“Ghost Farce” and Alien Civilization

  Science will discover many new facts and phenomena, and accumulate this information to systematize it, so as to finally understand and explain the nature of these facts, their causes and their connection with known things.
  To achieve this goal, you need to go through the three stages of speculation, hypothesis, and argumentation. After finding the basis, these three stages can become part of the paradigm, be universally accepted by the world, and finally be used in practice.
  A hypothesis is a scientific argumentation system for reasoning, inferring based on a series of facts and known natural laws, synthesizing the characteristics and properties of new phenomena, and drawing conclusions about its association with known things and the causes of the phenomenon. At this point, these conclusions should be regarded as correct and credible.
  It should be noted that the hypothesis has certain credibility and correctness. However, since the correctness of the hypothesis has not been determined to some extent, further evidence is needed.
  So why do aliens visit the earth?
  Earth study said
  such inference hypothesis, “ghost farce” by means of which the alien is that “universal” technical director out. There is no need to contemplate how they direct these “ghost farces”, because we cannot understand the science and technology of aliens who are far from us at our level of knowledge. This type of hypothesis believes that the aliens who come to our earth for investigation come from other planetary systems or other galaxies in the Milky Way, and the purpose of their visit is to study the earth and the entire human race. In this type of hypothesis, the question of the nature of the investigation of aliens to the earth and the purpose of the investigation are far beyond our understanding and imagination.
  In UFO studies, UFO researchers have classified aliens. For unknown reasons, most aliens are very similar to our modern Earth people. Some flying saucer pilots and flying saucer crews are simply regarded as biological robots with humanoid forms.
  In the explanation of the “ghost farce” that occurred when I was in contact with aliens, I also encountered some self-evident explanations: these “ghost farces” were caused by aliens’ investigation of the earth; these aliens seemed to come from Planets in our solar system, or from other “solar systems” in our galaxy. There are divergent opinions on the interpretation of aliens’ visit to the earth. Some people even suggested that the number of aliens visiting the earth-from once to dozens of times, and even hundreds of times.
  According to reports on aliens’ visit to the earth, the “ghost farce” was directed with the participation of aliens. Usually, the claims about aliens are made by atheists. They are well aware that there are objectively UFO visits.
  Theoretical UFO scientists put forward two possibilities for the purpose of UFOs and humanoids appearing on the earth: First, let the earth humans have a psychological preparation for the contact between UFOs and the extraterrestrial civilization behind the “ghost farce”; second, Extraterrestrial civilizations show off their technological superiority, intimidate humans, and conduct reconnaissance by the way in preparation for colonizing the earth.
  Psychological preparation, said
  the hypothesis that the earth if unexpectedly contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, will inevitably lead to psychological shock, destruction and shake people’s world view based on positive factors weaken people progress and development of science and technology, society around the world The collapse of the organization has made the system of nations on the planet unbalanced.
  Especially in the recent period, several well-known Russian scholars, such as Slugatsky, Etmatov, and Hinseimeier, have clearly adhered to this view. Based on this, they believe that based on reports on UFOs and “ghost farce” long ago, extraterrestrial civilizations are prepared to engage in bilateral or unilateral contact with earth civilizations. A wise strategy and tactics should gradually lead the people on earth from the belief that they may come into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations in the future to guess that the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are now on earth. For this reason, extraterrestrial civilizations are currently frequently arranging UFO flights and landings, and at the same time they continue to stage “ghost farce”. In this way, people on Earth can be transformed from speculation and doubt to the belief that extraterrestrial civilization has already come to the earth. Extraterrestrial civilization knows everything about us, but we know almost nothing about it.
  A large number of UFO researchers have undergone brand-new changes in their world outlook through extensive observations and long-term studies of UFOs. Through personal experience, they firmly believe that aliens’ visits to the earth will not lead to adverse consequences in terms of people’s psychology, spirit, or society. At present, in Russia, the opinions of dozens of experts and scholars who are engaged in the study of UFO issues have changed from “the theory of the center of the earth’s human universe” to the overall understanding of what role the earth’s humans play in the entire universe. Instead of being harmed in psychological and spiritual aspects, they have become more mature as a member of nature and as an ideologically unified whole.
  In the world, many people have joined the ranks of UFO research. They firmly believe that UFOs belong to extraterrestrial civilization. They did not become mentally ill, nor did they commit suicide. On the contrary, they all lived well. Therefore, it can be considered that the claims of “psychological shock due to aliens’ visits” are entirely put forward by countries that try to discredit and frame UFO research and its researchers in order to confuse people.
  Since 1947, the US national policy on UFOs has been to track and intimidate UFO witnesses and researchers. Not only that, the U.S. government is also trying to obstruct the study of UFO issues by countries all over the world. Its purpose is to surpass other countries in the field of UFO research, so as to use the important intelligence and information obtained from UFO research in the military to fight for world hegemony.
  Reconnaissance intimidation say
  our civilization to Earth when possible purpose, more than once put forward the hypothesis that the outside research: both flight and landing, or for our various response, the extraterrestrial civilizations are blatantly not taboo to show off their technology In order to intimidate human beings, we can easily occupy and colonize the earth by creating a sense of fear of extraterrestrial civilization in our hearts.
  The well-known representative of this idea is Kevintzky. He is a retired colonel in the US military and a representative of the American social organization “Intercontinental UFO Phenomenon Research and Analysis Network”. Kevintzky, on behalf of the organization, and the German International UFO Research Association, submitted a memorandum of the 125th proposal to the UN Social Political Committee. The motion was reviewed by the 33rd session of the UN General Assembly on November 27, 1978.
  He specifically pointed out in the memo: “…Our purpose is to conduct strategic reconnaissance and research on threats from space in a concentrated and planned way. It is logically inferred that they may carry out armed airborne landings on the earth, but this invasion It may happen at a time and place that we don’t know.”
  If extraterrestrial civilizations try to occupy the earth, they may use the means of “ghost farce” to show off their unique physical effects, and thus make our weapons and equipment malfunction. However, the occurrence of a “ghost farce” accident is more dangerous than the defensive measures taken by trying to use surface-to-air guided missiles and fighter planes to attack UFOs.
  If one considers that UFOs and “ghost farce” appeared more than 2,000 years ago, then this “reconnaissance intimidation theory” is self-defeating. What can aliens scout the earth? How could extraterrestrial civilization be so unwise: instead of invading the earth when the earth’s civilization is not yet developed in ancient times, but instead occupying the earth when human beings have developed to the present level?
  It can be seen that the intimidation proposed by Kevintzky and others is only the most effective tactic during the Cold War, and its purpose is to force governments and the United Nations to draw attention to UFO issues as soon as possible.
  Information Systems Group
  was also proposed alien “says information systems.” The hypothesis believes that there are such systems on the earth, called “information allocation agencies.” These information configuration agencies are set up to control the development of all things and their functions, and to be able to control every cell, everyone (personal body information configuration agency), and everyone (first-level regional information configuration agency) of the organism. ) Has an impact; at the same time, it can also have an impact on every animal, and these animals are connected to the information configuration agency according to their level. And all of this is achieved by the Global Information Configuration Agency. This global information configuration organization not only links all living things on the earth, but also all living things in the universe. They see the universe as “absolute”.
  However, Fuming, one of the founders of this hypothesis, in his book “Unbelievable Reality”, only emphasized that these information allocation mechanisms only provide us with a three-dimensional effect from the fourth and fifth dimensions. The world has an impact without discussing how these information allocation institutions are structured and how they work. These information configuration institutions control all the development of the biological organism from the time of embryo formation. The embryo’s information configuration agency comes from the parent’s information configuration agency, and then becomes an independent information configuration agency and participates in the work of the human brain.
  The information integrated system should have the following characteristics:
  First, it contains a large amount of genetic information, and the information obtained twice from a higher-level information configuration organization.
  Second, life has the ability to store and accumulate information while alive; it still has the ability to store information after death.
  Third, complete the configuration functions necessary for body formation and function.
  Fourth, to obtain information about the condition and activities of the organism, as well as information about the results of its completion of external instructions.
  Fifth, it has the ability to exchange information with other organisms and certain information systems other than organisms.
  Sixth, to complete all the functions that do not depend on the distance.
  The creator of the above hypothesis tried to explain a series of rare weird phenomena with the help of information allocation agencies, including the phenomenon of “ghost farce”. After death, his information allocation organization still exists. However, if the human body stops its energy supply, the work of the human body information configuration mechanism also stops, which is like a telephone with its power cut off. However, sometimes, some people unintentionally supply their own energy to the information configuration mechanism with a fast working rhythm; the information configuration mechanism starts to work due to the energy obtained, which leads to the involuntary activation of ideas.