On New Year’s Eve, firecrackers sounded from time to time on New Year’s Eve, and occasionally one or two columns of fireworks pierced the night sky.

He hid under the old locust tree not far away, and at the place where he had been staring, the red lantern also lit up suddenly, and his heart beat with it, and there was a warm feeling. He knew that this family was not defeated. He saw his wife Gui come out, followed by a five- or six-year-old child. Who is this child? Is it a pillar?

Five years ago, Zhuzi suffered from a rare kidney disease, and the operation cost was 100,000 yuan. For Qiang, this was astronomical. Qiang searched for relatives and friends, and only borrowed a few thousand dollars. He thought of Lao An. Lao An was a foreman, and Qiang worked at his construction site. Qiang imitated those scenes on TV, tricked Lao An’s three-year-old son Liangliang into a bridge hole, and then called Lao An and asked him to give away 100,000 yuan, otherwise he would kill Liangliang. Lao An agreed. Here, Qiang bought a lot of delicious and fun things for Liangliang. Liangliang didn’t know the danger and had a good time. Among the foods that are strongly bought are longan. Liangliang swallowed one whole, not up or down, stuck in his throat, and his face was black and blue, and he couldn’t even cry. Qiang was frightened and ran away. While running, Qiang did not forget to call 120. Throwing away the phone after the call. He is not stupid, he knows that the police can find him through the cell phone signal… This run is five years.

I don’t know when, snowflakes floated in the sky.

Gui and the child are firing guns. Gui squatted on the ground and stretched out his arms to use the lit incense stick to set off a cannonball. The child covered his ears and hid behind Gui. The cannonball rang out. The ground might be a little slippery. Gui turned around and fell to the ground. After the child ran away, he came back to pull her. Snowflakes danced more cheerfully, and a thick layer fell on the ground. Gui and the child entered the house, Gui turned around and closed the door.

Qiang looked around and was sure there was nothing unusual, so he hurriedly pushed the door in – the door was left open.

Gui was startled. When she saw that the snowman was strong, she hurriedly beat the snow on him with a towel and said, “Damn, you still know how to come back?”

“I, didn’t I miss you?” Qiang grinned and glanced at the child, “Gui, is this a pillar?”

Gui nodded, she found out the clothes for Qiang to change, and said, “You haven’t eaten yet? I’ll make dumplings for you.”

When Gui was making dumplings, he told Qiang about the past. Only then did he know that Liangliang had turned the corner because of the timely rescue. Later, after Lao An knew about Zhuzi’s situation, he specially donated 100,000 yuan. Zhuzi was treated in time, and his illness was getting better day by day.

Qiang’s eyes glowed, and he reached out to pull the pillar, but the pillar reluctantly hid behind Gui.

Gui said: “Cats and dogs are gentle and gentle, let alone a person? He doesn’t recognize you even if we haven’t seen you in four or five years.”

Qiang let go of Zhuzi and asked Gui: “Lao An didn’t call the police at that time?”

“Reported. A few years ago, the police kept coming to you.” Gui gave Qiang a sad look.

“I-I have to leave tomorrow morning!” Qiang’s face darkened again.

Gui said coldly, “Have you had a good time outside these years?”

“What a fart! Like a mouse, hiding in the east, frightened, hungry, full, not even a beggar.”

“Then are you leaving?”

“Aren’t you afraid of the police? Although no one was killed, after all, I was extorting money.”

“I have consulted a lawyer. What you commit is punishable by three to ten years in prison… If you surrendered, you would have been in prison for three years, and you would have come out early.”

“Then what should I do now?”

“If you still have the two of us in your heart, and you still want to live the old days, then turn yourself in… If you don’t agree, I’ll divorce you!”

After hesitating for a long time, he nodded.

Snow did not stop overnight. At dawn, Qiang and Gui waded in the snow more than a foot deep and helped each other to the town police station.

Two years later, he was released from prison. When I picked him up, there was only his wife, Gui, but no son. Qiang asked, “Where’s Zhuzi?” Gui said, “I went to work.” Then he added, “By the way, Lao An went back to the village a few days ago and said that if you can’t find a job after the new year, you will go to his construction site.” He sighed deeply and didn’t say whether to go or not.

Gui said to him, “I’ll tell you a secret. I called the police that day. If you don’t surrender, you won’t be able to escape.”

“I know.” Qiang glanced at Gui affectionately.

“You know?” Gui looked surprised.

Qiang said: “When we went out, I saw two lines of footprints on the snow…”