“Fist” from the sky

  In this Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Ukrainian soldiers carried Javelin missiles on their shoulders and defeated Russian tanks. The world intuitively felt the super combat capability of this anti-tank weapon. After the “Javelin” missile penetrated the Russian T-90 tank, it was known as the “strongest tank killer” on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield, and it became famous for a while.
  The full name of the missile is “guided missile”. It is an unmanned weapon that relies on the guidance system to control the flight trajectory, can attack the designated target, and track the target’s movement. The origin of missiles is closely related to the invention of gunpowder and rockets. It generally consists of four parts: warhead, projectile structure system, power plant propulsion system and guidance system. According to different engines and flight trajectories, missiles can be divided into ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. The task of the missile is to detonate the charge of the warhead near the strike target and damage the target, and directly hit the target by its own kinetic energy to achieve the effect of damage without the warhead.
  Missile is a new type of weapon that appeared in the 1940s. After the Second World War, it has been developed rapidly and widely used, and has become one of the main weapons of modern warfare. In the latter part of World War II, Germany first used V-1 and V-2 missiles in actual combat, bombing Britain across the sea from the west coast of Europe. V-1 is a subsonic unmanned weapon with a range of more than 300 kilometers, which is easy to deal with by fighter jets and other air defense measures. The V-2 is a liquid missile with a maximum range of about 320 kilometers. Due to its poor reliability and the large spread of impact points, it only played a role in harassment of the United Kingdom and had little combat effect. But the V-2 missile played an important pioneering role in the development of future missile technology.
  Since its inception, missiles have received widespread attention from all countries in the world. The use of missiles increases the suddenness and destructiveness of warfare, expands its scale and scope, and speeds up its process, thereby changing the concept of time and space in conventional warfare in the past and bringing huge and far-reaching impacts on the strategy and tactics of modern warfare. Missile technology is a highly integrated modern science and technology. Its development not only depends on the progress of science and industrial technology, but also promotes the development of science and technology. Therefore, the level of missile technology has become one of the important symbols to measure a country’s military strength.
  Of course, no matter how military science and technology develops, the modernization of weapons and equipment, and the modernization of the military are aimed at improving the strategic ability to defend national sovereignty, security, and development interests. Peace and development have always been the beautiful vision of people all over the world.