Only those who are right will admit they are wrong

  The air condenses and I’m counting down.
  As soon as 6:30 arrived, I blocked all the late students at the door: “Don’t you know when the evening self-study starts? If you don’t know how to use the time, how much can you study at night?”
  ”Our basketball team practices” “Our hot dance club has just finished practicing”, “Today the teacher will stay in the ninth quarter to strengthen”, the students say what they say, I don’t know if I should stick to it.
  ”Don’t have a reason, you will be punished for being late, now go in and collect your books and go home to read.” In response to the request of my colleagues to “harden up”, I decided to insist.
  A male student slammed open the door, muttering something, and was about to collect the books. “Come here, what was your attitude just now?”
  I opened my throat and used authority to intimidate him. The faces of the teachers and students were ugly. At this time, I saw another group of “late brigades” approaching, and I realized that the students I just reprimanded were still good. Those who “arrived early” also realized that orders given without sufficient communication will have blind spots. I decided not to insist anymore, let all the students go to study, and then discuss with the students to write more “humane” regulations.
  The male student was carrying his schoolbag, muttering a national curse to himself, and was about to rush out.
  ”Don’t go, come here.”
  ”The teacher wants me to go, can’t I leave?”
  ”You can go after I finish saying I’m sorry.”
  ”Excuse me?” The student was confused by me.
  ”I want to say I’m sorry, because first, I made a wrong decision; second, the teacher shouldn’t yell at the students.”
  ”Huh?” The student panicked and immediately disarmed, “Teacher, I should say sorry. , I had a bad attitude just now, and I cursed…”
  ”I heard it, but it’s okay, who doesn’t make mistakes.”
  This hot night ended with the warm ending of a Hollywood vulgar movie, and the two were originally at loggerheads. The men finally gave up their armor and disarmed their soldiers for a hug, smiling and saying goodbye to each other.
  I can’t help but think, why can the person who admits his mistake first gain the leadership?
  A friend who works as a supervisor once told me how he singled out leaders from a new batch of people. “I’m looking for the one who dares to admit his mistakes! Because there are no newcomers who don’t make mistakes, but who are willing to admit their mistakes sincerely, showing the three characteristics of ‘courage to take responsibility’, ‘willing to learn’ and ‘shrink yourself’.”
  ”This is not what I am in The ‘Three Qualities of Leaders’ you learned in research?” I was very surprised by his explanation.
  ”Yes! But those who never admit their mistakes like to shirk their responsibilities, are unwilling to think, and are self-righteous.”
  My friend’s words reminded me that when I led a club at school, I was most afraid of meeting classmates who never admitted their mistakes. He who tries makes no mistake.
  Indeed, admitting mistakes is the beginning of reflection and learning. Introspection is not something to be ashamed of, only those who do not introspect will be considered ridiculous.
  When those students who were not favored said “This is my responsibility, I made a mistake, how can I make up for it”, I knew that I had won and found another general. We mortals really don’t need to feel ashamed of admitting mistakes.
  Leading a small team to participate in an international competition, they obviously made a serious mistake, I left a sentence on the club page: “Wrong is wrong, but who can tell me, who is responsible? Who wants to come out Correct the mistake?” After waiting for 3 days, a classmate who dared to admit his mistake finally replied.
  When you make a mistake, please stand up and say: “I was wrong.” Then you may be the “right person” the world is looking for.