A little favor

  Heidi was angry. When we parted just now, she didn’t give me a loving gesture as usual, she didn’t even say goodbye, she just turned her head and left, and she walked very fast.
  Heidi and I are good friends. I know that even between good friends, some conflicts will inevitably occur, and it is normal to be angry. In fact, Heidi and I were both mad at each other. But this time it was different, I had absolutely no idea why Heidi was angry – everything seemed fine to me.
  We met and Heidi helped me adjust the content of the speech. Yes, next week I have a speech contest, and I’m not good at writing speeches, and Heidi is very experienced with it, so I need her help. After we’re done, we’re going to separate, and I’m going back to get ready, and Heidi probably has other things to do as well. However, just after I said “goodbye” to her, Heidi seemed to suddenly get angry, she pursed her lips and ignored me, when she was talking to me with a smile just a second ago. Simply inexplicable!
  ”Honey, do you remember what you talked about before we said goodbye?” My mother asked after hearing my complaint.
  I thought about it carefully, and it seems that we didn’t say anything important. Heidi said that I would treat her to eat ice cream as a reward. I smiled and said that she just did me a small favor and should pay for the ice cream herself.
  ”Oh dear, that might be the problem,” my mother interrupted.
  I shook my head again and again, in fact, I was just joking. I mean, I’d definitely buy her ice cream, and I wouldn’t make her pay for it even if Heidi didn’t help.
  ”That’s not what I meant.” My mother shook her head, and then said, “Heidi might be mad at you for saying ‘a little favor’.”
  I was even more puzzled, wasn’t it a little favor? I mean, Heidi is good at writing speeches, it’s such an easy thing for her to do. This is indeed the case, from the time we met to the time we separated, it only took more than ten minutes. It might have been shorter if you removed the time we spent schmoozing.
  ”Why do you want to cut out the time for small talk? I think it should be added some time instead.” My mother looked at me and said, “Have you ever thought about it, because Heidi has been waiting all day to help you adjust the speech? She doesn’t know when you will call, so she can’t do what she planned, she can’t read books, watch TV, or even watch a full movie.”
  Yes, mother said That’s right. It can be said that for me, Heidi paid the whole weekend. But I only received the favor for ten minutes, thinking it was just “a small favor”. I’d be angrier if I were Heidi!
  I thought, I need to give Heidi a call and really thank her and tell her she’s done me a big favor. Of course, I also want to treat her to ice cream. You can eat as many as you want.