex abuse scandal in history”.
How the “fragile link” is formed

  It is no exaggeration to describe Rotherham in South Yorkshire, England as a “poor town”. It is mainly engaged in glass manufacturing, steel industry and flour processing. The only geographical resource is coal mines. It also accommodates Christians, Muslims and even Hindus and other civilians, a large number of immigrants seek a living in this small town, and the local unemployment rate is also higher than the national average, one-fifth of the population lives in social security housing.
  Like all areas that advocate diversity, Rotherham has clearly begun to “divide into groups” because of the diversity of race and belief. Most of the South Asian immigrants are opening restaurants or driving taxis, and naturally formed a During this period, gangsters specializing in illegal livelihoods were also born. But before 2011, they basically maintained a state of peace with the local white people, and they could even be called friendly exchanges.

Real-life social worker Sara Rowbotham.

  However, one white woman who has remained somewhat wary of these South Asian minority groups is Sara Rowbotham, a social worker at a local sexual health agency. To put it simply, Sarah’s job is to take care of underage white girls who come to the agency for help, give them condoms, check their physical condition, and report any abnormalities she observes. Sarah is very good at “listening”. She is very clear that “extracting confessions” cannot make children in the rebellious period tell the truth, but by “listening to” their conversations and paying attention to the subtle scars on their bodies, she can know the truth. It soon became apparent to her that the topics the girls of twelve and thirteen were discussing were so shocking—they would talk about having a relationship with a South Asian immigrant in their 40s, calling it “in love,” and chatting for a day about what to do. Several men “served”, etc., to put it bluntly, most of the girls who come to Sarah have become long-term sexual abuse targets of some South Asian male gang, and the number has been increasing.
  In this way, Sarah found out what happened to the girls. Most of them were swallowed by a beast called “temptation” at the most ignorant age. According to the “New York Times” description of the experience of one of the victims, Ruby (pseudonym), these South Asian men usually capture “prey” through two roads. One is to drive a taxi to look for nearby local schools or nursing homes. The second goal is to use local white young men as intermediaries to “transfer” their own girlfriends. The South Asian men initially donned “philanthropic” masks and offered free ice cream and chips to the white girls, but the treats were soon replaced by vodka, cigarettes and drugs. That’s how Ruby was gradually domesticated, so when the man who looked like he hadn’t bathed in days and had food scraps stuck between his teeth asked her to reciprocate, she subconsciously complied, I even fantasize that this is a “forbidden love”.
  The “love” quickly turned into a naked gangbang, and every day after that, Ruby was taken in their cab and sent to a room in a certain apartment, where she took turns and even for many of the men in the group Services are provided at the same time, while her original “love partner” receives money on the side. If Ruby wanted to resist, torture and intimidation awaited her, they poured gasoline on her and threatened to harm her family.
  Ruby was 12 years old that year, and there were many local white girls who had the same experience. At this time, Sarah has submitted reports of many girls being coerced and raped by these criminal gangs for profit.
  In May 2017, the incident was made into a 3-episode mini-series “Three Girls” by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), in which Sarah’s character had such a line: “Those men prey on vulnerable girls, and this age. This girl is the most vulnerable part of everyone in this town.”
  According to the statistics, most of the victims in this case were white teenage girls like Ruby, between the ages of 11 and 16. It is the South Asian men who formed the gang who started the “vulnerable link”, and the crime can be traced back to 1997.
  In the past 10 years, has not a girl reported the crime? Of course there is. Ruby confessed everything to her parents on her 14th birthday. She took out the clothes she wore when she was sexually abused as evidence, and contacted the police accompanied by her parents. However, the result was that the sexual abuse suspects who were soon released by the local police station found the reporter and gave them more “lessons”. Fortunately, Ruby lives in a middle-class family. In order to protect her, her parents had to send her abroad. That is to say, the “most vulnerable link” can only give up the only possibility to be strong – defending her rights.
People killed by “good intentions”

  Ruby’s experience after reporting the crime is also one of the experiences of most victims. They walked into the police station to seek justice, but they were notified that “the evidence was lost”, and then they went directly to the police station on the grounds of “insufficient evidence”. Cancellation. Why does this ridiculous thing happen? Because the perpetrators were ethnic minority groups, that is to say, no one from the law enforcement agencies, the local government, and even the free media dared to touch the sensitive point of “racial discrimination” at that time. In particular, the Deputy Speaker of Rotherham Town at that time was a South Asian himself, and was also a taxi driver before being elected, so he had considerable influence in the local area. To initiate these rape cases was equivalent to sending a large number of people. The fact that ex-South Asians go to prison means that they may be labeled as “anti-diversity” at any time, and they will lose a lot of votes. In this way, although the original intention of the “multiculturalism” policy was goodwill, this “goodwill” eventually led to a large number of minors living in insults and injuries for a long time.
  Judging from the details of the highly restored event process in “Three Girls”, you will find that the so-called “showdown” between civilizations has also become a “slurry”. First of all, the fact that Ruby was continuously sexually assaulted at the age of eleven or twelve was once suspected of “whether it was voluntary”, and even the police initially believed that having a relationship with an adult man was just the “improper behavior of a bad girl” “One, under the premise that there is a clear judicial characterization of “child sexual abuse”, law enforcement officers still ignore their age and regard them as “young prostitutes”. Secondly, these perpetrators will use their “racial customs” as a shield at any time. They defend themselves in unison that it is permissible to have sexual relations with underage girls, and even claim that “sex with condoms is against the teachings.” As a result, most of the victims have had the experience of pregnancy, childbirth and termination of pregnancy, adding more burden to their lives. In the end, even the media, which is responsible for reporting the truth, are noncommittal about such a thing. Among them, many media people believe that 90% of sexual assault cases in the UK are committed by white men. Such “cases” seem to be suspected of racial discrimination.

  Obviously, at that time, people who had the power to stop the expansion of the crime were still thinking about “underage prostitution” and did not realize that this was a crime that did not exist at all. The incident in the small town was “child sex”. violation”.
  Fortunately, there are also unbelievable media in the UK, and The Times is one of them. Like the American “Boston Globe” that ripped open the “holy” robes of the clergy and tried to expose the child molestation scandal, the reporters of the “Times” obtained two investigative reports as early as 2003 and 2006. Rotherham’s maddening incident has been known. After a long and full investigation, the newspaper’s Andrew Norfolk has finally launched a report on the Rotherham sexual assault incident since 2011, which has received a huge response. Judging from the truth disclosed by the newspapers, local law enforcement officers are not only turning a blind eye for fear of being suspected of “racial discrimination”, but there are cases where the victim girls are given to the police as sexual bribes. What conscientious person will not burst blood vessels after seeing the details of these extremely shocking reports? !

In May 2017, the incident was made into a 3-episode miniseries “Three Girls” by the BBC.

  In 2014, under the pressure of public opinion, the Rotherham Local Council finally began to face up to this huge tumor in the town and appointed Alexis Jay, the director of social work inspector and university professor, to investigate these sexual assault incidents. Conduct an independent investigation. In this way, the sexual assault evidence that Sarah collected with nowhere to “place” finally broke through the layers of resistance and sent it to the court, and those girls who were more severely damaged after reporting the case can finally stand in Sheffield Crown Court to accuse the wicked. In February 2016, all four men and one woman involved were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 10 to 35 years. Of course, the results of this series of court trials have also punished those politicians who turned a blind eye to the tragedy. Rotherham City Councillor Sean Wright was forced to resign by the then British Prime Minister Cameron, and the local government The CEO also lost his job. In 2018, six more suspects were convicted and sentenced.
  Regrettably, at the same time, the “payer for everyone”, that is, social worker Sarah, has been working to speak up for these victimized girls, but after justice was served, she was laid off. In fact, the victim information she submitted was always questioned like Professor Jay’s investigation report, and was said to be “grossly exaggerated”. In response, Sarah said in the episode “Three Girls”: “We have no respect for teenagers, helpless teenagers have no voice, they are ignored, discriminated against, and treated inhumanly by the child protection department.