Latitude left and right stature

  In the 19th century, the German biologist Karl Bergman discovered that there is such a rule in the animal kingdom: the colder the place, the larger the individual size of the same species, and the closer the shape is to a spherical shape, which is the adaptation of organisms to environmental changes in the long evolutionary process The result, because at the same temperature and the same volume, the spherical surface area is the smallest, and it is also the most conducive to keeping warm.
  The law discovered by Bergman was later called “Bergman’s law”.
  This law truly reveals the important influence of the latitude of the earth on the development of the fate of animals, indicating that animals in high-latitude regions are different from animals in low-latitude regions due to differences in latitude. Recently, scientists from many countries have discovered that latitude should also be regarded as an important mysterious line that determines the destiny of mankind.
  Studies have confirmed that the level of latitude can affect the size of human brain volume and eyes, and can determine the size of the human body. Not long ago, researchers at the University of Oxford analyzed 55 19th-century skulls from 12 countries, focusing on the detection of the brain cavity volume and eye socket size of these skulls. The results showed that the human brain volume and eye size are similar to those of human The latitude of the ancestral home is directly related to the height of the latitude. For example, the average brain volume of the British far away from the equator is 1416 ml, the Micronesians close to the equator are only 1200 ml, and the Scandinavians living in the northernmost part of the earth have a brain volume of 1484 ml. More than 20% higher than Micronesians. The same goes for the difference in eye size. For example, the eye socket capacity of the British skull is 26.22 milliliters, that of the Scandinavians is 26.83 milliliters, and that of the Micronesians is 21.83 milliliters. This shows that the eyes of people at low latitudes are smaller than those at high latitudes.

  The researchers believe that this difference occurs because the farther away from the equator a person is, the less light they receive, so the larger the better, the better. And their brains need to get bigger to process more visual information from bigger eyes. Of course, larger brains don’t mean that people at higher latitudes are smarter, it just means that their brains spend more on processing visual information.
  We can also find this phenomenon in daily life, the southerners of China are generally smaller than the northerners. The same is true for the entire planet. The real reason for this phenomenon is latitude. Because the lower the latitude, the higher the temperature, and the temperature difference will have a direct impact on the size of any living thing on earth. A strong evidence is that due to the impact of global warming, the body size of animals and plants is generally “shrinking”: for every 1°C rise in the global average temperature, the body size of plants may shrink by 3% to 17%, while the body size of animals may shrink by 6%. %~22%.
  Interestingly, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley analyzed the gut microbes of thousands of people around the world and found that those living in the south had more obesity-related gut bacteria than those living in the north. a lot less. This shows that the microbes in the human body are also affected by temperature and participate in the shaping of human body shape.
  There are many places in low-latitude countries where the fish are rich and the water is beautiful, and the melons and fruits are fragrant, so people tend to be greedy for pleasure and not strong enough. In other words, at the same level of technology, countries with high latitudes and cold climates have stronger armies than countries with low latitudes and hot climates.
  Scientists believe that the current human understanding of latitude, the “line of fate” of human beings, needs to be further deepened. The next step should be to focus on the related chemical changes caused by latitude in the human body, so that human beings can prevent related diseases through scientific means and control themselves. Fate, create more favorable conditions.