MOEA (CAS No. 19900-65-3)

Product Name: 4,4′-Methylene-bis(2-ethylaniline)

Synonyms: 4,4′-methylenebis(2-ethyl-benzenamin; 4,4′-methylenebis(o-ethyl-anilin; 4,4′-methylenebis[2-ethyl-benzenamin; bis(4-Amino-3-ethylphenyl)methane; mboea; METHYLENE BIS-O-ETHYLANILINE; ME-DDM; MOEA; 4,4′-methanediylbis(2-ethylaniline); 4,4′-methylenebis[2-ethyl Benzenamine]; 4,4′-methylenebis(2-ethylbenzenamine); 4,4-methylenebis(2,6-diethylaniline); 4-[(4-amino-3-ethylphenyl)methyl]-2-ethylaniline
CAS RN.: 19900-65-3
EINECS: 243-420-1
Molecular Weight: 255.3547
Molecular Formula: C17H21NO

This Product Is An Amino-Orthoethyl-Substituted Aromatic Diamine Chain Extender. It Has Good Compatibility And Compatibility With TDI And MDI Prepolymers. The Reaction Speed Is Faster. It Can Be Used With E100 For Reaction Injection Molding And Poly. Urea Spraying Process, The Product Has Excellent Physical And Dynamic Mechanical Properties. Used For Polyurea Elastic Waterproof Material, Can Effectively Improve The Strength Of The Material, Resist Puncture And Anti-Aging Properties Of Plants. This Product Can Also Be Used As A Curing Agent For Epoxy Resins, Giving The Product A Good Tensile, Tear Resistance, Electrical Insulation And Heat Resistance.