Suspected of insulting Asians, famous American violinist apologizes

The Israeli-American violinist Zuckerman is considered to be one of the top ten violinists in the contemporary world. On the 28th, he apologized for allegedly insulting Asian remarks. The New York Times reported on the 29th that the Juilliard School of Music, known as the “Harvard University of Music,” recently organized a webinar during which Zuckerman interacted with two young Japanese students.

After the two performed the duet, Zuckerman said: “I know Koreans can’t sing, but you should try to add more singing elements to your performance.” Then the two called themselves Japanese, and Zuckerman added: “I know that Japanese people don’t know how to sing either.”

He also said, “You played so perfect, it would be better if you add some condiments.” This remark immediately caused dissatisfaction among Asian musicians, believing that it reflects the prejudice of the music industry, especially the classical music industry, towards Asians, and it is unreasonable to believe that Asians are too technical, too rigid and lack passion.

An Asian musician said: “It is often said that we have no emotions, just playing machines. This is very hurtful. We are all living people just like everyone else on the earth.” Zuckerman apologized and said that he was talking to two people at the time. A young musician with extraordinary talents communicated and claimed that what he said lacked “cultural sensitivity”.