Alien Adventures

  ”Are you going to the Alien Ruins?” The driver glanced at me in the rearview mirror, “You can’t go there, it’s not open anymore.”
  I just came out of Delingha Railway Station. This station is not big and there are few trains. It seems that there is no need to make any taxi stops. The drivers come and wait for the arrival time, and swarm around the exit to attract passengers. “Does the beauty take a taxi? Does the beauty take a taxi?” They were indiscriminate and polite. Only this driver called me girl. “Girl, get in the car?” So I got into his car.
  I spent five full hours on the cramped train and booked a yurt-style tent where I could lie on the big bed and look up at the stars. I came here specially for aliens. I must have expressed deep disappointment, because the driver hesitated after observing me for a while and said, “unless…” The
  plan is this: on the way to the alien ruins, there are three levels to pass, and the first two can lie. It is said to go to Lianhu Station. It is a small desolate station. Locals go there to take a ride very occasionally. The last place is the People’s Liberation Army post, which is on the top of the slope at the entrance of the alien site. This is a bit difficult. The driver asked me to pretend to be his relative, and he would be responsible for getting out of the car and approaching the guard post, lighting a cigarette and sending a water or something, to see if he could get away with it.
  I’m no stranger to this routine. When the Tianlongshan Grottoes were closed, a local person suddenly appeared and volunteered to take me into the mountain, falsely claiming that I was a relative. So I was able to enjoy a beautiful and secluded afternoon. In the high ancient grottoes that were completely deserted, I felt many bodhisattvas looking down silently, the octagonal copper bells on the pagoda body, the bell tongues were gently moved by the wind, and it returned to stillness after a short while. I was the only one who heard that voice, and I disappeared into the wind.
  The dark-faced plateau man in front of me has nothing to do with me in appearance, but so what? It doesn’t prevent me from being his distant cousin! We have made an appointment to leave at 8 am the next morning.
  Before the next day, I had just settled in the yurt, and the driver, Master Zhang, called again, suggesting to drive me to Haizi Garden for a walk. “We local people don’t think it’s anything to see, but when people outside you come, they all go there to see it,” he said on the phone. It was 9 o’clock in the evening and it was still dark, so I put on some clothes and went.
  Many people know Delingha because of Haizi’s poem, which was later composed and widely sung, “Sister/Tonight I’m in Delingha…Tonight I don’t care about human beings/I just want you.”
  Haizi He is not from Delingha, and he has not even been to Delingha. He just passed by by train and wrote this “Diary”, which made Delingha famous in the Chinese world. In return, the Delingha people built a memorial for the poet who died young by the Bayin River. Many huge stones engraved with his lines, east and west, stand in the woods by the river. When there are people, they are read, and when there is no one, the wind passes through the woods and touches these sentences.
  The night is gradually falling, and it is a pleasant thing to walk by the Bayin River. The 40-degree high temperature that is widely staged around the world has not yet had time to burn here. And whistled lightly. The stone walkway by the river is engraved with a line of text every few meters. I guess it must be a poem by Haizi, “Facing the sea in spring,” and so on. When I looked closely at night, I found that the engraving was:
  Pay attention to meat when eating and drinking. A balanced mix of nutrients such as vegetables, fruits, poultry, etc., don’t be addicted
  to it Walk a few meters and say again:
  move in the morning, sleep at noon, walk in the afternoon, and talk in the evening. The
  riverside trail is very long. Engraved with such maxims, it seems to be very concerned about human beings. The residents of the small town take a walk here after tea and dinner, and receive re-education on health preservation by the way. This kind of hard work makes people smile. A huge neon Ferris wheel was erected in the mountains in the distance, dozens of meters high. It is understandable that people in the city want to see natural mountains without artificial traces, but people in the mountains want to see the lights that represent the prosperity of the world. It was completely dark, and the mountains disappeared. It was time for me to go back.
  Back at the homestay, I found that the tent where I lived was also lit up with small neon light beads, and many small artificial colored stars, twinkling, outlined the outline of the yurt. As soon as I stopped, I saw the horizon in the distance, an oval aperture clearly appeared, with clear boundaries. what is this? Is the light outside the yurt refracting into the low clouds? I took out my phone suspiciously and took a picture of this scene. Within a minute or two, the mysterious aperture disappeared.
  There is a long-standing rumor that there are aliens in Delingha. The most recent one was in December 2020. A huge red fireball suddenly appeared over Delingha. The unidentified object stayed in the air for about half an hour and was photographed by many residents.

File picture, iron pipes in the cave before the collapse

Data picture, the desert circle that once appeared in Delingha, with a diameter of 2 kilometers

  The alien site is even earlier. In 1970, cultural relic experts from Qinghai Province came here to investigate. On Baigong Mountain, more than 40 kilometers southeast of Delingha, they discovered three irregular triangular caves of different sizes, with a cave in the middle. The largest, the deepest point is 6 meters, the highest point is 8 meters, and the caves on the left and right sides are smaller. These caves seem to have traces of artificial excavation. What is even more strange is that there are long iron pipes inserted into the mountain body in the caves, which are closely matched with the rocks. These iron pipes are rust-brown red and have different diameters.
  The iron pipes were sampled and sent to China’s second largest non-ferrous metal smelting group not far from here for testing. Through the carbon 14 detection method, it was found that these iron pipes have a history of 150,000 years, 30% of which are iron oxides, and the earliest recorded human activities on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau can only be traced back to 30,000 years ago. Mastering iron-making metallurgy technology is only thousands of years old. Scientists even detected a certain amount of radioactive waste on the iron pipes. What is even more strange is that there are still about 8% of the components in the iron pipes, which are not known substances on earth.
  Baigong Mountain is full of sandstone and pyramid-shaped. Outside the cave, there are many similar strange rocks and iron pipes standing by the Tuosu Lake. In the 1990s, a huge desert circle with a diameter of two kilometers suddenly appeared nearby, much larger than the crop circle in Europe. In the historical pictures that can be found, the edge of this strange circle is clear, the circle is precise, and there are dividing lines in the circle to form a complex symmetrical pattern, which seems to have deep meaning.

  According to the government of Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province, an expert group organized by Beijing UFO Research Association and other units, including 9 experts and scholars in aerospace, meteorology, astronomy and other fields, made a special trip to the Qaidam Basin in October 2016. Xingren Ruins” to conduct scientific expeditions to observe, photograph and sample iron tubular objects.
  Further research led experts to put forward another conjecture about the origin of the iron pipes. They believe that these iron pipes are not deliberate products, but iron wood formed during long-term crustal movement. The center of the tree is perishable, and the bark adsorbs iron ore to form fossils, which become hollow tubes over time. In addition, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is a crustal plate with a relatively short rising age, and the uplifted crust encapsulates these wood and iron fossils in the mountains. In addition to iron oxide, there is a large amount of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide in the iron pipe, which is one of the important characteristics of fossils.
  In all discussions about aliens, there have always been a large number of vague experts and netizens with boundless imaginations and clear words. Compared with the groundless stories on the Internet, this strange scene in Delingha is more confident because the national team has participated many times. The government erected a stone tablet of “alien ruins” here, which seems to be an official announcement.

There are still some dry vegetation at the foot of Baigong Mountain, and there is no grass on the mountain.

  I looked up and browsed these materials in the yurt, and was looking forward to the next day’s itinerary. Before I knew it, it was the second half of the night. When I looked up, there were stars on the transparent ceiling. The guests outside the tent were already eating barbecue and singing songs. Dispersed, the lights went out, and the stars became the protagonists of the night. I didn’t think it was enough. I pushed the door and went out, feeling the chills to my bones, so I had to go back to the house, wrap myself tightly with the thick quilt on the bed, and then go to show Yewangxing.
  The starry sky never tires people, I would like to look up to a thousand years, but a thousand years is just a moment in the galaxy. Those stars, dancing in small steps, I saw it when I was young outside the house in the shade. At that time, I didn’t understand planets and stars, I just wondered why they were moving, and I thought it was my eyes.
  The starry sky in the plateau is a feast, the Milky Way is clearly visible to the naked eye, a huge meandering light belt, a monstrous wave, a giant stream of light. I remembered that I had seen a jade pot of Qijia culture, about 4,000 years ago. The dark green pot has several folded lines, forming acute angles, representing mountains, with broken turquoise on it, spelling out a shimmering ripple, no doubt It’s the Milky Way. I used to marvel at the artistic abstraction of Neolithic humans, but now I understand that it is almost a faithful reproduction of nature. There is also the earlier Majiayao culture. The plump swirl pattern on the pottery pot is intertwined. You think it is a simulation of water waves, but why is it not the fluid in the sky? It is the endless galaxy, and the atmosphere of the universe and the twins of yin and yang.
  Under the care of countless stars overhead, although I only slept for half the night, it was as if I had been empowered to absorb enough energy. At 8:00 in the morning, the driver appeared on time and we set off.
  Master Zhang seemed to want me to see more local scenery. We passed Cypress Mountain and Keluke Lake all the way. We stopped for a while when we encountered beautiful scenery. He also reminded me to watch animals running by. There are a lot of groundhogs in the area of ​​Cypress Mountain. The sandy soil is full of their caves layer by layer. There are dense entrances. It can be imagined how complicated a dungeon is. Then there is the fat marmot, whose yellow-gray-brown fur is an excellent protective color. Seeing a car passing by, they collectively swayed their big butts and ran wildly, ran to a safer place, turned their heads to look, and then ran wild again. In fact, if they remain motionless, they cannot be found in a large desert. Their scientific name is Himalayan Marmot, a name that is both sacred and comical. Master Zhang presented me a bunch of branches like flowers, which were wild goji berries, and I ate them one by one. There are also clusters of shrubs called white thorns, which are similar to wolfberry from a distance, and also bear red berries. It is said that the fruit is sweeter than that of wolfberry, but it is dizzy after eating too much.

File picture, Qijia culture, late Neolithic period, located in Gansu, Qinghai and other places, the jade pot is inlaid with broken turquoise to form the Milky Way and mountains, about 4000 years ago

  Just like this, we drove to Baigong Mountain, where the alien ruins are located. Baigong Mountain also has a peculiarity. There is a lake on the left and right sides of it. One side is called Keluke Lake, and the other side is called Tuosu Lake. Keluke Lake is a freshwater lake with abundant fish and shrimp, but Tuosu Lake is not It’s a salt lake. There is a simple dam at the junction of the two lakes, but some wooden fences separate the left and right. “The fish on this side, if they accidentally swim to the other side, will not survive immediately.” Master Zhang said, “Nature is also strange.
  ” We passed the first two of the three guard posts with ease. The driver got out of the car and said a few words in the local dialect, and the crossbar lifted. We were uneasy about how to pass the last most stringent level, but when we got there, we found that the sentry had been withdrawn. The car drove to the top of the slope, and the whole Tuosu Lake was in front of you. The exposed mountain of Baigong Mountain is full of folds, but I can’t find the pyramid-shaped peak mentioned on the Internet.
  The driver told me that there has been a lot of rain in the past few years, the original road of the alien site has been completely flooded, and the Tuosu Lake has risen to the bottom of the cave. Our car stumbled, driving in the gravel, and there were deep ruts around the middle road reminding us: be careful, there has been a collapse here, and someone has broken here.
  Many seemingly flat and dry dirt roads are actually quicksand and swamps underneath because they have been soaked in water. We carefully avoided the traps, drove the car to the point where there was no road, and came down to hike towards Baigong Mountain. The scorching sun was blazing. I asked the driver to rest in the car and wait for me. Master Zhang refused. The road ahead is long and dangerous. I am a girl, and he cannot let me walk alone.

Outside the cave of the alien site, I kicked a piece of beautiful jade, which was actually a remnant of a jade belt hook

  Baigong Mountain is not high, the top of the mountain is bare, and the edge is falling down, like a knife and axe. I looked around and saw that none of the mountain buns were like pyramids. Where is the base where the aliens sent their signals as guessed by netizens? Master Zhang frowned and said that the mountains here are the same every year, and every time they come, they are different from the last time.
  A swarm of mosquitoes swarmed, huge, gray, maybe several hundred, like a cloud of dark clouds around us, unable to fling them, they were not afraid of people at all. Just as I raised my hand to drive away the ones in front of me, I felt that my back had been bitten in several places, and the bottom of my skirt also flew into a group. It’s useless to wear clothes, their long beaks have penetrated the fabric, but the bites are not too itchy. ——I still don’t know how bad it is. Two days later, the hundreds of red envelopes on my body were extremely itchy, turned into blisters, and then festered. This is a later story. At that time, I was only surprised that there was no grass here, no tourists, no trees on the mountain, no fish in the water, not even birds. If they don’t come, what do they eat on weekdays?

  While chasing mosquitoes, I fiddled with the stones under my feet. The pebbles by the lake are often bright, as if saying, take me away. I leaned over to pick up one or two and put them in my skirt pocket. Just kicking and walking like this, I suddenly kicked a piece of beautiful jade, which had been carved, and the shape of the jade belt hook in the Han Dynasty was unfortunately broken. I sent the photos to a few familiar archaeological and cultural experts, as well as ancient jade identification experts. In the past, they were used to hearing various stories of “kicking the cultural relics with their feet in the early years”. Today is my turn. .
  They responded quickly and encouraged me: Yes. It’s a jade belt hook. Please keep kicking. Take a few more kicks. Might be able to kick out something else. Many ruins have been found like this.
  But I have no intention of falling in love with the stack, and I will soon be in the alien cave.
  A cliff blocked our way.
  The cave was on the other side of the mountain. It turned a corner and couldn’t turn it over. When I looked into it, I saw that the cave had been blocked by boulders, and the depression was also filled with scattered gravel and layers of sharp schist. The meaning of refusal. Even the warning sign “Be careful of landslides, don’t get close” collapsed, and fell into the gravel and lake water, looking like a broken pot. You can still see the old roads and artificial boundary stones in the lake water, and surrender to nature. I asked Master Zhang, where is the “Alien Ruins” stele where everyone has to take pictures and punch in? Master Zhang put his mouth to the surface of the lake and said: Well, it’s completely submerged, so I can’t see it.
  This is completely different from the photos of the alien ruins I saw on the travel guide: the cave with iron pipes collapsed, the strange rocks and iron pipes by the lake are gone, the pyramid mountain is bald, and the stone monument sinks at the bottom of the lake. As for that The desert strange circle has long been annihilated in the wind.

The collapsed mountain completely blocked the hole

Outside the tent, an oval-shaped light circle appeared in the distant horizon, and disappeared after a minute or two.

  No wonder it is no longer open. No wonder even the sentry was withdrawn. All those iconic sights are now relegated to nothingness. The only thing left is this desolate landscape that looks like the surface of Mars. I stood there for a while, motionless, feeling the mosquitoes happily eating me.
  ”Hey! I said why are you missing?! I can’t find you anywhere! It’s too dangerous! How did you get there?!” After a while, I heard Master Zhang’s voice on the other side of Shiya sounded. Yes, I quietly took off my shoes, waded down the lake, bypassed the cliff, and then started rock climbing from the lake to the mountain. It is not recommended to imitate dangerous actions. The stones in the lake are extremely slippery, and I almost fell over several times. It’s false. Many rocks that look solid and can be used as focal points are actually just sand accumulation. As soon as my foot steps on it, it breaks. It almost collapses while climbing. I regretted it halfway through the climb, but I didn’t retreat. Now, the army of mosquitoes and I have reached the entrance of the alien cave with the army of mosquitoes closely following me. Our skirts are all wet, our legs are full of mud, and we are looking at the boulder that seals the cave entrance, but there is no magic “Open Sesame” formula to help. Let the stone door open.
  Sitting on the stone at the entrance of the alien cave, I once again thought of the stars all over my head last night. Regardless of whether there are aliens or not, Mount Baigong is indeed one of the ideal astronomical observation sites in Asia. It has a high altitude, a dry climate, and good visibility. Astronomers from the United States and Japan came here to investigate and support this argument. Master Zhang told me that a few years ago, he had pulled a young couple with a sleeping bag and spent the night in Baigong Mountain in September. He made a special trip to see the stars. There are no lights in the wilderness, which is the best observation point.
  I didn’t see the iron pipes, and I didn’t feel the smell of aliens coming here. Even if I was a fan of extraterrestrial civilizations, the scene in front of me was far from convincing me. I am too late. Reason makes me more inclined to believe the hypothesis of scientists: ancient trees were washed away by floods, poured into the lake bottom, and covered with river sand. A large amount of organic acid and humic acid were precipitated from the plant debris. Iron ore, seeping into the bark, gradually forms hollow iron wood fossils. This also reveals why the iron pipes discovered by people at first have different shapes, including straight pipes, spindle-shaped pipes, crossed pipes and curved pipes. If you think about it carefully, that is the natural form of trees, not to mention that scientists are still using iron pipes. The annual ring pattern was found on. The iron pipes and iron slag that used to be scattered around the lake should be the remnants and bark of trees.
  The radioactive elements on the iron pipes, which netizens frequently question, may come from a small amount of uranium ore in the river sand. As for why the iron pipes can be easily inserted into the mountains, my rock climbing experience has taught me that these mountains are as fragile as the world is not strong everything of.
  If alien civilizations can achieve interstellar traversal and finally reach the earth, the technological fragments left behind by them, whether they are used to transmit signals or to take off and land spaceships, in any case, should be much smarter than simple iron pipes.
  And I am here at the moment, facing the silent barren mountains and lakes together with a group of mosquitoes who are also earth creatures. When I took a selfie, the reflections from the sky and the lake formed a huge flying saucer-shaped spot behind me. In the gravel in front of the cave, there are many abandoned beer bottles and simple outdoor alcohol stoves, which are proofs that humans once reveled here. Including the “alien site” stele that sank to the bottom of the lake, future humans will discover them during underwater archaeology. The inferiority of earth creatures may include this stubborn, goddamn romanticism: a team of experts from Beijing arrived here in 2016, and in 2017, it completely collapsed. No matter how strong the reason is in my head, there is still a romantic, story-craving and miracle-believing voice in my heart saying:
  Look, you are blinded again, and the aliens have once again successfully wiped their presence on Earth. traces left.