Aiqi’s wish

Susan, who lost her parents since childhood, was blind because of corneal disease and has been living in the dark world. One day, a lady named Jones came to the orphanage to make donations and expressed her willingness to adopt Susan.

Jones brought Susan to the house and introduced to his daughter with a smile: “Aiki, this is your new sister Susan.” Aiki was very happy at first, but after learning that her new sister was actually blind, she was very surprised. Disappointed. Jones put his arms around his daughter and explained earnestly: “It is because of Susan’s misfortune that we should let her fit into this family!”

Although her mother’s words calmed down Aiki’s heart, she still didn’t want to accept Susan. Because she has a secret she doesn’t want to tell her peers, that is that she has congenital heart disease and missed the age for surgery. Doctors estimate that she can live to 15 years old at most. Therefore, the 15-year-old Aiqi very much hopes that her mother will adopt a girl with a healthy physique. But now, her mother is bringing back a blind girl who can’t even take care of herself. How can she not worry Aiqi?

On this day, Jones hadn’t come back when he went out. Seeing that Aiki was working on the piano intently, Susan, who was thirsty, didn’t want to interrupt, so she fumbled for milk. Never thought that her awkward movements caused the milk cup to fall on a red notebook, and the milk almost soaked the notebook. Aiqi couldn’t help screaming when she discovered it, because it was her first piano competition certificate of honor!

When her mother came back, Aiki cried aggrievedly about Susan’s dirtying of her certificate. Jones gently comforted: “Good boy, that honor can only represent your past, and Susan didn’t mean it, so forgive my sister.”

With the beautiful sound of the piano, another half year passed, only one month away from the piano competition. But one day, Susan failed to hear Agie’s piano as expected. She walked in doubtfully and fumbled with her hands. She was shocked. It turned out that Agie was lying on the piano without moving, and she was short of breath. .

Susan tried to touch the numbers on the landline phone with her hands, tried several times before dialing her mother. Jones rushed back to take Agie, who was in a coma, to the hospital for rescue.

When Aiki woke up, she learned that Susan had helped save her life. She said guiltily that she didn’t care enough for her sister in the past, and vowed to be an excellent pianist in the future, earn money to perform eye surgery on her sister, and let her see the light again. Jones listened to the audience and said emotionally: “It is said that only angels can make blind people see things. If Susan’s eyes can really restore light, then Aiki is the angel of light sent to this world by God. ”

After Aiki was discharged from the hospital, she devoted herself to piano practice again. With the mutual encouragement and care of the sisters, I finally look forward to the day of the piano competition. When Ai Qi finished playing, she won the applause of the audience. Susan’s heart was so happy that she almost jumped out of her chest, because she could hear her sister succeeded!

However, when Susan was immersed in the surprise, many uneasy screams of the audience suddenly sounded in her ears, and then she heard the footsteps of Mother Jones staggering towards the stage. Susan’s heart tightened for a while, knowing that Aki must have had some misfortune, is it my sister… Susan thought about it, and felt her brain spin, and she fainted in front of her eyes.

I don’t know how long it took, when Susan, who was lying in the hospital, slowly opened her eyes, the light in front of her eyes flashed. After a short period of dizziness, she finally saw the blue sky outside the window, the white clouds and the blooming flowers in the room. Flowers, and the kind face of Mother Jones. Susan cried out in surprise: “Mom, I can see with my eyes!”

After the mother and daughter gave an excited hug, Susan asked anxiously: “Mom, tell me, how is my sister Aiki now?” Jones slowly lowered his head after hearing this, and said the truth in tears——

It turned out that Ai Qi was also a girl adopted by Jones from the orphanage. The doctor once asserted that she would not live to be 15 years old, but she had surpassed this miracle, and the only thing that supported her life for so many years was the persistent dream of piano.

Aiqi endured the painful illness and participated in the last competition, and she also fell forever on the piano stage she loves infinitely. Knowing that she would have such a day, she quietly left a will to her mother and was willing to donate her cornea to her sister after death, so Susan had a chance to see the light again.

When Susan learned of all this, tears couldn’t help rolling down, as if the beautiful piano playing sounded in her ears again!