7 danger triangles for women

  There are 7 special triangular areas on women’s body, which are rich in nerves, blood vessels or organs, which are important functional areas of women and must be carefully protected every day.
  The facial triangle is formed by the line connecting the root of the nose and the corners of the mouth on both sides. The triangular area of ​​the face is rich in blood vessels, which are characterized by the absence of venous valves in the veins. This dangerous triangle is most afraid of infection. If you have pimples or boils, do not squeeze and break them, so as to prevent bacteria from taking advantage of the weakness and entering directly into the cerebral blood vessels that communicate with it, causing intracranial infection and life-threatening.
  Measures to keep the face clean, wash your face often. If you have pimples or boils, don’t pop them, they can be treated with hormones or antibiotics.
  The chest triangle refers to the area around the breasts and underarms. There are many lymph nodes in this area. If you often wear tight underwear with steel support, it will squeeze the lymph nodes and affect the lymph circulation.
  Measures to choose underwireless underwear to reduce the wearing time of underwire underwear.
  The intimate triangle consists of the deep transverse perineal muscle, the urethral sphincter, and the underlying three layers of fascia. The region includes all female reproductive organs. Its location is private, dark and humid, which is very suitable for bacterial growth. Once infected, the inflammation will spread upward along the rich blood vessels, causing various inflammations of the reproductive system.
  Measures Wash your hands before and after the toilet, and keep the perineum clean and hygienic. Change sanitary napkins regularly. Do not abuse lotion, wear cotton underwear.
  The occipital triangle area refers to the area under the occipital bone including the first cervical vertebra and the second cervical vertebra behind the neck. Here are the most complex joints in the human body (the occipital-first and second cervical vertebrae joints). The left and right rotation of the head, the nodding, and the shaking of the head mainly depend on these joints. Long-term use of a pillow that is too high or looking down at a mobile phone will not only cause a hunchback, but also compress nerves and blood vessels, causing migraine headaches and strokes and other diseases.
  Measures to sleep pillow to be appropriate. When you work with your head down and play with your mobile phone, you should move your neck in time to relieve neck muscle fatigue.
  Shoulder triangle The shoulder triangle is the area from the shoulders to the lower angle of the shoulder blades. Many of our upper body movements require muscles in this area to perform. If you use the computer for a long time, carry a single-shoulder bag or a cross-body bag, or do not warm up for exercise, it is easy to cause shoulder muscle strain and cause back pain.
  Measures Before exercising, you should fully warm up to fully stretch the ligaments and muscles; exercise should be done gradually to avoid large-scale movements that damage the joints. The backpack should be worn as a backpack.
  The trigone of the bladder consists of two ureteral orifices or a three-point line connecting the urethral orifices. The mucous membrane here is very thin, and there is also a lack of blood vessels, the blood supply is insufficient, and the self-protection ability is poor. In addition, the female urethra is short and straight, and it is in the wet perineum, which can easily cause bacterial infection, which can spread upward to the bladder, renal pelvis, and kidney, causing cystitis, pyelonephritis, and nephritis.
  Measures to drink plenty of water, do not hold back urine, often clean the perineum, keep the urethra clean. Eat more foods that contain vitamin E.
  The plantar triangle refers to the area between the thumb and forefoot. The main function is to carry the weight of the whole body, and at the same time form reflections with multiple organs, affecting the endocrine of the human body. If you wear shoes that are too high, too hard, or too pointed, or the walking posture is wrong, it will cause excessive pressure on the forefoot, light blistering, and serious health problems.
  Measures to choose soft-soled, breathable, loose shoes, try to wear less high-heeled shoes. Soak your feet in warm water every night and massage your feet.