Down with the weight loss lies that have lied to us for years

  [Sex is the best weight loss exercise]
  Fact Analysis: A passionate “bed exercise” consumes roughly the same amount of calories as a short slow walk, because the posture you take is either lying down or sitting, and almost no muscles will be affected Movement to. Therefore, physical energy consumption is actually limited… But, huh, after all, this is not a dedicated fitness time, isn’t it a bit of putting the cart before the horse?
  [Losing weight first and reducing breasts]
  Fact analysis: Because of this sentence, many girls are worried that their breasts will become smaller first when the rest of the body has not changed. Let me tell you a piece of good news that makes you happy: don’t worry about the size of your breasts, the first thing to change in the fat loss exercise is your small belly! Because belly fat is most sensitive to hormonal and enzymatic changes, the body automatically uses belly fat first as a source of energy during exercise. However, the purpose of the fat accumulated in the buttocks and thighs is for emergency use when the human body lacks energy. Its function is like the hump on a camel, so from the physiological structure, the lower body fat is the most difficult to lose. Be patient!
  [If you want to lose fat, your heart rate must be kept at 60 beats/sec during exercise]
  Truth analysis: If you want to burn 100 calories today, your heart beats 60 times per minute (the so-called fat burning zone) or 85 beats per minute during exercise. what relationship? As long as 100 cards are consumed today, it is a victory. If your heart rate is 85 beats or faster, it’s not your body fat that’s being consumed, but the fatty acids and fat in your blood circulation. Focus on how you burn calories, not where those calories come from.
  [When you stop exercising, your muscles will become fat]
  Truth analysis: This is definitely a mistake! Fat and muscle are two completely different physiological structures, and neither will “become” the other. It’s just that when you stop strength training, the originally tense and strong muscles will become slack and atrophy, and the whole body will lose its original exercise rhythm. At this time, once you don’t control your diet, it will be very easy to gain weight, but this is not the case. It doesn’t mean your muscles “turned” into fat.
  [Heavy people have a slow metabolism, and of course weight loss is slow]
  Fact Analysis: Let the numbers convince you—less than 10 percent of overweight people suffer from metabolic disorders. What’s even more pleasing is that the “overweight people” burned more calories at the same intensity and duration of exercise. Put on weight? Instead of blaming your metabolism, check to see if you’ve been greedy or lazy lately.
  [Exercise in winter will consume more calories]
  Truth analysis: Indeed, in the first few minutes of exercising, you will be shivering with cold, and your body will consume more calories. It will gradually adapt to the temperature and become warmer. At this time, you will not be able to enjoy the “welfare” brought by the low temperature. So for calorie consumption, it has little to do with hot and cold.
  [After the body gets used to a certain exercise, it will not burn so many calories]
  Truth analysis: Unless you reduce the exercise intensity or shorten the exercise time, you will consume the same number of calories today as yesterday, last month, and last year . However, after you do five or six rounds of the new movements, the movements are indeed smoother, and there are a lot less unnecessary movements, but these movements consume about 2% of the calories.
  [The calorie consumption displayed on the calorimeter is accurate]
  Truth analysis: Don’t trust it so much. Someone has tested the latest heaters, and 70% of them are not accurate. The new type of calorie counter has not been tested for a long time, and the scientific and technical personnel need to continuously improve its quality. On the contrary, the older calorie counters, such as bicycles and steppers, have now developed more maturely, especially if you take your age and weight After the factors are included.