Experience Vietnamese coffee culture

  I don’t know since when, Vietnam suddenly became the world’s second largest coffee exporter, second only to Brazil. Among them, Robusta coffee beans, which are used to make three-in-one instant coffee, are the largest, and the output has reached a quarter of the world’s. As many as one, the world-famous coffee retailers Starbucks, Nestle, etc. are the major customers of Vietnam’s coffee exports. At present, coffee beans are grown in a large area in Vietnam. The best coffee beans come from Buon Ma Thuot in Da Lat Province. The local climate is very suitable for coffee cultivation. Now it has been rated as one of the top ten excellent coffee producing areas in the world. The history of coffee cultivation in Vietnam is not long. The French brought their most proud leisure drink, coffee, when they landed in Vietnam and began their century-long colonial rule. Coffee has been here ever since. Sprout.
  Although the French have withdrawn from the political stage of Vietnam, the influence of one hundred years of colonial rule on a country is indelible. Perhaps, the imprint of French cultural life will never be eliminated. It has become a part of Vietnamese culture. been passed on. Walking on the streets of Vietnam, if it weren’t for the hot sun and dark Asian faces, the French signs that can be seen everywhere will make people feel like they are in the streets of France, especially the countless cafes that stand along the street and are built with brightly colored canvas. The open-air cafes make Vietnam a little bit different from the French style in Asian countries.
  There are many types of cafes in Vietnam. One type is a cafe with a fixed storefront. Like most cafes, it provides customers with all kinds of coffee and some snacks. You can choose to spend half a day here. In Vietnam, there are several such cafes on the street less than one kilometer, and there are three steps and one shop on the bustling avenue; the other type is the open-air cafe, which has no face. They will move out a chic small high table and a few chairs from their homes in the alleys deep in the street and place them in the shade, or set up umbrellas to do business on the streets. People who like sunbathing will sit down and order a drink at will. , enjoy the mellow and authentic Vietnamese coffee while admiring the motorcycle beauties passing by on the street; there is also the most special one, there is no storefront, no table, and no umbrella, only a trolley and a cool Vietnamese The boy is selling coffee. This kind of mobile coffee shop is actually the most popular. They are all over the streets, wandering in the middle of the city, and stopping where there is business. If pedestrians want to have a drink, they just need to wave and they can enjoy it.
  The French descendants who stayed in Vietnam during the colonial period regarded coffee as a daily refreshment, and the local Vietnamese were also deeply influenced. Drinking coffee has become the most important way of life for people living in Vietnam. The most special coffee brewing method in Vietnam is the drip type. Although this is not an original invention of the Vietnamese, it is only here that you can feel the most traditional and authentic coffee brewing method. This drip coffee brewing method was invented by the French. Now the original drip coffee brewing method is difficult to find traces in France, but it has been well preserved here. A French tourist sighed after seeing the coffee brewing method in Vietnam: “In France, only my grandma still uses this method to brew coffee in the kitchen.” The Vietnamese French drip coffee brewing method uses a special drip pot made by the Vietnamese. , Simple and exquisite, aluminum or stainless steel cylinder with a diameter of about 7 cm, the bottom is densely packed with small holes, spread the semi-ground coffee powder on the bottom of the cylinder, press the lid, and put the seasoned coffee. cup, pour hot water, and wait. After the coffee powder is completely soaked in hot water, the mellow coffee will drip into the coffee cup below along the small holes at the bottom of the cylinder, so that it takes at least 5-6 minutes to finish a cup of coffee. It takes ten minutes for the powder to wait. The wait is for a better cup, and only ground coffee that has been thoroughly soaked in hot water will release the most authentic taste. Then mix sugar or milk according to your own taste. Vietnamese people like to put a lot of sugar and sweet condensed milk in hot coffee. Perhaps, only in places like Vietnam can you spend ten minutes waiting for a cup of coffee and then spend a few hours tasting it. People here seem to be on vacation forever, and the aroma of coffee on the streets makes the whole city exude comfort The breath, along with the hot climate and the peaceful and long Vietnamese voice, everything is so leisurely.
  Drinking hot coffee is not a unique skill for Vietnamese, and they disdain to drink it. Vietnamese people in the tropical climate of Southeast Asia are more fond of iced coffee. After making a cup of coffee through the above process, fill the whole cup with crushed ice cubes. The ice cubes here are very particular, one is tubular ice cubes, about It is a hollow ice cube tube with a diameter of 1 cm. This shape of ice cube is the most popular. It can quickly cool the hot coffee and fully integrate with the ice cube to produce a peculiar coffee aroma mixed with cream, and after drinking the coffee The ice cubes have just melted and won’t be wasted. The other is the common 2 cm square solid ice cubes, which are slower to cool the coffee and the taste is not as good as the former. The third type is the crushed ice slag made by a shaved ice machine. This kind of ice slag is suitable for people who want to quench their thirst. After pouring in hot coffee, the ice slag completely melts into ice water, which dilutes the taste of coffee and is more like drinking. Coffee flavored drinks, so few people choose this ice. After choosing the desired ice cubes, mix the coffee evenly and pour it into the ice cubes. Suddenly, the strong aroma of coffee permeates the surroundings. This is not the time to enjoy it. The hawker usually picks up the condensed milk can and pours it into the ice without hesitation. Douse the coffee with a finger-thick sweetened condensed milk and hand it to you with a warm smile. Taking a heavy sip, the aroma of coffee and milk lingers between your teeth. Even the unbearable heat will disappear with the cold coffee. If you are walking on the street, such a cup of coffee can also replenish your physical strength and eliminate fatigue.
  If someone asks where to get good coffee in Vietnam, he must not be Vietnamese or someone who does not know Vietnam. In Vietnam, you can drink the most authentic coffee no matter how high-end hotel cafes, luxuriously decorated cafes, street cafes, or coffee vendors pushing carts to sell along the street. The taste of coffee depends first on the variety and origin of the coffee beans, then on the roasting and concoction process. In Vietnam, a world-renowned coffee producing area, and Vietnam’s well-known method of roasting coffee beans with cream, you can’t help but find good coffee. Even the simplest hawker selling coffee with a cart will not cut corners in the process of making coffee, because they know that the purest taste of coffee brewed with the most classic drip method is what Vietnamese people care about most, so , don’t worry about whether you can drink good coffee in Vietnam, let alone the brewing level of street vendors, every coffee pot will provide you with really good coffee. More importantly, the coffee made by street vendors is not only delicious but also cheap. A cup of coffee only costs 2 or 3 yuan, and the taste is no less than Starbucks coffee. From here, it seems to be able to peek into the reasons why Starbucks’ expansion in Vietnam’s cities is far less than in other countries.