Low-key nobility

During the Warring States Period, Tian Zifang, a Wei man, once apprenticed Zi Gong, a student of Confucius, and was also a great Confucian. Wei Wenhou respectfully hired him as a national teacher.

One day, Wei Wenhou’s son, Wei Jian, happened to meet Tian Zifang, the national teacher, on the way, so he got out of the car and bowed to salute. Unexpectedly, Tian Zifang’s nostrils were upturned, and he ignored the stubbornness at all.

The dignified son, has he ever suffered such a contempt? Wei Jian couldn’t help being furious, and said to Tian Zifang: “Dare to ask the national teacher, can the rich and the rich be proud of others, or the poor and the poor can be proud of others?”

Tian Zifang glanced at him and said faintly: “Of course the poor and the lowly can be proud of others. How can the rich and the rich dare to be proud of others! If a monarch is proud of others, he will perish the country, and if a doctor is proud of others, he will lose his fief. People who have lost their country have never heard of treating him with the standards of a monarch; those who have lost a fief have not heard of treating him with the standards of a doctor. As for the poor and lowly warriors, they don’t listen and act undesirably. Put on your shoes and say goodbye, where can you not get the poor!”

Wei listened, quickly apologized, and bowed to the ground again.

The teacher is the teacher! Tian Zifang is not ignorant of etiquette. He deliberately angered Wei Ji, the young son, just to tell him a truth: the more wealthy, the less proud of others. Because arrogance does not bring glory and respect to people, but it can only cause envy, envy and even revenge from others. If a person wants to settle down and build meritorious deeds, he must lower his noble head, be low-key, low-key, and then low-key.

Only by maintaining a low-key nature can people in high positions narrow the distance with others and avoid becoming lonely; only those who hold power can keep a low-key style in order to eliminate the doubts of others and avoid unpredictable disasters; those who do big things, Maintaining a low-key style can capture the loyalty of the world and gather the strength to move forward.

There is a very popular saying on the Internet: “I also want to keep a low profile, but strength is not allowed!” The reason why this sentence can touch our laughter is because his low profile really lacks strength. Yes, low-key also requires strength. It may be hard power such as family background and economic conditions, or it may be soft power such as personal cultivation and pattern realm. Low-key is a manifestation of strength. Really powerful people are often hidden.

Ordinary people are often not low-key, and low-key people are often unusual. To be low-key, you need to continuously dissect yourself, reflect on yourself, precipitate yourself, and even deny yourself. The low-key process is also the process of a person’s continuous cultivation and continuous sublimation.

The female writer Xing Linzi said: There are plenty of people with strutting and arrogant heads, but those who are qualified to be proud but not proud are truly noble.

The low land becomes the sea, the low man becomes the king, low-key, is the reason why a person is noble.