The female doctor died on the cliff to save her husband

  The newlyweds had a trip on the top of the mountain and fell into a cliff to hang their lives.
  On the morning of October 23, 2007, the newlyweds Wood Dwell and Stein Binney met on a hike to the White Mountains, a famous virgin forest reserve in the United States. The 32-year-old bride, Binnie, is a female Ph.D. student majoring in archaeology at Harvard University, and graduated in one month. The bridegroom, Darwell, is one year old, Binnie, a third-year graduate student majoring in economics at Harvard University. Get married on the 15th.
  At around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Darwell and Binnie arrived on a cliff as high as one kilometer. At this time, they saw a beautiful Chinese pine on the edge of the cliff. Darwell took off his hiking bag and asked his wife to take a photo of himself alone. In order to get a better shooting angle, Darwell sat on an oblique branch. Pose on top. At this moment, the branch on which Darwell was sitting suddenly broke, before he could react, his body swayed and fell back, and then fell into the cliff.
  Binnie was stunned by the horrible scene, but she soon woke up. She yelled her husband’s name in horror. At the same time, she approached the edge of the cliff and looked down. Almost at the same time, she heard her husband’s The familiar voice was calling her name intermittently. Binnie was very excited. When she looked down, she found that her husband was caught by a slanting mountain vine. The mountain vine had grown from the cliff. The main stem was thick with the mouth and the branches stretched out. Darwell’s face is facing upwards, his left hand grips the mountain vine tightly, his right hand hangs weakly, and the double script can hook on the mountain vine. Below him is a deep valley as deep as one thousand meters. At this time, Binnie loudly encouraged him to hold on, and she would save him.
  The mountainous terrain here is dangerous, with cliffs on three sides, and Binnie can’t get close to Darwell at all. At this time, the mobile phone was the only tool to call for help. Binnie quickly took out the mobile phone she put in her backpack. Fortunately, they were in a national scenic area, and the mobile phones had signals. Biny hurriedly dialed the emergency call of the United Alpine Rescue Center of the United States. When the staff of the rescue center asked Binnie where she was, she couldn’t make it clear. The rescuers had to send a helicopter to search and investigate one by one along the cliff.
  At this time, the seriously injured Darwell had been hanging on the cane, the off-white sweatpants on his left leg had been torn apart, and a long wound on his leg was bleeding out. It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and the sky gradually dimmed. Binnie didn’t want to wait eagerly for rescue, she decided to rescue Darwell.
  Cliff distress of his wife to save her husband, who shall live and who died facing painful choices
  than Ni Da Weier open backpack out a mountaineering rope, intended to lay down a rope to let Da Weier climb, but the ratio Ni Da Weier told his right hand had fractures, Can’t use any force Binnie thought for a while and decided to approach Darwell by making a tree ladder, so that not only would she have the opportunity to go down and bandage the wound for her husband, but also help him to climb the ladder to the top of the mountain. She came to the big tree and saw some branches with the Swiss army saw that she carried with her, and cut the branches into multiple short sticks of the same length, and then cut the ropes she brought to form a tree ladder.
  After the tree ladder was completed, Binnie cut a few long and thick rattans, and used these rattans to tie the tree ladder to the big tree and fix it. At this time, the sky started to rain lightly, and the mountains became slippery. Binnie lowered the ladder along the cliff near Darwell, and then walked down the tree ladder.
  Seeing Binnie stepping down the tree ladder, Darwell yelled with difficulty: “Bini, don’t come down, it’s too dangerous!” Darwell did not persuade Binnie. Worried that seeing the deep valley would cause panic and affect safety, Biny tried her best to look up, stepping on the tree ladder under her feet and slowly descending, stopping every step of the way down and taking a deep breath. Because of the rain, the surface of the tree ladder is very smooth. For those who have not received professional training, it is very difficult to go down the tree ladder slowly. If you are not careful, you may fall into the cliff.
  After about 20 minutes, Binnie finally approached Yamato safely. “Davel, honey, how are you?” Tears flashed in Binnie’s eyes. Darwell said worriedly: “Bini, this is too dangerous, you shouldn’t get down.” “Davel, let’s climb up together.” Binnie stretched out a hand to her husband and tried to pull him up. Tree ladder, but her husband’s condition is far worse than she thought. Darwell has been hanging on the mountain vine for more than 20 minutes. The wound on his left leg is still bleeding, and his right hand can no longer move. The bleeding and severe bone pain have tortured him to death, even if his beloved wife helped him. , He could not climb the ladder at all with one hand.
  When Binnie saw that Darwell’s leg wound was still bleeding, she decided to get close to her husband and bandage the wound with the hemostatic medicine and gauze she carried. Binnie put one foot from the tree ladder to reach the vine trunk that Will was climbing, and squatted down and rode carefully on the vine trunk, and took out the reserved pieces of rope from the bag to hold Darwell’s legs. Tie her waist to the vine, Binnie will protect him from falling off the cliff by doing so. After doing all this, Binnie took out a hemostatic medicine and carefully applied it to Darwell’s leg wound and wrapped it with gauze.
  Just when Binnie was trying to fix the broken bones of her husband’s arm, they heard the tree ladder being blown back and forth by the mountain wind to the cliff and making a “pop” sound. Soon, the rope tied to the knot of the tree ladder loosened. Several beams fell one after another, and most of the other beams fell apart.
  Binnie watched her husband cry in horror: “My God, what can I do?” Due to Darwell’s excessive blood loss, coupled with a lot of physical exertion, she even lost the strength to grasp the vine, and The rain is still falling, and the temperature in the mountains is getting lower and lower. Binnie took off her shirt and covered her husband who was shaking from the cold to protect her from the cold and rain. While Darwell and Binnie were waiting for rescue, due to long-term heavy loads and strong winds, the mountain vines supporting them began to sag slowly, and the roots of the vines rooted on the cliffs appeared to fall off the soil. This The Darwells were extremely nervous. Binnie’s face turned pale with fright. She clutched Darwell’s arm tightly and asked: “This mountain vine can’t bear our weight. It will soon be uprooted. We will all lose our lives. God, how could this happen? ? ah ”
  gave life to leave her husband, Dr. wife to die to save her husband the situation fixed American
  dangerous come again, Da Weier effort to keep awake, encourage ratio Ni said:” the ratio of Ni, believe luck is with us! “Bini cried desperately: “Benevolent God, if you really exist, please give us more time. We don’t want to go…” Darwell said softly, “Bini, we We will be saved. If we keep going, we will all live. We are going to have babies. We will drive on vacation together…” At this time, Darwell suddenly shouted hysterically, “Who will save us?” Ni kissed the back of Darwell’s hand and burst into tears: “Maybe we can’t wait for others to save us, but I can save myself…No matter what happens, I will always love you…”
  At this time, the rock at the root of the mountain rattan fell faster, and cracks appeared in the rocks around the root. The mountain rattan could no longer bear the weight of two people, and the situation became more and more critical.
  Darwell stabilized his mind and said sadly to Bini: “Bini, listen to me, now I am seriously injured, and I will be a useless person to live… The two of us cannot all die, one must live…” With that said, Darwell asked Binnie to untie the rope on his leg. Binnie suddenly understood Darwell’s intentions. She stubbornly held her husband and held his hands firmly, and couldn’t help crying in grief: “No! You are still young, you must live…” Er was heartbroken and speechless. At this moment, Binnie was surprisingly calm. Her eyes were red and swollen, and she begged her husband to say, “Dear Darwell, there is no time to fight anymore. Promise me that you want to live… Next life, I will be your wife!”
  Dawei Er trembled violently and gasped and said, “Don’t be like this, the situation is not so pessimistic. It’s not time to say goodbye…” Binnie was silent for a moment, and suddenly let go of her hands and jumped towards the 1,000-meter deep valley Falling down… After the mountain rattan’s burden was relieved, the foundation stones slowly stopped falling off. Darwell’s hysterical cry: “No! Binnie, don’t go, Binnie…”
  At 4:30 in the afternoon, the rescue helicopter finally appeared over Darwell’s head after searching the hills one by one…
  that evening. , The rescuers turned on the searchlights to look for the traces of Biny at the bottom of the cliffs and valleys, praying that God could create miracles. After nearly three hours of searching, rescuers finally found Binnie by a mountain stream at the bottom of the valley. At this time, she was bloody and terrible. What’s moving is that her left hand was tightly grasping something, and the rescuers took a lot of effort to break it apart. It turned out that she was holding half of the gauze used to bandage her husband in the palm of her hand…
  After rescue, Darwell saved his life and quickly recovered his health. To commemorate his wife, Darwell changed his name to Armand Stein Darwell and put the name of his beloved wife in his own name. He also discussed with his parents that the whole family moved to live near his parents-in-law’s house so that he could often visit and take care of his father-in-law and his mother-in-law, so as to show filial piety for Binnie.
  The story of Binnie’s life to save her husband was reported by the Chicago Tribune and many other media, which aroused strong reactions across the United States. Many Americans went to Binnie’s alma mater one after another, presenting flowers in tears to commemorate this great wife, and calling her “the pride of American women.”