Fly once for a lifetime

  Stephen Soderbergh describes his experience of watching Avatar in emotional foul language, and I can only quote his last comment: “This is where the history of film will be divided – before Avatar and Avatar. After that.”
  I trust Soderbergh. Braving the deadliest wind in the Northeast in nearly 10 years, going to a movie theater – as I wish – what was passing over a misty forest? A man’s voice-over came in… Sooner or later you’d wake up… Jack Sully woke up from the spaceship, the blue light reflected a turning face and a tiny drop of water… After watching the movie, I didn’t wake up for a long time, my body stayed on the cold earth, and The soul remains in the dreamlike planet of Pandora. I downloaded a German version as soon as I got home, played it over and over again, studied the footage, paid attention to news, analysis and technology related to it – regained my interest in physics – which was last sparked by Hawking’s “Time” A Brief History”. I don’t know what IMAX 3D technology means to the film industry and everyone’s daily life? I can’t even imagine what kind of visual shock an IMAX screen with a width of 27 meters and a height of 21 meters can produce?
  All I know is that it all has to do with the 3D filming system of the artist or scientist James Cameron, with Industrial Light and Magic and George Lucas, with Weta Workshop and Peter Jackson, how many of their names are today It means the extent to which the wings of the human imagination can spread, and how many possibilities we have to make everyday life more beautiful. Technology and Imagination – This is a very easy to ignore and very important issue, but I am not good enough to get into the essence of the problem, but I can only talk about it in order to express my respect for Cameron and his colleagues. In poetic arts, the dualistic thinking model values ​​the soul and discriminates against technology, resulting in a rigid separation of soul and technology. In fact, the two are just two sides of the same paper, possessing each other, which is absolutely different from the logical relationship of dialectics. Similar arts include music, art, and movies. Without strong technical support, how can imagination fly – I sincerely look forward to watching 3D TV in five years without wearing special glasses, and sincerely looking forward to the virtual computer images that can be customized at will Become a reality – yet this is a little-known reality that has yet to be popularized. In his November 2009 TED talk, “The Amazing Potential of Sixth Sense Technology,” Poona Mistry demonstrated the “Sixth Sense,” a portable device he co-developed with Patty Mays. With this device, human beings can connect the real world and the online world at any time. Mistry is a graduate student from MIT, an amazing Indian.
  Avatar Avatar, derived from the Avatara of ancient Indian philosophy, translated as Avatar, according to the interpretation of the “Word List” in the “Bhagavad Gita” is: the person who descends; refers to God (Bhagavan) Fully or partially empowered incarnations descend from the spiritual world for a specific mission. Avatar in the movie refers to the Na’vi-like body produced by combining human DNA with the DNA of the Na’vi (humanoid creatures) on the planet Pandora. The human mind and soul exist in Avatar through the scanning link of its nervous system and related systems. Every Avatar Operator has an Avatar that matches their DNA. Cameron’s choice of Avatar as the film’s title is both realistic and a reference to the relevant Indian philosophy – although Cameron himself may have avoided this so as not to cause him unnecessary trouble.
  Naming is an important philosophical question, as shown in the movie The Matrix. Anderson in the matrix is ​​named Neo in the real world, but he himself thought his real name was Anderson at the beginning, and his online name in the online world was Neo – this name was later used. A prophetess is seen as a symbol of the savior. Cameron also understands the true meaning of the name. He satirizes the self-righteous human conqueror or colonizer in the form of Avatar, and praises the humble learner and savior Jack Sully, and regards this body as Jack Sully. The medium and home of Lee’s final rebirth. Although Avatar is less post-structuralist than The Matrix, its superficial interpretation of the contemporary general sense of ancient Indian philosophy is equally profound.
  The Avatar in “Avatar” is a savior incarnation in Indian philosophy, and the Titan in “Titanic” is the 12 giant gods in Greek mythology. If this is a coincidence that Cameron unknowingly conjures up, how many interesting interpretations of that coincidence is about to happen? Avatar’s Jack Sully and Titanic’s Jack Dawson—both What kind of coincidence is it called Jack (their English names are pronounced similar to form a homonym)? In the currently popular French poker, 4 Jacks (Jack) represent 4 knights, and the Spades J Hogier, Hearts J Raheel, Plums J Lancelot, Squares J Hector. Therefore, in a certain field of semiotics, Jack is an alias for a knight. Jack Dawson died in the icy ocean to save the life of his lover Rose, Jack Sully fought greedy humans to the death to save the lives of his lover Neytiri and her clan – these are the classic actions of classic knights – — and the Avatar avatar of human Jack Sully ends up being the great Phantom Knight of the Na’vi at a pivotal moment in the film. This process of transformation · Hatcha bridges the gap between Jake and Jack due to semantic differences. Jake will eventually drop a slightly derogatory slang term and return to its main term, or simply upgrade to Knight Jack. This may allude to Jack Sully’s initial interest in working on Avatar and his little betrayal of Neytiri – how delicate Cameron’s team designed the characters.
  The appearance of Phantom Knight is not for no reason. From a certain point of view, the value that Cameron really appreciates is chivalry. Commanders, even higher than intellectuals with a sense of justice who diligently seek specimens and conduct scientific research. That’s why a former Marine can have the privilege of being a savior. He is naturally free from the limitations of knowledge. Avoid the possibility of bloodthirsty in time, so as to be more accessible to the Na’vi soul realm. This made him ecstatic about the gorgeous vegetation of the planet Pandora, made him curious about the brave Ikaran, and respected the mysterious culture of the Na’vi and the characteristics of communication with the spirit of all things. A man’s rock that can enter oil and salt is not a deliberate humorous remark, but a serious self-affirmation in ignorance.
  Not to mention the intense war scenes at the end, it’s just that Jack Sully’s study time is amazing. Regardless of visual effects. Or the values, the magnificent imagination and the wonderful connotation, can it be expressed in words? If imagination exists in the contemporary frontier, then “Avatar” is precisely such a boundary monument that penetrates into the end of the frontier. No kind of compliment is overdone, at least in 2010, at least for the moment you’re watching the movie. It even makes you forget about common sense, and forget about the uncommonly common plot – similar to the complex relationship between humans and nature in “Princess Mononoke”, similar to “Up Fly” or “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” about the forced demolition of residents Social criticism of houses, similar to the historical images of colonization and anti-colonialism in “Lawrence of Arabia” or “Zulu War” – forgetting the love between two different creatures, forgetting the anti-human appearance of the human living environment Worsening advice – and this has been criticized by some conservatives – it is enough to simply immerse yourself in the imagination presented by technology, in the flickering of fluorescent plants, in the tree spirit (more like The white wobbly goblins in A Midsummer Night’s Dream) or the elf lizards, immersed in communication with the luminous branches of the tree of souls, immersed in the suspended wonders of the Hallelujah Mountains said to be inspired by the Yellow Mountains In the middle of the scene (how close to Hayao Miyazaki’s “Castle in the Sky”), I was immersed in the high-speed and graceful flight of Icaran. There is also the soul-stirring oath: fly once, accompany for life. There are also wonderful and profound greetings of that ten days – Chinese is I saw you, English is I see you, Na’vi is oe tse’anga. I see your essence. Lianna Lewis sings in the theme song: I see you, my dark light breathing the hope of a new life – yes, I see hope undisputed.