Bill Gates and Paula Hurd

  Former richest man Bill Gates’ new love affair with Paula Hurd, the widow of Oracle’s late CEO, has been revealed.
  The two have been dating for more than a year and have been photographed in the same frame many times.
  In March 2022, the two watched a tennis match together, and Gates laughed.

  Watching the Australian Open together in January 2023, both of them looked relaxed, and they were still walking on the streets of Sydney.
  A reporter asked Gates: Are you still looking forward to a new love? The former richest man said bluntly: “Of course, I’m not a robot.”

  After the news came out, the Internet became lively, and the first impression of netizens was: Paula and Gates’ ex-wife Melinda look too much alike, and Paula and Melinda are similar in age, but they look much younger, which can be called An upgraded version of Melinda.
  In addition, what netizens can’t figure out is: Paula, as the widow of a rich man, has money and leisure, and her life should not be too comfortable, while Gates, as we have written before, has been disconnected from his ex-girlfriend Winblad.

  Moreover, he also interacted with the notorious Epstein and complained to others that his marriage was “toxic”. What does Paula like about such a 68-year-old man?
  Paula Heard is very low-key and rarely reveals her privacy, but from the life experience of her ex-husband Mark Heard, we found that it is not easy to be a rich woman. Paula can bear it better than Melinda, because Her predecessor was similar to Gates.

  Paula Heard, born in Texas, USA in 1962, is 61 years old this year. She grew up in Texas, attended a private high school, was admitted to the University of Texas at Austin, and received a degree in business administration. After that, he worked in NCR, an American computer company, for 17 years, and has been in the position of senior executive.
  At NCR, she met Mark Hurd. Mark is 5 years older than Paula. Before Paula, he was married once, but when he met Paula, he was divorced and single.

  The two became friends because of tennis. Both Mark and Paula played very well. Mark went to college on a tennis scholarship. He once wanted to enter the professional tennis world, but in the end he felt that it would be faster to make money by going to sea, so there was one less professional tennis player in the world. , one more professional manager.
  In 1990, 28-year-old Paula and 33-year-old Mark got married. With Paula’s company, Mark had a successful career and family.

  He first served as the CEO of NCR. In one year, he almost increased NCR’s net profit by five times, and the company’s stock price soared by three times. After being dug into Hewlett-Packard as CEO, it took another year to lead Hewlett-Packard to surpass IBM and become the world’s largest IT company.
  He is one of the greatest CEOs in the history of Hewlett-Packard. In 2007, Mark won the first place in the selection of the world’s most entrepreneurial professional managers.

  The family is also very harmonious. He and Paula have two daughters. Mark goes to work at 8 o’clock in the morning and leaves work at 7 o’clock in the evening. He has dinner with his wife and daughter. Before going to bed, he has to work for another two hours.
  While Mark was earning more and more money, Paula quit her job at NCR. Like Gates’ ex-wife Melinda, she was passionate about charity work and was popular as a philanthropist and community volunteer.

  It seems that the years are peaceful, but no one expected that in 2010, Mark suddenly broke out in a sexual harassment scandal.
  A female HP contractor named Judy Fisher accused Mark of sexually molesting her for two years, including kissing and inappropriate touching.

  This Judy used to be a model of “Playboy” magazine, and also played small roles in some film and television dramas. Why can she be a contractor for HP?
  Judy said that she was directly hired by the CEO’s office, and the contracted work was to introduce customers to each other at HP activities around the world, and to make the atmosphere of the event lively. Simply put, it is the atmosphere group. She gets paid $5,000 per event, and even $10,000 if it’s a foreign event.
  During the two-year stint, Judy said, Mark dined with her numerous times, invited her to his hotel room every opportunity he got, and allegedly sexually harassed her. Judy refused every time, she said: I don’t know you, you are my boss.

  Although he was rejected, Mark was still full of confidence. He bragged to Judy that many women were crazy about him, including singer Cheryl Crowe. He also coaxed Judy to say, you are a lucky person.
  Judy’s lawyer said that it is obvious that Mark used HP’s money and HP’s CEO status in different places to enjoy the intimate company brought by different women. He showed Judy a $1 million account, saying that the money was dedicated to dating her.

  It’s not enough to pick up girls with public funds. To make matters worse, Mark also revealed inside information to Judy. He once told Judy that HP intends to acquire the confidential plan of IT service company EDS for $13.9 billion.
  The sexual harassment scandal caused HP’s stock price to plummet by 8%. Although HP’s subsequent investigation showed that Mark and Judy did not have a sexual relationship, he did conceal the existence of Judy from the company. Cover up with dinner with bodyguards.
  Mark finally paid Judy a sum of money to seal the hush, the two settled out of court, and he also resigned from his job as HP’s CEO, but he took a $40 million severance package.

  A sexual harassment that was exposed, there may be many unknown extramarital affairs behind it, many bosses in Silicon Valley were exposed, some of their partners jumped up immediately to take the money and leave, some were like Melinda Similarly, she couldn’t bear it anymore, divorced and left, and Paula was the third kind of person, she chose to endure it and see who lived longer.
  After Mark resigned from HP, he quickly moved to Oracle. He and Oracle founder Larry Ellison were golf friends and often played tennis at Ellison’s home in Silicon Valley. After Mark resigned, Ellison also criticized HP. The board, saying it “made the worst personnel decision since Apple’s board fired Jobs many years ago.”
  During their tenure as the CEO of Oracle, the Marks and Bill Gates had a lot of intersections. They both liked playing tennis. Bill Gates was a loyal fan of Federer, and the Marks and his wife often met on the court.
  In addition, the “Wall Street Journal” once reported that Microsoft intends to poach Mark to be the CEO. If the relationship between Mark and Ellison was not strong enough, he might have quit.

  After working in Oracle for 9 years, Mark announced his departure in September 2019, not because he wanted to change jobs, but because his health did not allow him to work. A month later, news came that Mark had passed away from cancer at the age of 62. What an admirable worker, working to the last moment of his life.
  Paula became the widow of a billionaire and inherited hundreds of millions of dollars.
  Paula is still keen on charity, often donating to Mark’s alma mater Baylor University, and is currently a member of the Baylor University Board of Trustees.
  Both daughters have grown up and are very promising. The eldest daughter, Kelly, is married to Tommy, the son of California Democratic Senator Thomas Umberg, and is very close to the Clinton and Hillary camps.
  The youngest daughter is Catherine, who graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a master’s degree in investigative journalism. She is an investigative reporter. In 2022, she won the George Polk Award for the documentary “Rebel in America” ​​and was also nominated for a documentary Emmy Award. excellent.
  Paula has money and leisure, and her daughter is outstanding. Those who conquer the type of Bill Gates probably want to give it a try. For Bill Gates, Paula is similar in age, experience, and interests, and there is no loss in getting along with her. He tried to dig Mark back then but failed, but now it is possible to poach his widow. Life is amazing.