12 Kind Words to Motivate Your Kids

  For a child, a word of praise can not only make him more confident, but also enhance his courage and strength to face setbacks and tribulations. But not all praise has a positive effect. General words such as “you are so smart”, “you are awesome”, and “you are amazing” often make children arrogant, because the subtext is yours. Talent is high, and you don’t need to work hard to do it.
  Real praise should enable children to form a growth mindset, and enable children to attribute all successes and failures to spiritual strengths such as hard work, choice, and persistence, rather than to the level of intelligence and talent. . As a parent, you must learn to praise your children correctly. The following 12 ways of praise, the more you praise your child, the better your child will be.
  1. Praise the child’s efforts.
  The child is among the best in the exam and shows the report card to the parents. One kind of parent likes to say: “Baby is amazing, awesome!” Another kind of parent will say: “You did well in the exam, this is the result of your baby’s usual hard work, keep going! The first kind of parent’s praise is
  often Let the child feel that he has done a good job, so he will stop, only want to maintain the existing achievements, and not seek further efforts. The second kind of parent’s praise is just the opposite, not only affirming To improve the child’s current grades, let the child continue to work hard and strive for better grades. In contrast, praise the child’s hard work, the effect is better. 2. Praise the child’s perseverance   When
your child is faced with a profound chess game,
Repeated challenges have resulted in repeated failures; when your child wants to try rock climbing, but has repeatedly climbed high but has fallen again and again; at this time, your sentence “Come on, you can do it” will often give your child a sense of confidence. To put pressure on them, causing them to give up. On the contrary, when you replace “you can do it” with “doing well, persistence is victory, keep working hard”, children will have more patience, perseverance, and a higher success rate. 3
  . boast about the details of the child
  When a child has made some kind of progress, praise him for a specific detail, not only can let the child feel your attention to him, but also let the child pay attention to the details. For example, if your child has made progress in swimming, you can praise him: “Baby, you have made a lot of progress. You can see that your posture is more standard, and your breathing frequency is also well controlled.” 4. Praise your child’s creativity As parents, we should not
  Children, you must learn to encourage your children to be unconstrained. Praise their creativity, children will be better.
  5. Praise your child’s attitude
  As a parent, you must know how to praise your child’s attitude. For example, after a child finishes his homework, he actively begins to preview the homework for the next day. At this time, you must affirm his active attitude towards learning.
  6. Praise the child’s cooperative spirit
  When the child achieves certain results with the cooperation of the group, parents should remember to praise him more and tell him: “You guys cooperated very well, and you should unite with your classmates more in the future. Cooperation, keep going!”
  7. Praise your child’s leadership ability
  Why should you praise your child’s leadership ability? Because this can not only enhance children’s self-confidence, but also cultivate children’s sense of responsibility. When a task that the child is responsible for is successfully completed with the cooperation of other students, at this time, in addition to praising their cooperative spirit, we must also praise the child’s leadership ability.
  8. Praise the child’s courage
  Courage is a very important quality. It not only represents being aggressive, but also enables people to face setbacks better. When a child learns to ride a bicycle, remember to praise him for being brave; when a child learns to swim, remember to praise him for being brave. Only through continuous accumulation can children become more confident and adventurous.
  9. Praise the child’s care
  When you are going to take your child to the park, he takes the initiative to bring an umbrella; when you are sick, the child takes the initiative to buy you medicine… As a parent, you must praise your child’s care. Careful children can only consider problems thoroughly, which is a very valuable quality, especially for boys.
  10. Praise the child’s credit
  A little sincerity is a big one. Parents should cultivate their children’s good personal credit. Only in this way can he become an honest and reliable person. When the child wants to make an agreement with you, remember to tell him: “I believe you can do it, because you always keep what you say.” 11.
  Praise the child’s
  humility . A person must learn to learn from others humbly. Only in this way can we learn from the strengths of others and grow. In addition, an open-minded person will be more calm in the face of failure. As a parent, when your child does well, you should teach your child to be humble, and then continue to work hard; When a child achieves humility, remember to praise his humility.
  12. Praise the child’s choice
  Whether is learning life or making friends, how to make a choice is a very important thing. When the child makes the right choice, we remember to praise the child more.
  Dear parents, when you want to praise your children, think about these 12 ways. Remember, the key to cultivating a child’s growth mindset lies in how you praise your child.