Gift of love

  That year, she suddenly fell ill, lost her hair inexplicably, and felt sick. Before waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis, she was very depressed, hiding in the room all day, sighing. He saw it in his eyes and was anxious in his heart, doing everything possible to make her happy.
  The sun is shining in the morning of spring. He said: “I heard that the cherry blossoms in the park are beautiful. Let’s go and see?”
  She shook her head, a little annoyed in her tone: “I almost lost my hair. You let me out instead of letting me Do others read jokes?”
  He lowered his head and thought for a while, then suddenly said, “I have a way, you wait.” After that, he rushed downstairs. Half an hour later, he came back. She glanced at him and exclaimed: “Why did you shave a bald head?” He chuckled, “Now, let’s go out together. I am more noticeable than you.”
  Looking at his strange bald head, think about his. Take great pains. She was ashamed to refuse him again, and the two went to the park together. Because of his “share joys and sorrows”, she had a great time. Even on the way back from the park, she took him and took a photo of the “bald couple”.
  Soon, the diagnosis came out, and she was healthy, just a false alarm. Life has returned to the plainness of firewood, rice, oil and salt. That special photo has been cherished by her.

  When he married her, his family was poor.
  She said that as long as the people in love are together, it is better than anything else. She is not only good to him, but also good to her in-laws.
  On that day, he returned from outside and saw 4 bowls of white rice on the table. Hungry, he picked up a bowl and gobbled it up. Suddenly, he felt something was wrong, and when he took a closer look, there was a small dish lying under the white rice. Only then did he realize that the position he was sitting in was the same as she usually sits. No wonder, every time she eats, she always excuses that there is still work in the kitchen, and she is not eating with them. It turns out that she herself has been starving.
  Holding the bowl of rice with a secret hidden in it, he burst into tears.
  Many years later, he became famous and won awards one after another for his novels. They have moved many times and walked through different cities. Every time they sorted their things, he would always hold a cardboard box in person. Inside, it was not gold and silver jewelry, not his award certificate, but a very ordinary-looking bowl.
  Many people are puzzled about this. He always smiles and never says much. Deep down in my heart, there is always a voice saying: “No matter where you go, you can’t lose the bowl she used back then. Losing it is equivalent to losing yourself.”

  Six months after his wedding, he went to work in the South with his friends. He often missed her, and she often missed him.
  He was determined to go back and take a look. Take the initiative to give up off work, do 3 hours more work than others every day, and finally get 3 days vacation. He had already thought about it, go for one day, accompany her for a day, come back for another day, just 3 days.
  She is determined to see him. I changed classes with someone else and took a 3-day holiday. She had thought about it a long time ago, go for one day, stay with him for a day, come back for another day, just 3 days.
  They all want to surprise each other. When he got home, she just arrived in his city. The moment the call was connected, she burst into tears. He said, don’t cry, I will rush back immediately. He didn’t stop, and finally came back.
  They hugged each other tightly on the platform for the hard-won reunion. However, the siren of the train rang, and it was time for her to return.
  That year, those three days, they traveled for thousands of miles, and the time to meet was only 10 minutes, so many lovesick words could only be swallowed.
  After passing through the dust of the years and walking hand in hand through the long journey of marriage, they feel that the most romantic thing is still the 10 minutes that year, short, but precious, more than thousands of sweet words.