Reading a paper book makes it easier to understand the content

  Today, more people prefer to read books on e-books or mobile phones, while paper books are left out. This is because e-books and mobile phones are not only easy to carry and store a lot, but e-books are often cheaper than paper books. However, paper books also have many advantages. A recent study by a Japanese research team found that reading paper books is more conducive to our understanding of the contents of the books.
  The researchers recruited 34 college students as volunteers, and they asked some volunteers to read mobile phones and some to read paper books, and the content was the same novel fragment. During this process, the volunteers’ brain waves and breathing and other physical conditions are monitored by the device. After the reading, the volunteers have to complete the relevant test questions to test their understanding of the novel fragments.
  The experimental results showed that the volunteers had a higher level of comprehension of the novel fragments when reading the paper book. After analyzing various data of the volunteers, the researchers found that compared with reading paper books, mobile phone readers took fewer deep and long breaths, and the prefrontal lobe on the left side of the brain was overactive, which can be inhibited by overactivity. human reading comprehension.
  That being the case, if possible, read the paper book as much as possible, which will help you better understand the content of the book.