A Cultivation Brand in the Web3.0 Era

  ”Let Generation Z be like developing their own idols, deeply participate in the co-creation, dissemination and management of brand culture, and share the economic value and emotional value brought by brand appreciation.” This is the founder of Double Mirror 2M Jiao Right Way’s definition of developing a brand.
  Shuangjing 2M is a brand operation platform based on Web3.0. Jiao Zhengdao said that its core function is to “allow brands and users to achieve value sharing and emotional consensus”. Whether it is the “Yanjing Eight Wonders”, or the art community Du Xingxing, or the trendy brand IsBase co-founded by super internet celebrities and hackers with over 100 million Douyin views, or the popular animation work “Bilibili” produced by Wanhe Tianyi “Interstellar Journey”…, these seemingly different generation backgrounds and different creative elements are presented in Double Mirror 2M, can be developed, and can move towards a more dynamic future…
Discover the new value of “Yanjing Eight Wonders”

   In 1904, Beizi Pulun traveled across the ocean and exhibited arts and crafts with Chinese characteristics headed by the “Eight Wonders of Yanjing” at the St. Louis World Expo in France.
  In 2022, Shuangjing 2M and Xiangboju will jointly display the “Yanjing Eight Wonders” living room and intangible cultural heritage workshop in Pulun Beizi Mansion, allowing the public to fully experience the unique humanistic and cultural charm of Beijing Dongcheng and experience the intangible cultural heritage of Dongcheng. historical origins. Prior to this, Shuangjing 2M released 50,000 digital collections of the “Yanjing Eight Wonders” series.
  ”We did a statistic and found that 80% of users started to understand and like these intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship after purchasing Yanjing Bajue NFT (digital collection). Intangible cultural heritage products need to be closer to the consumption preferences of young people in order to Let the craftsmanship of these ancestors really spread. For example, the project Fang Xiangboju was first known by the market for making jade carving snuff bottles, but recently their newly launched jade carving electronic cigarette protective cover is very popular among young people. A club will also be operated to directly allow holders of digital collections to participate in the design of physical products. A steady stream of contemporary expressions of traditional techniques will be introduced to stimulate new vitality.” Jiao Zhengdao introduced.
  ”Yanjing Eight Wonders” is just one of the projects of Shuangjing 2M. Its success has made Shuangjing 2M see a new growth point in the metaverse era. “As early as April or May of this year, we started product upgrades – assisting brands to let more users participate in the development through Web3.0 technology.” Jiao Zhengdao said.
What kind of brand is the cultivation department?

  ”What we do is not just a product, but a carrier of ideas we love.”
  ”Do cool things together!”
  These are two sentences from another Web3.0 community project called “PhatboyClub” by Shuangjing 2M declaration. PhatboyClub is a decentralized trend brand initiated by well-known trendy game managers. The so-called decentralization means that the brand is managed and operated by the owner and the user. The user is not only the consumer, but also the co-creator of the brand. They confirmed the “membership” of the community through NFT technology. Each NFT has a unique image and rights certified by the blockchain. Users who hold it have the complete commercial copyright of the image. Through this mechanism, each community member can use their creativity and resources to create and manage the original brand’s content and products in multiple dimensions. Really achieve the brand that represents the user’s values.
  The NFT project released by Wanhe Tianyi on Shuangjing 2M has completely subverted the content production model of the animation film and television industry. Wan He Tianyi has created light comedies with more than 2 billion hits such as “I Never Expected” and “Report to the Boss”. It is deeply loved by young people, and in various forums, there are many fans who will create new creations based on their favorite plot characters. “This kind of fan creation, which we call fandom culture, is very popular in the Z era, but it is limited to generating electricity for love.” Jiao Zhengdao said, “In Wanhe Tianyi’s project, we put a film that is going to be filmed for a sequel. The characters in the animation works are made into NFTs, and they are given to core fans with creative ability. Holding NFTs means having the officially certified character adaptation rights, both in terms of image and plot. At the same time, the official will also provide professional Screenwriters, painters and these NFT holders jointly form a DAO (Decentralized Collaborative Organization), and fans and users will participate in the creation of new characters and write new stories. And through blockchain authentication, copyright income is obtained This model is a decentralized production relationship, and the user’s identity boundary becomes blurred. He is both the creator of the work and the consumer of the work. Of course, he will take the initiative to become the disseminator of the work because of his sense of accomplishment. , and for the copyright owner, it also serves multiple purposes, that is, it reserves more diverse content, enhances the sense of belonging of core fans, and has more helpers to actively help it spread and gain new traffic growth.”
  ”Gen Z rejects ‘daddy taste’, they don’t like to be defined, and they pay more attention to whether the concept conveyed by the brand is in line with them in consumption. So for brands targeting young people, how can they give more participation to Gen Z? The channel for dialogue between sense and equality is a new topic in brand marketing. And the answer lies in Web3.0. Because all technologies of Web3.0 are quantifying the value of participation. This is why we call it the Internet of Value One.” Jiao Zhengdao said, “This is a two-way story, the brand has gained a longer vitality and users’ sense of belonging. And users also gained a sense of accomplishment and identity in the process of participating, and even additional economic benefits. .”
Division of labor is still required in the future

  In the age of the metaverse, everything has just begun. Jiao Zhengdao said: “What we are looking for is the openness of the public chain made by Treemap. Shuangjing 2M focuses on the incubation and operation of the brand development department. Digital art, etc., and these can be opened up through the public chain, and users will always have more choices and opportunities to participate. In the metaverse era, what we are looking at is not the change of the interaction method, but the change of the underlying logic. No Another super company makes an app for 300 million young people to use, but 300 million young people build their own spiritual home, which is far more exciting than interaction becoming more immersive.”
  When it comes to the metaverse During the bubble, Jiao Zhengdao believes that there are some bubbles at present, but bubbles are a double-edged sword. Even if the industry becomes impetuous, more talents and capital will pay attention to the industry, and more fresh blood will pour in. As practitioners, we must keep our original aspirations, understand what can be done and what cannot be done, and bring more possibilities to the industry. Sex and the future.