The biggest gap between people is knowledge and pattern.

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I don’t know if you pay attention, there are always many such people around us, questioning all success and all beauty.

His success is not due to having a rich father.

The last salary increase was her, this promotion is her, there must be a background.

His son went to Beijing No.4 Middle School and did not know how much money he had given.

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Investing in the Chinese market is the only right thing to do before 2020

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China is at a historic turning point. The Chinese people’s national identity, national self-confidence and the improvement of their comprehensive national strength have put us very close to the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation. This is an unprecedented change in a hundred years. Looking at more China and doing more China in the next three years is the only correct investment strategy.

Although this critical turning point is so clear, all kinds of controversies are still going on, and there is a heated argument over whether China’s economy will enter a new platform or a new cycle. In the past six quarters, China’s economy has abandoned the old road of keeping financial and real estate in the leading role and has withdrawn its strong or moderate stimulus policies. The real economy as a whole has been stable and some have made innovations.

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The grade of the mind

The Microcosmic World Neglected by Human Beings

People often use rank and ability to measure the grade of men and appearance and temperament to judge the grade of women, but few people think about the grade of the heart.

The soul has grade, and its grade determines a person’s success or failure in life.

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A lot of tiredness in life is not physical tiredness but mental tiredness.

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Tired, you can have a good rest and relax. My heart is tired, but I don’t know how to give my heart a holiday.

Along the way, the most difficult thing was my heart, which gave it too much pressure and too much sadness, but did not consider how it would bear it. Even crying became a luxury.

I want to find someone to talk about my grievances over the past few years, but when it comes to my lips, I think it is not worth mentioning. Too many troubles have accumulated in my heart and have nowhere to vent. Over time, they have become an old wound in my heart. I dare not touch or touch them.

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Life needs a proper sense of ceremony.

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Some people complain that the New Year is getting less and less interesting, the New Year is not as lively as in memory, the seven-day long holiday is not exciting, and the ties between relatives and friends seem to have become less and less. Even if they get together, they mostly drink and play mahjong. It seems easier and easier to go home, but the mood is getting more and more insipid …

Some people attribute the weakening of the taste of the New Year to the improvement of living standards. They say that when people were poor in the past, the New Year meant they could eat many foods that they could not normally eat, put on new clothes that they could not normally wear, and set off fireworks that they could not normally set off. Therefore, the New Year is unforgettable. However, people’s living standards have improved now. Whether it’s food or clothes, New Year’s Day is no different from ordinary days, so New Year’s Day is less and less exciting.

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