Why not dance together

  After a loud “bang”, Cui Shan fainted, but before he fainted, there seemed to be another cracked silk scream in his ears. Later, he learned that just as he was hooked down by the fast-turning truck carriage, another pair of biking mothers and daughters who were waiting for a red light beside him were also knocked down. The scream came from being caught. Little girl caught under the belly of the car.
  Fortunately, the truck driver stopped the car in time, and the truck stopped before the rear wheel was about to run over Cui Shan’s body. The little girl crawled out from under the belly of the car, nothing happened, but her mother was frightened.
  Cui Shan’s heart has since been held back by a strong fear. He and his girlfriend Wanjiao opened a small barber shop next to a university in this city. They originally planned to save enough money for the down payment and get married after buying the house they wanted. Now this matter may have to be postponed, because now Cui Shan can no longer pick up the hair clippers. He always remembered that scene in his mind, thinking about it, he might never see this world again, and he couldn’t stop shaking all over.
  He could only sit for a long time, becoming particularly attached to Wanjiao, and could not leave her for a moment, otherwise he would be terrified. Wan Jiao took him to see a doctor and learned that Cui Shan’s condition was post-traumatic stress disorder, accompanied by a certain degree of depression. Wanjiao understood that the fundamental reason was that Cui Shan was overwhelmed by the fear that she might leave her forever and not see her. He could only be healed if he convinced him that she was always by his side and that she would never be separated from him.
  They work together originally. When Wanjiao gave the client a haircut, Cui Shan sat on the chair next to him and looked at him with a smile on his face. However, as soon as she walked into the room to wash the hair of the guests, Cui Shan panicked because it was only partially blocked by a barrier. For this reason, Wanjiao also removed the barrier, and moved away everything in the store that blocked the view. In this way, no matter where Wanjiao goes, Cui Shan can see from his position, and his heart is set.

  After dinner in the evening, Wan Jiao took Cui Shan for a walk. One day, they came to the square and saw someone dancing. Before, Wanjiao was not interested in square dancing, but that night, when she heard the impassioned music, she suddenly felt a sense of excitement and couldn’t help but imitate and jump. She joined La Cui Shan, Cui Shan shook his head repeatedly. That night, Wanjiao sweated profusely, and felt a long-lost sense of comfort. Wanjiao is determined to dance every day in the future, and at the same time must “pull Cui Shan into the water”.
  Wanjiao took Cui Shan to watch the square dance every night. After returning, she practiced in the store. She wanted Cui Shan to participate, but Cui Shan just stood still, letting her swing his hands. But even so, sometimes, he would be amused by Wanjiao’s funny actions. Wan Jiao decided to formally learn a set of actions, and asked Cui Shan, “You said, which song and dance should I learn?” Cui Shan said, “You learn “Little Apple”, I like “Little Apple”.” Jiao quickly agreed: “Well, I’ll learn “Little Apple”.”
  When I was idle in the store during the day, Wan Jiao turned on his mobile phone and found a dance video of “Little Apple” to practice. Once, she was practicing well, and Cui Shan suddenly said, “You reversed the movement, and you should raise your hand to the left to pick the apple.” Wanjiao was surprised, but pretended not to be convinced: “No, I remember it. Pick the apples to the right.” Cui Shan said: “To the left first.” Wan Jiao said: “To the right first.” Cui Shan said: “You watch the video.” Wan Jiao said: “I won’t watch it, or you jump Show it to me.”
  Cui Shan stood up from the chair and said, “If I jump, I will jump. I’ve seen it a long time ago.” With that, he jumped up from the head. Seeing Cui Shan dancing hard there, Wanjiao was so excited that she shed tears, but she restrained herself and said, “I know why I was wrong, because I danced while looking at the mirror, so I reversed the movement. “As she said, she jumped up with Cui Shan. As soon as Cui Shan wanted to stop, she yelled, “Hey, don’t stop, I’ll follow you to learn.”
  They cycled a song “Little Apple” several times, and then stopped until three guests came to the store. Wan Jiao picked up the scissors to cut the hair for the guests. When Cui Shan sat down, his face kept smiling, and his hands couldn’t help but draw left and right.

  After having dinner that night, before Wan Jiao could wash the dishes, Cui Shan said, “The bowl comes back to wash, let’s go dancing.” When Wan Jiao heard it, he immediately put down the bowl and pulled Cui Shan out. door.
  ”Little Apple” is still playing on the square. As soon as he came to the playground, Wanjiao took Cui Shan’s hand and jumped up, as if she had been pulling him to jump for many years. Cui Shan didn’t hesitate either. As soon as the music sounded, Wan Jiao pulled his hands and his body became lighter, eager to dance.
  ”Although life is short, I love you forever, and I will never give up. You are my little apple, I don’t love you too much!” As the song progressed, Wanjiao had already let go of Cui Shan’s hands, and the two stood side by side. Dancing enthusiastically. After a dance, someone came over and said to them, “Oh my God, have you practiced for a long time? How come you two have the same movements and laugh the same, it’s so beautiful! I can’t help but shoot you Let me show you the video.” Wanjiao received the video file sent by that strange friend, and after returning home, he watched it with Cui Shan countless times, and his cheeks were sour with laughter.
  The next day, as soon as the guests left in the store, Wan Jiao just got up, and Cui Shan also stood up. After dancing, two guests came. Wanjiao picked up the scissors and started to give one of them a haircut, and said to the other, “Please wait a moment, please.” No, Cui Shan also picked up the scissors and said: ” What are you waiting for, am I here?”
  Wanjiao quickly picked up the apron and fastened it for him. Cui Shan took the opportunity to say in her ear: “It’s finished, let’s dance together.” As she said, she hummed unconsciously. “You are my little apple, I don’t want to love you too much…”