Junk emotions are also harmful, please classify emotions

Some time ago, with regard to “garbage sorting” all over the country, people have ridiculed that their knowledge level is not enough to throw out the difficulty of garbage. However, a joke is a joke. Nowadays, my country produces a large amount of waste, and the implementation of a waste sorting policy does help increase people’s environmental awareness and protect the environment.

The definition of rubbish is broad, and we can call all useless things in our lives rubbish. In people’s impression, rubbish is a visible substance, but in fact, there is another kind of rubbish that we can’t see or touch, but it is hidden in people’s hearts and brings trouble to people’s lives. We call it This kind of garbage is emotional garbage or garbage emotions. For this kind of garbage, we should also classify them.

How to classify junk emotions?

In life and work, many things will bother us, causing people to produce all kinds of junk emotions, such as sadness, fear, anxiety, jealousy, vanity, impulsivity, sensitivity, pessimism, etc. These emotions not only affect people’s thinking , It will also cause people to have emotional barriers, which will adversely affect people’s physical and mental health, work, and social interaction. To deal with emotional garbage, it is recommended to classify it and clean it up in a unified manner to restore emotional health.

Hazardous waste

The so-called hazardous waste refers to waste that is harmful to human health. Emotionally harmful garbage that is detrimental to human health mainly includes anger, despair, depression and so on. For example, when a person is in a state of anger, his sane level is zero. At this time, he may do some extraordinary things that endanger his or other people’s life and health; when a person is in a state of despair or depression, it will induce various This kind of neurological discomfort symptoms may also cause suicidal thoughts.

recyclable trash

This kind of garbage has use value after recycling, and it is a kind of garbage that is good for human beings. For example, nervousness and anxiety are recyclable garbage. After something is encountered in work and life, moderate nervousness or anxiety can help increase the excitement of the brain, so that people can better improve the efficiency of doing things. However, for this kind of garbage, we must also know how to control it well and not let it grow into negative emotions such as depression and pessimism.

Wet garbage

Wet garbage refers to household waste that is perishable. In life, inferiority complex, sensitivity, sadness, etc. are all wet garbage. Although this kind of garbage has no direct harm to human health, if it is not adjusted in time and allowed to grow at will, it will easily lead to “rot and deterioration” and make people easy to feel sorry for themselves. , Produce decadent thoughts, make people lose enthusiasm and confidence in life.

Dry garbage

The characteristic of dry garbage is that it is less harmful, but has no value for reuse. Envy, vanity, disgust, dissatisfaction with life, etc. are all dry garbage. This kind of emotional garbage will not cause much harm to human health, but if such emotions are too full and intense, it will easily lead to hatred and need to be actively controlled. , Otherwise the heart will be filled with this kind of emotions and make people lose the joy of life.

In human life, we are always “dealing” with all kinds of garbage. Even if we are working in front of the computer, there will be a “trash can” on the desktop to dispose of the garbage at work. No matter what age people are, there will always be rubbish emotionally. For these rubbish, you must know how to clean it up in time and don’t let it fill your heart, otherwise it will easily lead to emotional out of control and cause illness.

Therefore, when you are in a low mood, you should pick up your own tools to clean up the trash and take the initiative to counteract negative emotions for yourself. In life, there are many specific garbage cleaning tools, such as listening to music, playing ball, chatting, writing diary, watching movies, running, drawing, reading, etc. These actions can clean up your spiritual space and make you in life and work. Become more relaxed.