Special attention must be paid to health care and physical examination during menopause

With the development of society, people’s life span is gradually extended. According to reports, the average life expectancy of women has reached about 75 years and that of men has reached about 72 years. Therefore, women will have more than 30 years of life after menopause, and men will have more than 20 years of life after menopause. Therefore, strengthening menopausal health care and prevention and treatment of senile diseases is necessary for the happy life and longevity of menopausal people.

In recent years, many scholars have conducted observations and studies on the occurrence of senile diseases, unanimously agreeing that many senile diseases do not only occur in old age, but the incidence increases after entering old age, becoming one of the most threatening senile diseases. Therefore, we should prevent the occurrence of senile diseases from the middle age or menopause, and take health care measures.

Women’s menopause is generally around 50 years old, some people start after 40 years old, and men’s menopause starts around 50 years old. At this time, the women’s ovarian function began to decline, and a series of menopausal system dysfunctions appeared, men’s depression and temperament changes, which may cause trouble to family members or colleagues. Therefore, if you pay attention to health care and understand the changes and pathological changes of the body early, you can effectively improve the physical and psychological conditions of menopausal people, effectively prevent diseases, allow men and women to pass menopause smoothly, prevent or delay the occurrence of senile diseases, so that there are still People with working ability, healthy, energetic, and family friendly, work better for the society, and happily move into old age. Therefore, it is very necessary to actively carry out menopausal health care.

Main points of health care for men and women during menopause

From birth to death, a person’s life is a constantly changing process of growth, development, and aging, and it is also an insurmountable natural law. For human life, one has to go through fetal period, neonatal period and childhood, adolescence, maturity or reproductive period, menopause and old age, and menopause refers to the transition from the reproductive period with vigorous sexual function to old age. period. This is the only way for men and women, and it is a relatively special period of life change. After this period, people enter the old age, so menopause is also called “pre-senility”. In this period, the following health care points must be paid attention to:

1. Maintain mental health. Menopause men and women are in the most complex period of physical and psychological conditions, and complex emotional and psychological factors have a great impact on the health of men and women in menopause. Therefore, the health care of men and women during menopause is mental health care first. Maintaining mental health can effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of menopausal syndrome. To do a good job of mental health care, you must first have a certain understanding of the physiological characteristics of menopause, and correct understanding when symptoms appear: Menopause is a normal physiological process, and the symptoms that appear are temporary. After a transition period of six months to two years, the body Self can be balanced and adapted. Menopausal people will face complex situations and experience more life and social events, so they must cultivate their sentiment, maintain optimistic mood and psychological balance, and take a positive attitude toward life.

2. Women should pay attention to protecting their skin. Women are prone to dry skin and loss of nutrients during menopause, so they should pay attention to skin protection and avoid using alkaline soap for bathing frequently. The water temperature should not be too cold or too hot. The recommended temperature is about 35℃~40℃. Soap and towels are also suitable. It should be considered that the irritation is as small as possible. If the skin is too dry, the soap should be alkaline or acidic. After menopause to the elderly, the pH of the surface of the skin has tended to be neutral and weakly acidic. The alkaline neutralization power is also significantly weakened, and the skin itself is more vulnerable to mold and virus infections. The resistance has deteriorated, so the pH of the skin should be maintained at an appropriate level. Close-fitting clothing should be soft, with the natural color of cotton, especially those with allergic itching should pay more attention. To keep your hair clean and hygienic, wash your hair regularly. If you have more skin secretions, you can wash your hair with warm water and neutral soap. Those with dry scalp and hair and who are prone to hair loss should not wash their hair too many times. They can be washed with fatty soap, and a little lubricating oil can be applied after the hair is dry. The application of medicinal cosmetics depends first on whether the skin can tolerate it and whether it will be allergic, on the premise that it does not cause allergic reactions, and secondly, consider the therapeutic effect. Use perfume-containing cosmetics with caution on light-sensitive skin. If the skin has chapped, intractable skin itching, hypopigmentation of the vulva, or “pimples”, enlarged skin moles, rash, desquamation, etc., you should go to the hospital for timely diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases to prevent cancer.

3. Relieve the unspeakable concealment of women. After menopause, due to the lack of estrogen, the vaginal mucosa will become thinner, atrophy, folds gradually disappear, antibacterial ability decreases, and it is prone to infection, causing “senile vaginitis”, which is manifested by increased vaginal discharge, often accompanied by vulvar itching. Therefore, menopausal women should pay special attention to the cleansing of their genitals. They should be cleaned at least once a day. Do not use alkaline cleaning fluids. They can be cleaned with 1:5000 potassium permanganate or in a sitting bath. They tend to use Jieryin lotion in front of them. It really has the effect of “unspeakable concealment, one wash away”. If self-care is not effective, you should go to the hospital for examination to rule out the possibility of suffering from malignant diseases.

4. Women should pay attention to menstrual changes. Menstrual disorders in menopause are normal, but if the menstrual cycle is shortened from once a month to twice a month, or menstrual cramps last for more than 10 days and are not clean, or menstrual flow increases with anemia tendency, or complete Irregular vaginal bleeding should be treated, and you should never blindly wait for the arrival of menopause. If there is bleeding or increased leucorrhea in the vagina after menopause, it is necessary to check it at any time. It is generally believed that the older the menopause, the longer the menopausal years, if vaginal bleeding occurs, the greater the possibility of malignant lesions. If you have reached 55 years of age and have not yet menopause, it should also be regarded as postmenopausal vaginal bleeding.

5. Prevent and treat uterine prolapse. Uterine prolapse is also a common gynecological disease in menopausal and elderly women. As the age increases, the uterus gradually shrinks, the ligaments supporting the uterus are loosened, and the support of the pelvic floor tissue is weakened, prone to uterine prolapse, and menopausal people are prone to symptoms such as chronic cough and habitual constipation. Increased abdominal pressure promotes and aggravates uterine prolapse and bulge from the vagina. Patients often have backache, lower abdominal pain, increased leucorrhea, frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria. In severe prolapse, one feels that vaginal and vulvar swellings are prolapsed, which will cause walking inconvenience; the prolapsed uterus and vaginal walls can be broken, bleeding and infected due to friction; often due to difficulty in urinating each time, eventually leading to urinary retention or urination incontinence. These will bring great pain to people and seriously affect women’s physical and mental health. Therefore, menopausal women should pay attention to labor protection, avoid excessive physical activity or unsuitable labor, actively treat the symptoms of cough and constipation, and prevent uterine prolapse; once uterine prolapse occurs, they should actively go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment to improve the quality of life .

In addition, menopausal women should also pay attention to urine sugar, cardiopulmonary function, blood pressure and bone and joint function. They can eat some health products to strengthen their body functions.

6. The main points of health care for menopausal men. Menopause should also undergo regular physical examinations, while paying attention to self-care. If you have hyperlipidemia, hypertension, obesity, etc., or diabetes, you should treat it in time, and adjust your life and work rhythm accordingly, adjust your diet and daily habits, and strengthen exercise to effectively prevent and treat diseases.

The quality of menopause is largely related to the individual’s mentality and the size of the circle of life. To maintain a good attitude, menopausal people must work hard to broaden their life and properly cultivate some personal hobbies, such as calligraphy, singing, cutting, flower arranging, planting bonsai, and practicing Tai Chi. Many things just go in and you will find endless fun of.

In life, in addition to paying attention to things around you, things at work. If you have spare capacity, you can intervene in some community obligations, social charity affairs, neighbourhood activities or friendly exchanges. These will make your life look positive and fun, and will make you healthy and full of vitality.