Hire a bear as a honey tester

  Setif is a beekeeper in Turkey. In the past six months, Setif has been exhausted physically and mentally by a tricky thing-bears often come to his bee farm to steal honey.
  At first, Sétiv covered the beehives with steel bars, and the bears would knock down the steel cages to get the precious honey; Sétif then reinforced the steel cages with cement, and the bears just dug some soil down and then pushed them down again; No matter how high Setif raised the beehives, the bears would still climb up and reach the hives. Setif thought of many ways to resist the bear invasion, but failed to achieve any results. It made him miserable.
  One day, while checking the surveillance video of the farm, Setif discovered a phenomenon: the bears seem to have a soft spot for some honeys, but “little taste” of other honeys. And the honey that bears like to eat happens to be the best quality honey. In this way, the bear can serve as his own honey tester.
  To confirm this finding, Setif built a sturdy wooden table on the farm, placed multiple plates of honey samples on the table, and provided a bowl of cherry sauce as a control group. Sure enough, the bear ate up the good quality Anzel honey. Setif changed the position of the tray, but the bear would still eat the Anzel honey first.
  Setif laughed: “These big guys are very professional, they prefer high-quality honey. There is no doubt that these big guys have good taste.” Indeed, Anzel honey is brewed from the nectar of 90 kinds of flowers , and these flowers only grow in the mountains of the Anzel Plateau, so this honey is considered one of the most expensive honey in the world.
  Later, Setif posted the video of the bear stealing honey on the Internet, which attracted the attention of many netizens. These videos became Anzel Honey’s best advertisements – the bear’s evaluation is completely free from falsehood and bias. As a result, more consumers were attracted by Sétif’s honey and rushed to buy it.
  Facing the influx of orders, Setif said with a smile: “When you face a difficult problem and cannot find a solution, you might as well think in reverse, whether it can be used? Although in the past few years, I have been in those The bears lost about $10,000 worth of honey, but since ‘recruiting’ them as honey testers, the loss doesn’t seem so bad, it’s even a stroke of luck.”