Inborn and acquired female leaders

  Different from the slight loss and hesitation in the 2019 Gates letter, the 2020 letter is clear. After paying attention to global health, Melinda Gates proposed a second area that deserves urgent attention, that is, public education.
  As an education practitioner, I have the honor to teach psychology and pedagogy courses and engage in related research in world-class universities. Regrettably, even though we have had so many years of in-depth research on education, it is difficult for scholars or people engaged in education to reach a consistent conclusion on which intervention measures are effective. What’s more frustrating than this “unconsistent” is that the latest big data research results show that the effects and effects of educational interventions are far less than the impact of a person’s family background on his growth trajectory, and the latter’s impact is often Is decisive. What’s even more difficult is that, as Melinda Gates pointed out in her annual letter, “No matter where you are born in this world, as long as you are a girl, your life will be more difficult.”
  Such as gender differences and gender. The issue of equality or equal treatment is not only reflected in family life and education. They are also fully exposed in the workplace. In the business environment, despite the advocacy of the slogan WIM (women in management) in the past few decades, many companies and organizations have actively sought for more female managers to enter corporate management or corporate management. High-level opportunities. Although the number of women in management positions has increased significantly, the percentage of female managers in management positions is still alarmingly low.
  As for female managers who have taken up management positions, their superiors and subordinates often expect them to manage and lead in the same way as men, and they will also be required to show friendship, support and personal care based on female gender roles. attitude. However, leaving the impression of being a good leader and a good woman on others is not only difficult to achieve, but it may also have a negative impact on the management behavior and leadership style of female managers.
  Melinda Gates emphasized in the annual letter that unless we take action, the problem will not disappear out of thin air. She worries that we will miss opportunities and encourage a dangerous statement that gender inequality is inevitable. Corresponding to this concern, experts and scholars have also carried out more active explorations on how female managers can establish “female leadership advantages” under this call. This is what we need to do, as Melinda Gates said in the annual letter: “tell the world louder and clearer that these problems seem unsolvable because we never put in the necessary efforts to solve them. “In the
  past 20 years, management coaching (managerial coaching) as an important management behavior has become increasingly popular in enterprises and organizations. Management counseling refers to the one-to-one communication between managers and subordinates in order to achieve work goals, improve work performance, and improve work methods. In the field of academic research, the effect of management guidance has been supported by cross-cultural and cross-cultural big data research. In the workplace, management coaching also has many successful practices. We suggest that female managers can try more management counseling, because it not only reflects the gender characteristics of women such as support, help and promotion, but also proved to be an effective way to help female managers get more active from superiors and subordinates. Recognized management behavior. We will continue to introduce and interpret the management guidance and its research results and practice in Chinese companies, especially family companies, in future columns.
  There is a saying in Gates’ annual letter, Swing for the fences, which is easy to understand for those familiar with baseball, which means “try your best and give it a go”. At the end of this article, I will also introduce a idiom in English. People in the workplace may understand its meaning better. This phrase is “Let’s wing it!” Although wing in it has the meaning of wings, “wing it” has nothing to do with wings. “Wing it” is synonymous with “improvise”, which means unprepared or insufficiently prepared. , But it needs to be played on site and dealt with immediately. Since ancient times, the wings of birds have inspired the fantasy of countless literary artists. It symbolizes flying, hopes, and power. And because the pronunciation of “wing” and “win” in English are very similar, when people say “I’m gonna wing it!”, it also means that everyone is determined to give it a go. A desire for victory. I want to say to women: Let’s WING it! We’ll WIN it!