Tropical rainforest life and death escape

  After the storm lost in the rainforest
  the weather was unusually hot, as if the jungle is burning. Even Professor Juan, who has gone deep into the tropical jungle many times, did not expect that at more than two o’clock in the morning, without any warning, a heavy downpour would be overwhelming, and the entire rainforest was instantly submerged in the hustle and bustle of the rainstorm. . Twenty minutes later, more than ten centimeters of rainwater accumulated in the tent where the exploration team lived. Seeing that the rainstorm showed no signs of stopping, Professor Juan decisively directed the members of the exploration team to evacuate the tent quickly. Move to higher terrain. They hurriedly stuffed exploration equipment, survey materials, and daily necessities into their travel bags, and a group of people carried their luggage, held hands with each other, and waded hard to transfer the rainwater close to the knee depth. Because of the dense branches and leaves above the rainforest, they cannot use lightning to observe the surrounding scenery. They can only distinguish the height of the terrain with the light beams of two flashlights, and try to go to the high terrain. After more than an hour of arduous trek, they finally moved to a small hill in the jungle.
  In the darkness, Professor Juan suddenly asked everyone to quickly check the condition of their travel bags being wet by rain, and especially emphasized the need to protect the leftover food. With the help of the faint flashlight, everyone cooperated with each other to check the travel bags in the rain. The results were frustrating: Of the five people, only Professor Juan’s exploration data and a small amount of food were not infiltrated by rain because they were better wrapped in plastic bags. The documents and instruments that George and Weiner put in their travel bags were all wetted by the rain. Fortunately, a pistol and several bullets in George’s bag were covered with waterproof cloth. In their panic, Empal and Morika didn’t fully zip the bag at all. The bread and biscuits they carried had already been soaked in powder by the rain. To make matters worse, an electronic direction finder kept by Empal was also soaked in the water. In addition, due to the hasty transfer, a bag of salted ham and a first aid kit used by the exploration team to replenish salt were discarded in the tent. At dawn, the torrential rain that lasted more than three hours finally stopped. At this time, everyone was surprised to find that the mountain bag they came to in the dark last night was surrounded by reckless primitive rain forests, and they could not tell the east, the west, the north. After the rain receded, there were no traces of any trails on the swamp, and the exploration team was in a terrible situation of losing its way.
  Misfortunes never come singly
  In the inaccessible tropical rain forest, everyone knows what it means to be lost. The food left by the exploration team can only sustain everyone’s needs for one day. Hunger, intense heat, and threats of death made the four young people feel unprecedented despair.
  At this time, Professor Juan, who has always been serious, smiled and said to everyone: “Don’t despair, as long as everyone is confident, there are no difficulties that cannot be overcome. If the direction finder is broken, we can judge the direction according to the wind direction; there is no food, this tropical rain forest Don’t worry about what you haven’t eaten; there’s nothing terrible about losing your way temporarily, the key is that everyone should not lose confidence?”
  Professor Juan’s words inspired and inspired the four young people, and everyone quickly got rid of the pessimistic and dull atmosphere. Proactively discuss with the professor how to get out of the predicament. Professor Juan told everyone that the Acaponeta tropical rain forest usually has southwest winds in the early morning and evening in summer. As long as the exploration team keeps on facing the wind direction, it is completely hopeful to get out of the rain forest in about five days. When Professor Juan made the above analysis, Morika exclaimed with joy: “God, the wind is coming!” The
  wind is indeed coming, and the exploration team is confidently facing the wind under the leadership of Professor Juan. On the road. Except for the thick moss, there are puddles of different shades on the inaccessible jungle ground, which caused great inconvenience to the professor and the group. After the rushing and shifting the night before, everyone was already exhausted, but seeing the firm demeanor of Professor Juan, who was more than half a hundred years old, others did not dare to slack in the slightest.
  At noon, they came to a swamp lake about the size of a basketball court. There was no wind in the rainforest in the afternoon, and the huge swamp lake was calm like a huge mirror. When George distributed food to everyone, he deliberately divided Professor Juan two more biscuits. The professor insisted on not accepting special care. Just when the two of them gave way to each other, they suddenly heard Morika scream: “Snake!”
  Everyone heard the reputation. Morika, who was sitting on the ground with her back to the trunk, was nervously Shaking, there was a poisonous snake nearly 60 centimeters long at her feet.
  George quickly took out his pistol to kill the poisonous snake, and Empal picked up a stone in a hurry. At the close of their hair, Professor Juan stopped them with gestures. I saw the experienced Professor Juan quickly pulled out a wrist-thick branch from under the palm leaves, and slowly approached the snake that was spitting its core. Everyone is so nervous that they dare not come out.
  Two steps away from the snake, the professor raised the branch decisively. Amidst Morika’s scream, the snake twisted and struggled on the ground for a few times and then stopped moving.
  Seeing Morika was overwhelmed, Professor Juan eagerly stepped forward to comfort her. Unexpectedly, the dying snake suddenly raised its head and bit on Professor Juan’s right foot. “Professor!” George cried out. He furiously smashed the snake’s head with the handle of the gun and smashed the snake’s head in a few strokes. . Professor Juan was pale and lying on the ground with his eyes closed. As the first aid medicine including anti-virus serum was lost last night, everyone was anxious but helpless. Morika, who was saved by the professor, was already crying into tears at this time, and George and Weiner, who had always been strong, also shed tears.
  Found vermiculite pays last words
  a little time passes by in a tough atmosphere, Professor Juan right foot has swollen miserable. Snake venom spread rapidly in his body, sweat soaked his clothes. The four young men gathered in front of the professor with a heavy heart, and their hearts were deeply held by their boundless despair. When he was dying, Professor Juan opened his eyes suddenly and effortlessly, his eyes swept across everyone’s face, and finally stayed on Empal.
  Did you pick up a brown stone just now? Professor Juan asked laboriously.
  ”Yes, professor. ”
  Show me quickly!” “The professor urged eagerly.
  Empal quickly retrieved the stone he had thrown away nearby. At this moment, even he himself is very surprised how could there be a piece of it on this moss-covered marsh lake. Stone.
  Professor Juan took the brown stone and observed it carefully. After looking at it, there was a strange light in the professor’s eyes: “Vermiculite? Yes, this is a piece of vermiculite! “Professor Juan’s voice trembled with excitement.
  George couldn’t believe his ears. As a graduate student in mineral resources, he certainly knew the value of vermiculite. Vermiculite is a kind of magnesia aluminum silicon hydrochloric acid ore, and it is also the world’s premier super insulation material. Before this, such precious minerals had never been discovered in Mexico. George only knew from textbooks that the shape of vermiculite was rocky and the color was brown. The professor’s authority on mineral deposits is undoubted. For more than 20 years, the ore identification conclusions made by Professor Juan have never been wrong.
  George and the others couldn’t help being excited by the professor’s discovery, and for a while they forgot that they were still in the perilous rain forest. Professor Hu An’s hand holding the “vermiculite” trembled, “This piece of vermiculite… it means… there is… a vermiculite mine nearby. You must… take it out…” Then the professor stopped breathing, and Morika burst into tears.

  George silently took the precious piece of vermiculite from the professor’s hand, carefully wrapped it in cloth, and put it in his travel bag. At this moment, the four young people share a common belief: even after all the hardships, even if there is only one person left in the end, they must live out of the rainforest of Acaponeta, and must not live up to Professor Juan’s deathbed entrustment.
  Survivor out of the rain forest
  in a palm tree, they buried the remains of Professor Juan, and sign and date carved on the trunk.
  At dusk, the flow of wind can be felt in the jungle again, and they set off after determining the direction of travel according to the wind direction. Although Professor Juan has been buried underground, George and the others still feel that the professor is walking with them.
  When night fell, George lit a torch with a branch to lead the way, Weiner, Empal, and Morika followed closely behind. In the jungle at night, the atmosphere is mysterious and unpredictable, with the horrible cry of wild beasts from time to time. Perhaps it was the courage and courage of George and the others that shocked the beasts in the jungle. Several times, jaguars staring at them appeared not far from them, but in the end no beasts attacked them.
  After trekking in the jungle for two days and nights, the excessive hunger and fatigue made them look as if they were withered. In order not to be starved to death, they began to search for everything to satisfy their hunger.
  Weiner learned to use a shirt as a net cover to catch small fish in the shallow waters of the swamp; Empal was able to climb to high trees to dig out bird eggs from the nests; Morika went from hidden pools several times I got a few water lilies. Only George did the worst in finding food, because his mind and attention were all spent on protecting the valuable vermiculite.
  Although the raw fish was disgusting to eat and the stems of the water lily had astringent onion taste, the four young people enjoyed it with relish. In everyone’s subconscious, as long as they can walk out of the tropical rain forest alive and take out the “precious ore” identified by Professor Juan, no matter how bitter they are, they have to swallow them.
  However, it may be that they went the wrong way. By the fifth day, they still did not see any signs of getting out of the jungle. Days of intense heat in the tropical rain forest caused a large loss of salt in their bodies. All 4 people had muscle twitches in their legs to varying degrees, and mosquito bites made them swollen all over… In the face of huge physical exhaustion and mental stress, Empal doubted whether they could get out of the jungle, and Morika almost had a mental breakdown. . Finally, they sat down on the ground, ready to give up hope of getting out of the jungle.
  At this critically sensitive moment, George took out the brown vermiculite, and he asked Empal and Morika hoarsely: “We can let this ore stay in this unknowing tropical rain forest forever. Are you in?” Empal and Molika felt ashamed at once, and they finally realized that once they gave up their efforts to survive, they would have given up Professor Juan’s deathbed and betrayed Professor Juan. How could they be worthy of that? What about Professor Juan who is kind to him?
  Empal and Morika stood up again under the support of stubborn perseverance. George and Weiner supported them respectively, and the four staggered and continued to walk west… At the evening of the sixth day, the rainforest suddenly changed. It was extremely hot, and the air seemed to have stopped flowing. George thought of the sultry and suffocating eve of the rainstorm in the middle of the night 6 days ago. In order to avoid being trapped in low-lying areas when the rainstorm came, he hurriedly led everyone there. On a high slope in the jungle. As he expected, a pouring rain started 10 minutes later.
  The weather in the tropical rain forest can be described as ever-changing. George originally thought that the rain would last for at least two hours. Unexpectedly, the rainstorm stopped abruptly after half an hour. Sitting on the hillside, they felt a fresh wind blowing on their faces, which made people very comfortable. Weiner and the three quickly fell asleep. At first, George didn’t care about the difference in the wind, but when the gentle breeze hit his face, he suddenly realized that it was a wind that was absolutely different from that in the tropical rain forest. Almost at the same moment, he faintly saw a bright spot of firefly moving slowly in the distance, “God!” George’s heart almost jumped out of his chest. It was the lights of cars, the lights of cars traveling at night on the winding road of Sierra Madre, which meant that they had reached the edge of the tropical rainforest.
  George cried wildly and awoke Weiner and the three of them, excitedly telling everyone the great news. Empal pinched his thigh vigorously before he was convinced that he was not dreaming.
  Ten minutes later, their eyes suddenly opened up: a road suddenly appeared in front of them. After 6 days and 6 nights of life adventure, they finally took the vermiculite out of the tropical rainforest of Acaponeta.