Make buttons smell like perfume

  In the 1950s, Matsumoto Risa took over the enterprise left by his ancestors. The products made by this enterprise were very small, which were buttons on clothes. Because of the economic crisis, Matsumoto Risa’s button business was affected, and the business was very bad. The threshold for making buttons is low, and everyone’s products are similar, and there is no competitiveness. Therefore, if Matsumoto Risa can’t come up with a good way, there is a danger of bankruptcy.
  But what tricks can small buttons make? This troubled Risa Matsumoto.
  Once, when cooking, the pot was heated for too long, and the contents were mixed. When I went to bed at night, there was a burnt smell. My wife asked Risa Matsumoto to dilute it with perfume.
  Risa Matsumoto opened the mouth of the perfume bottle very wide. Although it covered up the scorching smell, the mouth of the perfume bottle was too large and the smell was too strong, which made people uncomfortable for a long time. But the perfume at that time, either open the bottle cap or close it, there are only two options. Open the bottle cap, the perfume smells strong, and close the bottle cap, there is a smudged smell, what should I do?
  Risa Matsumoto covered the perfume cap, took a needle, and pierced a small hole in the cap of the perfume bottle. Slowly, the smell in the room disappeared, and the room became light and warm. This night, Risa Matsumoto fell asleep. Very sweet.
  When I woke up in the morning and smelled the tiny amount of perfume that only evaporated from the small holes, Matsumoto Risa’s eyes lit up. Why not design a scented button? As he said, Risa Matsumoto made the button hollow, filled it with perfume, and then drilled a small hole on the front and back after sealing.
  These two small holes are invisible to the naked eye, ensuring that the perfume will not seep out, but the fragrance will be looming. After the world’s first fragrant button came out, it received rave reviews and was especially loved by women who love beauty. Clothing manufacturers purchased fragrant buttons in large quantities to make clothes. The supply of fragrant buttons was in short supply, and Matsumoto Risa applied for a patent and made a lot of money.
  The humble hole, seemingly insignificant, has changed the lives of many people. Every little bit of life, every word and deed in communication, are all small things. The so-called gathering small streams to make a river and sea, doing every simple thing well is not easy, doing every ordinary thing well is Not ordinary.