Ten supernatural horrors in the ancient city of Yangzhou

  First, the screw top knot and no lights Lane
  lot Yangzhou people actually do not know this alley, if I told you it near Chiang bridge dumpling noodle shop, it is estimated that you will know the specific location.
  Yes, it’s over there.
  After walking through Guangling Road, turning left, passing through a few dozen meters of invisible alleys, you came to the legendary screw knot. The name of this alley is very special, only the old Yangzhou knows it. The screw knot actually means the corpse and the top. During the tenth day of Yangzhou, this was the largest slaughter field in Yangzhou. The dead were laid on top of each other, and finally the corpses were as high as the roof.
  It is said that on the 10th of Yangzhou, there were 800,000 ghosts in Yangzhou, a large part of which were near the original Zuowei Street. The screw knot top is a branch of Zuowei Street.
  Several alleys, such as Luojieding and Mutton Lane, are intricately intertwined. Residents nearby say that street lights cannot be installed here at all. As long as they are installed, they will be extinguished the next day. The light bulb was taken down well, but the tungsten filament inside was broken, and no one dared to install a new light bulb again. Walking in the alley and hitting the torch will also inexplicably turn off. Any electric things can’t be used in the alley at night, motorcycles and battery cars have to be pushed. Nearby people usually don’t come out at night.
  So if you meet someone at the top of the screw at night-it may not be a person.
  Walking in the top of the screw knot, I can’t see my fingers, and I often hear the sound of the door shaft, whether it is a person crying or the door shaft is turning. There is a family who plays the piano in the top of the screw knot. He often plays the piano in the middle of the night, and the sound of the piano whimpers. You can hear that sound no matter where you walk in the alley.
  Second, to protect the lake and the road relative to other
  safeguard the lake, how many innocent people in it, and now no one knows.
  The strange thing is that everyone who drowned in the protection lake can swim. That day, he walked along the bank of the guarantee lake with a professor from the history professor department of a university. He kept sighing, saying that the guarantee river shouldn’t be made so big at the time. He looked back at the tomb of the Han Dynasty high above, and pointed to the lake— This place does not drown people, where to drown?
  There is a road next to the lake, called a different road, perhaps for those undead. I have observed that basically no one walks on that road at night. If so, most of them go swimming.
  If you take this route to swim, most of them can’t get up.
  Like Zixia Lake in Nanjing, Yangzhou’s safeguard lake has a series of mysterious events that drown people every year, but people are sent there to be drowned every year.
  A few friends who are good at water once dived to the bottom of the protection lake, trying to find out. Several people were wearing safety ropes. The south side of the protection lake is full of pebbles. The water is not deep, and no one has ever drowned there. It is said that it was planned to develop it into a natural bathing place. But after diving 100 meters north, the water suddenly became deeper, like a bottomless pit.
  Most of the dead souls of those who died in the protection lake were here, and some bodies were salvaged. Some of them will never be found.
  Third, XIAOMAOSHAN of no return and a person rooms
  Yangzhou there is a place called the Little Maoshan, is many people’s life destination. Whenever it rains on a cloudy day, walking there will make people feel hairy.
  When I was young, I heard that on the road near that place, people could see erratic shadows when they passed by, and some people could hear crying. Those who pass by cannot turn back and cannot stay. Otherwise it will be troublesome.
  In short, when we were young, we heard that these were creepy, and we were even more afraid to go.
  Xiaomao Mountain is the oldest cemetery in Yangzhou. To be honest, apart from the Qingming day, I dared not go there when I was young. Because it always feels weird there, especially when it rains on a cloudy day. I dare not go to that place at night.
  The road conditions on that road were not very good when I was a child. I always heard all kinds of sayings that someone was driving and saw a woman crouching on the side of the road crying. But when I came closer, there was no one. Or maybe someone called your name.
  However, when they were young, they admired the house in a fish pond south of Xiaomao Mountain. They dare to live in such a place.
  Let me talk so much first, and the last thing I want to say is that even today, if you let me go that way at night, I would not dare.
  Fourth, the magical cemetery
  legendary evil place, I visited each night.
  At that time, he was only seventeen or eighteen, and he often drank with a bunch of dead parties and then bet on Xiaoyaoshan. After I went there, I didn’t feel anything to be afraid of. It was called KB when a friend took us there.
  It was about 12 o’clock in the night. Several dead parties came out of the game room, looking for some excitement. One of them took us to a cemetery. It was not an ordinary cemetery, but an Islamic cemetery. The location is on the small road next to Pingshantang Martyrs Cemetery for about 10 minutes. There are no lights all the way, and there is the Martyrs Cemetery next to it. At the end, it looks like there is no road. In fact, when you get closer, you can see a road, which is a small town. , Go through this small town, pay attention to the crossroads on the left hand side, there are many crossroads, one of them does not have a street light, it looks gloomy.
  When I went there, everyone was very courageous, but it was a bit evil when I walked. It was just a dark road at the beginning, and there were some houses on both sides. Later, when I walked, there was no one. There were fields on both sides. Wufenzhong is a yellow mud road with tall reeds on both sides of the road. It was rustled by the wind in the winter night. When we reached this place, we had all lost our pride and lofty aspirations. Basically, we could only rely on the vagueness. Moonlight recognized the road ahead, and walked for about 5 minutes, and we were all scared over there.
  What we see before our eyes is a cemetery surrounded by various plants. It is not very large, but there is a thick mist inside, and there is no fog at all outside. I can still see green ghost fires floating on the plants and tombs. To be honest, I got goose bumps all over my body at the time. Looking at the other people, their faces turned pale, but because of the face, none of them said I wanted to go back.
  But no one dared to be the first to go in. It was deadlocked for about half an hour. In the end, everyone proposed to go in with each other’s arms. In fact, they regretted going with them. But there was no way, so I had no choice but to bite the bullet and go in together.
  This is unforgettable for a lifetime, because it is an Islamic cemetery, and there is almost no cremation buried in it. And the method of burial is also very KB, dug a very shallow pit, people just sleep in the same height as the ground. Then cover it with marble in a coffin shape. Some marble was broken, and I saw a foot wrapped in white cloth sticking out. Later, I forgot how I went out. I only remember that when I was approaching the door, a group of people rushed out all the way, and one of the oldest was urinating in fright.
  On the second day after returning, 5 out of 7 people who went there had a high fever.