Japanese Aegis ship intercepts ballistic missile for first time

  Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force announced on November 21 that Haizi’s new “Aegis” ships “Maya” and “Haguro” succeeded in the test of intercepting ballistic missiles. As a result, the interception capabilities of these two ships have been confirmed, and the eight “Aegis” ships owned by Haizi can all fully implement the “defense mission” of ballistic missiles.
  According to a communiqué issued by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Maritime Staff Supervision Department on the 21st, the destroyers “Maya” and “Haguro” of the Japan Sea launched the “Standard-3” Block ⅡA and “Standard-3” on November 16 and 19 respectively. Both Block IB interceptors successfully hit ballistic missile targets launched from Kauai, Hawaii, outside the atmosphere. Hai claimed that it was the first time for two “Aegis” ships to test the “Standard-3” at the same time. In addition, on November 21, a target tracking test without live ammunition was also carried out to “verify the new function.”
  The Maya-type to which “Maya” and “Haguro” belong is the third type of “Aegis” anti-aircraft guided missile destroyer of the Maritime Self-Defense Force. The two ships were budgeted in the 2015 and 2016 fiscal years, respectively, on March 19 in 2020 and 2021. Completed service. Although generally still using the same AN/SPY-1D(V) radar as “Arleigh Burke” Flight IIA, the two ships are equipped with the latest “Aegis” baseline 9C2 combat system and BMD5.1 anti-missile system. At the same time, it can natively support the latest “Standard-3” Block ⅡA interceptor without modification.
  At present, among the four main escort groups of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, there are a total of eight “Aegis” air defense guided missile destroyers of three types. The Dang type and the two Maya-type ships that have just entered service recently have different levels of ballistic missile defense capabilities. The four older King Kong-type ships are equipped with a lower version of the BMD3.6 system, which supports the launch of the older ” Standard – 3″ Block1A interceptor.