Be strong with her out of danger

  One day last spring, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a plane carrying 4 forest investigators took off from the Glacier National Park airport in Kalispell, Montana, and headed for the Fresde Mountains. Camp.
  Leaving the city of Kalispell, the plane entered the high mountains, and successive peaks “whistled” past the plane. Soon, the plane flew into the valley area in the middle of the Fresedi River. The plane passed through the steep cliffs and rocks and flew towards the camp in the southwest.
  Kate, a 26-year-old investigating police officer, keeps his eyes locked in the jungle outside the window. Suddenly, she realized that something was wrong, and several tall spruces were less than 100 feet away from the plane. Kate realized that the plane was flying too low. She put her cheeks as close to the glass window as possible, trying to see the situation outside. At this moment, an 8,000-foot-high mountain stood in front of the plane. Kate was so nervous that her blood vessels were about to explode, and she couldn’t help shouting: “Be careful, the plane is about to hit the mountain…”
  Before the words fell, with a deafening noise, Kate instantly felt that she had lost her center of gravity. Driven by a huge force, the whole body floated forward, and then everything in the cabin moved backward.
  The plane crashed into a mountain peak about 6,500 feet high. Because the thin clouds in the sky blocked the pilot’s view and was confused by the intricately intertwined rivers on the ground, the pilot changed the course of the flight and flew into a narrow valley by mistake. Break away and hit the rock on the mountainside. Then, the top of the machine fell onto the hillside, and the impact caused the fuel tank to rupture instantaneously, and the fuel leak caused the body to explode.
  On the third day, rescuers arrived at the accident site. At this time, the scene was in a mess and shuddering: the scorched wreckage of the plane was scattered all over the place, and almost all the metal parts of the fuselage were reduced to ashes under the burning fire.
  After more than two hours of careful inspection, rescuers found three charred bodies in the wreckage. Among them, the remains in the cockpit are the pilot of the plane, and the other two are forest investigators. The other two people who took the flight together have no trace, nor any clue to show their whereabouts, and based on past experience of such accidents, their survival probability is almost zero.
  At this time, the thunder broke out and the wind gusted up. The rescuers quickly packed the objects found on the scene and the remains of the victims, and then returned. Soon, they made an accident investigation report and issued death notices to the families of the five people on the plane.
  What is unexpected is that Kate is not dead in fact. When the plane crashed, her head hit the bottom of the cabin hard, and she fainted immediately. When she woke up, she didn’t know where she was. She only felt that there was a blazing fire everywhere, and the air was filled with the smell of fuel and the pungent smell of burning objects. Kate touched her head subconsciously. Fortunately, wearing headphones and a hat on her head resisted a lot of impact, so her injury was not too serious.
  Kate regained consciousness, the first thing to do was to get out of the seat belt, and then quickly got out of the emergency rescue door. Suddenly, she felt a piercing pain in her ankle. She looked down and realized that a cut was made in her right ankle, her left leg and back were sprained, and her hands were also severely burned.
  ”Oh my god! Oh my god…” Kate couldn’t believe what was happening before her. She called for help while moving to safety.
  At this moment, she suddenly heard a faint voice behind her: “Come and help me! Come and help me!” She turned her head and saw that it was Constable Powell. His body was severely burned and his feet were severely burned. Stuck in the wreckage of the plane, unable to move. Seeing this, Kate immediately turned around and walked towards Powell and helped him get out. Since Powell’s left ankle was broken and the pain was too painful to move, Kate helped him a little bit to a safe place.
  Kate didn’t know if anyone was still alive in the cabin, so she went back to the cabin again. After checking, she found that the other three had died, and the pilot had been scorched by the fire. At this time, the fire spread unscrupulously in the cabin, sparks shot in and “crackled”. A fiery wave of heat rushed to Kate. Kate realized that the plane might explode again, and she had to leave the plane quickly.
  The thick smoke burned Kate’s eyes and swollen so much that she could barely see anything. She followed a faint light to find the rescue door of the cabin, got out and walked to Powell’s side.
  The weather on the high mountains is always cloudy. After a cold wind passed, dark clouds covered the sky and large swaths of snow fell down. Kate and Powell waited on the mountain for the arrival of rescuers, and until the evening, no one came to rescue them. At this time, the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees, and they had to cuddled together to keep warm. There was no food, no firewood, and Powell, who was seriously injured, was getting worse and worse. During the night, he even stopped breathing several times. Kate used artificial respiration. He slowly eased his breath. Without water, Kate melted the snow with the palm of her hand and rubbed it on Powell’s cracked lips little by little.
  At 9:30 the next morning, they decided to walk out of the valley below the mountain to find a chance for help. But there is no way to the bottom of the mountain at all, they can only move forward in the general direction. They supported each other, walked around huge rocks, and drilled through bushes full of thorns. The dangerous terrain caused them to fall countless times, and every step they moved would cause the wounds to ache through the heart and lungs.
  In this way, they take a break every half an hour or so, and after 6 hours, they have walked less than 2 miles.
  At about 4,000 feet above sea level, they saw rescue planes flying towards the crash site on the mountain one after another. Kate kept waving her coat at every rescue plane, but no one noticed them. I don’t know how long it took, the rescue planes returned one by one, but Kate still did not find the two, which made them extremely frustrated, and their confidence fell to the bottom.
  As night fell again, the temperature dropped sharply, and the exhausted Powell seemed to get worse. He held Kate’s hand tightly, shaking constantly. Kate knew that Powell was about to die. She took off her coat and put it on Powell, and made a bed for Powell with the branches and leaves of the fir tree, hoping to make him as comfortable as possible. In the wee hours of the morning, Powell let out his last breath and closed his eyes forever.
  The next morning, after Kate covered Powell’s body with tree branches and leaves, she took a deep breath and
  said to herself : “I will definitely be able to do it!” Kate set out again. Every mile she walked, she would encourage herself in her heart. Kind of. In this way, Kate spent another two days alone on the quiet and steep mountain. If you are hungry, you will eat some wild fruits or leaves to satisfy your hunger; if you are thirsty, you will have some snowflakes in your mouth.
  The weather gradually improved the next day. The long-lost time sprinkled on Kate’s body warmly, which seemed to give her hope. After traveling for more than 8 hours, she suddenly heard the siren of the train coming from a distance, which meant that it was not far from the road down the mountain. She knew that this road was the main trunk to Kalispell. Tao, this undoubtedly excites her.
  The roar of the train provokes ears, which inspires Kate’s desire for life-saving. She mustered her energy through the arduous dense jungle and finally came to the road.
  At this time, it had been 70 hours since the accident occurred. After being seriously injured, Kate walked nearly 8 miles of mountain trails with a strong belief in her heart.
  Soon, passers-by found Kate and quickly sent her to the hospital. The next day, according to her geographical location, people found Powell’s body on the mountain.
  In the following year, Kate’s burned hands underwent two skin transplants. Now, she has fully recovered and is living happily…