Big Bob’s triumph

This vision had a significant impact on Big Bob.

It occurred to him to do his greatest job as a police officer – to earn invaluable earnings for himself.

The thing was, Big Bob had never been bothered by ambition at any other time. If only he could get enough from time to time to eat, take care of his muscles, and get enough sleep, he had been happy so far.

But this time it was a different matter.

Now one might see one that no one might have believed.

He went back to the tanner’s house, shook his awake sleeping assistants — as sleepy as he himself usually is — and gave the following short but rich speech:

– Unikeot! Up every hoof! You get on top and fast! Now you can see a dance that makes a wooden log sweat blood. But keep your reserves, otherwise I will twist the necks of each of you as if they were eggshells! – You have to leave immediately without losing a thousandth of a second… Mars!

Moments later, she had placed her husband around the Mexican Posada – a hotel – in a way he thought was most beneficial. And then he resolutely went into the noisy ballroom, sat at the table, and cried out:

– Here’s a bottle of the best Californians and cigars! – Burns!

One should not be happy to deny that this performance has attracted considerable attention. Maybe Big Bob meant it.

The noisy crowd fell silent, and ten pairs of eyes, with the exception of the cellar master and the serving Negro, were directed strangely at the stranger.

The blue-clad man got up and went to the ordering guest and said with a significant laugh:

– Senor! You are certainly mistaken in your calling.

– How so? Big Bob asked calmly, facing a sly look and looking like he didn’t understand anything – which he didn’t do anyway. Blue-pointed continued:

– You should have turned into a fog siren.

The explosive laughter greeted this obvious introduction to the dispute.

But Big Bob had no answer in debt. He replied promptly:

– Much possible, Senor! You may sometimes err in your calling.
It seems to have happened to you too.
– Do you think so?… How so? became a slightly hesitant question.

“You’d be better off hanging on a log,” Big Bob replied without blinking.

It was ready all the way.

The blue-clad man – Captain Bartolo Felipe – grabbed his revolver with lightning speed. But before he could use it, he got a big blow from Big Bob’s giant fist to his middle body that curled up twice as much as a swivel head knife.

Unconscious, he lay on the floor as Big Bob grabbed the frame of the chair with one hand – and with the revolver in his other hand, he aimed at the astonished party in the middle and gave a small speech again:

– Villains! Now you have a whole bunch of jumped into hot soup! – And in it you become a villain so boiled that even your dear mother would not know you after that. – Hands up beautifully and follow along! In pairs! The police will take care of the cooking – now you have heard me say.

Big Bob was careless talking so much.

He had therefore not noticed how a side door behind him quietly opened. And a lasso flew through the doorway at a glance, which wrapped nicely around the giant’s neck while a laughing voice shouted:

– Shut up, Muchachos… Here he drives lightly.

No one but Big Bob’s huge bull’s neck would probably have withstood the ride that now began.

Big Bob was dragged across the floor to the front door, where he had just begun to tie his arms and legs – when something completely unexpected happened.

The door was pulled open from the outside.

They showed up at the open door – Arizona Bert, Handsome Harry, Kid and behind them a bunch of cops.

At a glance, the amazed Mexicans were surrounded and the matter was clear.

That’s when Big Bob stood up in a sitting position, tossed a lasso, rubbed his neck a little after the uncomfortable “collar,” and said in the most peaceful way in the world:

– Thanks for help! But if I had been allowed to continue for a moment, I would probably have figured out this little thing alone and it would have been my biggest win.

As comrades laughed, he pulled a piece of light blue silk from his pocket, blinked it, and said:

– See if it fits in the blue raincoat inside. – In that case, we have also abducted the robber killer Coronado Beack. – And that was exactly what I was given, wasn’t it, Master Bert?

The piece fit exactly.

Soon a lot of other things were also found suitable.

Both Handsome Harry and Kid could witness what had happened to the schooner Felica. There was no doubt that the most dangerous robbery and smuggling team in the entire border region had been imprisoned.

We also managed to get recognition for where those five boxes filled with gold sand and diamonds were hidden – and there was, among other weapons, a revolver box that Big Bob had followed.

The extradition of the dangerous Captain Bartolo Felipe, on behalf of Mexico, did not face any obstacles, nor did the ten men who belonged to this most dangerous union in the border region.