Intimate meaning

  People can live in peace and harmony with each other, and it is not necessarily possible to have a feeling of intimacy all the time. This is because, besides physical contact, “intimacy” contains more meanings.
  1. Get to know each other. Intimate partners get to know each other, such as each other’s favorite food, favorite color, internal affairs, details of living habits, etc. Sometimes a look of “I know what you want” is enough to arouse the warmth in the other person’s heart.
  2. Relying on each other does not mean that both of them should be “little birds”, but in marriage, the degree of dependence of two people on each other often represents the degree of intimacy. For example, when each has needs, the other party can give up some of their own needs and preferences and satisfy the other party more. The two can walk side by side and feel strength in their bodies.
  3. Always care No matter how good the relationship between two people is, they need to care about each other, otherwise the relationship will easily weaken and the intimacy will disappear little by little.
  4. Mutual trust In addition to trusting each other to be the only one, you must also trust each other not to hurt each other intentionally.
  5. Responsiveness Responsiveness is one of the core factors in an intimate relationship. If you seldom respond, it is obviously indifferent and indifferent.
  6. Sincere devotion There is no need to deliberately make a “list to please your partner”. As long as you sincerely dedicate to love, your relationship will be closer and stronger.