Did Hedwig dance today?

  They all say that they are a natural couple, and they think so. Having been together again for several years, Shuqing still has to convince herself like this; “We are destined”, Shuqing will not know where to say to it. When love comes to the back, that is, to believe in religion, you need to silently recite proverbs and kneel down to pray.
  They met at the age of eleven. Yun Song lives on the mountain, and Shuqing lives at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain has several layers, a tunnel was opened, and once a railway was passed, there was an abandoned station near the top of the mountain. The way to the top of the mountain was full of wild pepper trees and densely packed ant nests under the trees. The pepper blooms in May with small white flowers. When it is mature, it is already hot, and the heat is steaming. The fragrance of Jiuyeqing pepper is like a snake, sneaking up the mountain. Shuqing also wants to go up the mountain, but the mountain is the countryside. You should save Laozi to go to the countryside, Mom said. My mother works in three shifts in the factory. In the past two years, I don’t know why I have been on night shifts forever. I am in a bad mood. Shuqing learned later that since that year, her mother had menstruation twice a month, once for seven days. She was reluctant to buy sanitary napkins. She had been using menstrual pads. Boxes of straw paper were stacked on the balcony. Shuqing’s bed was also there. There, the straw paper has a scent of corrupt grass, which can only be smelled in the deepest hours of the night.
  Shuqing lives in the red brick dormitory of Gongjing Salt Factory in Shanxia. There are four dormitories, surrounded by a cement floor. The Salt Factory Children’s School is also surrounded by four red brick buildings, and also surrounded by a cement floor. There is no sun at four o’clock and the wind cannot find it. To the exit, all the way up spirally, as if to sweep everyone away. Shuqing shuttled between two identical concrete floors, kicking shuttlecocks, throwing sandbags, skipping ropes, and sprinkling a little rice-buckle sparrow on a skip. Other children would use their homework books to make a fire, burn the sparrows on the spot, tear their legs and eat them, but it’s just nonsense, and they can’t even pluck their hairs clean. The homework book is not enough to burn, most of the meat is raw and can’t chew, but everyone still gathers in a circle, passing a half-baked dead sparrow, one bite, everyone is afraid that they will not be able to chew outside of the circle. That fishy smell. The tree green has been outside the circle. Once I caught an owl and the fire started. She pretended to fall and knocked over the skip. The owl was stunned for a while, and round eyes looked at the tree green. Flew away. Everyone knows that Shuqing did it on purpose, and her life was not so easy at that time, but she got used to it anyway, and her life has not been so easy.
  Sometimes everyone would go home to eat, and even before his mother got up, she didn’t dare to turn on the lights when she came home. Shuqing squatted down to look at the ants on the ground, or played cricket alone against the wall. The concrete floor cracked, and there was a lot of lawsuit grass growing in the cracks. In the evening, the ants lined up from the lawsuit grass and walked out. When the ants were finished, the sky was almost dark. Mother just roared at the unit door, Fang Shuqing , Give Lao Tzu back to the house for dinner. On the day they met, the ants could not finish walking. Shuqing looked at the window twice, and sneaked home three times to eat biscuits. It was late and it was not dark, and his mother was still awake. The setting sun was in the gap between the building and the building. Showing a way out, Shuqing finished eating the last piece of scallion biscuit, she finally decided to follow the ants like flowing water and walk up the mountain along the road pointed out by the light.
  As soon as they went up the hill, the ants spread out and swarmed under this or that pepper tree. The peppercorns are well-ripe, and the whole mountain has a dizzying aroma. Yun Song is already very tall, naked, wearing blue sweatpants with two bars and a pair of big plastic slippers, holding a tattered water-red plastic bucket in his hand, he picks the pepper in the last light . Small clusters of green peppercorns look like cyan fire, but there is no cyan fire in this world.
  This is the evening when they first met, Shuqing and Yunsong. Shuqing always asked later, what were you thinking at that time?
  Yun Song said every time, who remembers.
  Shuqing asked again, how do you feel about me?
  Yun Song said, how can it feel that everyone is a kid…Are you wearing a yellow skirt?
  Shuqing is wearing a yellow skirt and yellow taffeta.
  The funeral gifts here are all cloth collections, hanging out one by one, and the family of the deceased wore white gauze and hurriedly shuttled through the silk and satin. Sometimes the funeral work is grand, and the yard can’t be hung, so you can only hang it on both sides along the way into the yard. The bamboo poles are not enough, so they hang on the tree. There are birds on the tree. The birds step on the cloth to rest, sing and pull. Shit, from morning to night. It was like this when Shuqing’s father died. He hung two hundred meters on the road. The cloths given in the funeral were all dark black, dark gray, and navy blue. Occasionally there were a few large floral cloths used to make bed sheets and duvet covers. The taffeta hanging on the banyan tree was so yellow that there was no discussion. After the ritual was done in the middle of the night, Shuqing and his mother sent the priest out. From a distance, they could see the silk shining, in the night full of sorrow, joy and incense. Shuqing was always worried that the silk would be stolen. She moved a long bench and sat on the side of the road. After a few hours, she didn’t know who called her at the door and asked her to go in and kowtow, then she went in and kowtows, and then came out to guard after kowtow. With. The summer night was so long that she slept on the bench, with the taffeta suspended in the air, like a sun that lingered in the sky.
  As soon as the funeral was over, my mother sold the fabric to the tailor shop intermittently. Because she didn’t want to be seen, she pretended to move the fabric back to her grandmother’s house, carried the cloth back to the town, and carried it to another one. I went to the town to sell it. Only one day a week was available. At the end of the week, it was the second summer. My mother finally left this taffeta and made a big dress for Shuqing. The rest was placed on the top of the wardrobe. Use a plastic rain cloth to cover the dust. Mom can also make a skirt, Shuqing always thinks so. My mother is very beautiful. The wedding photo is hung on the wall and she wears a red dress with a lapel collar. Every time Shuqing looks up and sees it, she still feels beautiful and shocking, but her mother never wears the skirt again. Mom now wears blue overalls and hard-washed jeans. When watching TV, she takes apart the old sweaters, beats them and tears them apart, changes the high collar to the low collar, and then back to the high collar. In winter, I keep wearing my dad. Her brown leather jacket, but she never wore the skirt again.
  They later repeatedly confirmed the first sentence said by the two people. Yun Song said, Shuqing asked him, what are you doing?
  Shuqing remembered that Yunsong frowned and said, which one are you? You can’t do this clothes, attract ink mosquitoes.
  The yellow skirt did attract ink mosquitoes, and the ink mosquitoes roared over the sky, and the green trees were trapped in it, like pale black clouds hovered around them. Shuqing couldn’t run away no matter what, so he stomped his feet in a hurry, shouted, hello, hello, you save me, why don’t you come to save me.
  Yun Song waved his hands in vain, but the clouds did not back down. Finally, he poured the pepper in the plastic bucket on the ground and found another box of matches. Yun Song later said that he didn’t know why, he would have a box of matches.
  Because we are destined, Shuqing thinks, pepper, black mosquito, matches, everything is.
  Green pepper is not a blue fire, and there is no blue fire in this world. All the fires are like sunset clouds. They sit among the pepper trees, watching the fire in the world reach the end and the sky is burning again. Shuqing remembered that she thought at the time that the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother did not know where they lived, whether there were any Jade Emperor and Queen Mother in this world, she hoped so, so there was an explanation for everything. They should have said a lot of things, but in the end everything burned up, clouds, cloud-like ink mosquitoes, funny words, grand sunset; the green trees forgot everything, father’s tragic death, and father’s death. Mothers who have never laughed will inevitably suffer a beating when they return home. The moon rose to the mid-sky, the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl approached the Milky Way infinitely, the dew gradually fell, and the owl sobbed among the dew. This was the first day Shuqing and Yunsong met.