Only target one target at a time

  Watching the “Animal World” program, I always have a question: why do lions and cheetahs only stare at one prey when they chase bison and wildebeest? In the process of chasing, there are obviously prey leisurely grazing around. If you change the target and hunt down the prey around you, wouldn’t it be easier to succeed? But lions and cheetahs are always the same and never change their strategies. I didn’t realize it until I read a story.
  American Smith participated in a military game, to avoid and chase each other within the specified time, and the one who “killed” the most wins. After the game started, Smith immediately attacked Allen who was hiding behind the big tree, and Allen tried his best to dodge. During the chase, Smith found several students hiding in the dark. Allen thought that Smith would “kill” those people, but he didn’t expect Smith to just stare at Allen until he “killed” him.
  Allen asked inexplicably: “Many people are only one step away from you. Killing them first is much more effective than chasing me.” Smith shook his head and said, “We consumed a lot of physical strength while chasing, while others People have been hiding and waiting for work, so it is the best choice to continue chasing you.”
  In the rest of the game, Smith only chased one student at a time, and finally achieved excellent results. Many students kept changing their goals, and eventually they were exhausted and exhausted, but none of them caught up.
  Smith finally entered the business world and founded the world’s largest express delivery company, FedEx. His experience is: “Only set one goal at a time, and pursue it to the end without distractions, so as to achieve life.”
  I finally understood the way of lions and cheetahs. The reason why they keep staring at a prey is because in the process of chasing, both sides consume their physical strength. Moreover, lions and cheetahs are often carefully selected for their prey, and generally select individuals that are easy to capture, such as the elderly, infirm, and injuries, as targets. However, if the target is temporarily changed, the physical fitness of the prey cannot be accurately judged. If you use your already exhausted physical strength to deal with an opponent who is recharged, the probability of success is very small.
  Only staring at one goal at a time, perseverance and perseverance are always an important way to success.

   Recently, I saw a news report about the indistinguishable “true content” of food labels. A product has the production date written on the bottle cap, but the line of laser-sprayed code on the top of the bottle cap is too light in color and contrasts with the packaging background image. Small and indistinguishable, it can only be seen clearly when the light is sufficient and the angle is repeatedly adjusted.
   This phenomenon is not uncommon in real life. The production date of some products is marked in a wide range, and it is very difficult to find. Sometimes, the more information consumers care about, the more difficult it is to find on the product packaging. The ingredients in the food ingredient list are an important reference for consumers when purchasing products, but some labels are very small in size. If you want to see them clearly, young people have to get in front of them, and old people must use a magnifying glass.
   Substandard food labels are rampaging the market for a variety of reasons. Some manufacturers may think that the production date and ingredient list of food are only a form to meet the inspection requirements of the quality supervision department, so why spend time and energy? There are also some merchants who have the idea of ​​cheating subjectively. The “little nine-nine” of these people is: the relevant departments come to check, all my product information is printed, as for the font size is not large, the location is not eye-catching, it can be interpreted as negligence in work; It’s better not to pay attention to this information, so that the expiring or even expired products can be sold earlier, and you can make more money. As for whether consumers will be healthy or not after eating, that is not what they focus on.
   In this world, in addition to interests, there is also conscience. Conscience is hidden deep in the heart, and on the surface it seems that no one else can see it except for oneself. However, once the conscience is out of the way, people’s behavior can easily fall into the wrong path of breaking the law and discipline, such as harming others and benefiting themselves, and taking advantage of opportunities. If you build an “ant’s nest” on your conscience, it will hurt others at first, and it must be your own “dam” that will eventually be damaged.