Revenge on the black bear

  At that time, the villagers had no food to grow except for planting some sweet potatoes on the surrounding low mountains. Therefore, the men will go hunting in the deep mountains, first to replenish the food at home, and second, to take the animal’s fur to the market for some change.
  Speaking of my grandfather, he was the best hunter in Si’erhe. But in a hunt, my grandfather was bitten by a black bear when he was fighting with a black bear weighing 150kg with his bare hands. When my father heard the sound coming with a gun, the black bear had escaped in the bushes. The grandfather was carried home by his father and died soon after being injured. As he died, my grandfather smiled bitterly and said to us, “Perhaps it is retribution. I have hunted countless animals in my life. I did not expect that animals would kill me soon.” Father gritted his teeth and said, “I must Find the black bear and take revenge for you!” I saw my grandfather shook his head and wanted to say something, but he closed his eyes without saying it.
  After finishing the funeral for my grandfather, my father gave my grandfather’s shotgun to me, who was only 14 years old. I knew that he wanted to train me to be a good hunter.
  From that day on, my father took me on a journey to find revenge for the black bear. In a blink of an eye, half a year passed, and still nothing. But my father never gave up and led me to the mountains when he was free.
  The effort paid off. One sunny afternoon, we found some scratches on some trees. Based on this, my father concluded that there must be a bear nearby. Sure enough, in a short while, we saw a strong black bear shaking a tree with its strangely large belly on the side of the hillside. Father said in a low and hateful voice: “This is it, it must be the black bear that bit your grandfather!”
  In order to hit the black bear more accurately, my father told me to stay on the ground, and he held his breath and moved forward. Moved about 10m. Although I have seen black bears before, they have all been shot dead. This is the first time I have seen a black bear alive, so I was very nervous and didn’t even dare to breathe.
  I saw my father hiding behind a tree, holding up the gun, and pulling the trigger. Just hearing a “bang” gunshot, my eyes closed in fright. But when I opened my eyes to see, the black bear did not fall down. I only heard it roar, and then the two front legs pushed away from the tree, the hind legs propped on the ground, and the whole body stood upright, a dark red blood from It gurgled out from its left shoulder.
  Perhaps he was affected by his revenge, but his father, who has always been known for his marksmanship, did not hit the black bear. Seeing the black bear glaring and wide-eyed, I was so scared to death. My grandfather once told me that beasts like bears and wild boars are very dangerous if they can’t hit the key with one shot. They will attack you desperately. But to my surprise, it was an exception this time. The black bear just bluffed and ran down like a coward, and got into the bushes.
  The father put his gun away in despair, looking very upset. The father said that the injured bear would become more terrifying. I don’t think so: “I think this bear is very timid, and he ran away after being shot.” Father shook his head: “That’s not timid, it’s’a good man doesn’t suffer from immediate losses’, for fear of hurting the kid in his stomach. ”
  So that’s it, somehow, I suddenly became a little worried about the pregnant female bear. I asked my father again: “Will this bear die?” My father was obviously a little impatient, and said, “It won’t die. Bears are very capable of self-healing. It knows how to smear wounds with mud and how to make them. The wound healed as soon as possible.”
  We returned home angrily . My father was unhappy for several days, and his mind was full of revenge. After that, my father and I went up the mountain several times to look for this female black bear, but we didn’t find any traces of her, it seemed to have disappeared. I kind of suspected that the female bear was dead, but my father firmly believed that it was still alive. He said that it must have been hiding in which cave gave birth to cubs.
  After 3 months, it was late autumn. If it’s winter, the female bear will hide in the cave and rarely come out. It will be even more difficult to find it, so the father decided to conduct a thorough hunt for the black bear.
  That day, we brought enough dry food for two people to eat for a week, two hunting dogs, two shotguns and sufficient ammunition, and set off into the mountains.
  Father is an experienced hunter, but our opponent is the ferocious and cunning black bear, so both are very careful. Fortunately, we were lucky this time. On the third morning, we found bear paw prints near a river. From these fresh paw prints, we can conclude that the bear is probably nearby.
  Sure enough, our hounds kept barking in front. My father and I climbed to the top of the slope with guns, and saw that at the bottom of the slope, two hounds had already turned fire with the black bear. The hounds are very brave, but they are definitely not the bear’s opponent. His father raised the gun, but he dared not start, for fear of accidentally hurting the hounds. We had to shoot into the sky as we walked, hoping to scare away the black bear. But this time it was strange that the black bear no longer seemed to be afraid of shotguns, but instead moved to another hillside while fighting the hounds. When my father and I rushed to the place where the bear dogs were fighting, our two hounds had been killed, and the bear had fled beyond range. Every time the black bear ran a few steps forward, he turned his head and looked back, as if deliberately angering us.
  Looking at the bitten hound, his father became angry and was about to chase the black bear. Suddenly we heard a few “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” calls. Following the sound, we found a little bear in a cave. Father was very happy, and soon thought of a clever plan.
  We found a place with only one passage, tied the bear to the tree with a belt, and set a trap on the passage, waiting for the eager black bear to bait.
  But we waited for a long time, until dawn the next day, we didn’t see the mother bear coming. At dawn, my father and I had to jump down from a height to see the situation. We found bear footprints beside the trap. My father said to me: “What a cunning guy, it must have found a trap.” So my father and I put down the shotgun and prepared to remove the trap and rearrange it.
  I just removed the trap, but I didn’t expect the female bear to suddenly rush to my side from somewhere, opening her blood basin and shouting vigorously. A strong stench almost stunned me. Looking at the ferocious female bear, I was already shocked. At this moment, my father was untying the little bear on the tree not far away. He yelled anxiously: “Damn it, get out of here!” Father wanted to get the gun, but the gun was just behind the black bear.
  At that moment, I really felt the existence of the god of death, and looked at my father almost desperately. At this time, my father was holding the bear cub in his hand, and the mother bear looked at me firmly and kept roaring. The father may be so scared that he only heard him say: “Please, don’t hurt my son, I will return your child to you!” He really put the little bear down and wanted to change it from the mother bear. I. This is really funny enough, can black bears keep their promises like people?
  But the incredible scene appeared, and the she-bear suddenly stopped roaring and turned her head to the side. It actually knows the rules of the game like a human, and it is willing to let me go in exchange for its children.
  The little bear happily ran to the black bear, the mother bear roared to the sky twice, and then walked towards the forest. I was really moved at that time, for its motherhood.
  I stared at the backs of the black bear mother and child, and suddenly there was a “bang” gunshot. The black bear roared, just stood up, and then with another “bang”, the black bear turned around and fell down with a “bang”.
  I turned my head to look at my father in horror, and saw the triumphant smile on his face.
  The little bear hummed, licking the mother bear’s face. Suddenly, the mother bear roared, raised her body, and stared at her father fiercely. Father raised the gun nervously and confronted it. I saw the mother bear biting the bear’s neck, watching us, slowly falling down, and never got up again.
  Unexpectedly, the mother bear used her last bit of strength to kill the little bear. The little bear did not struggle, as if there was no pain at all, I suddenly felt like I wanted to cry, for the tragic maternal love of the mother bear. My grandfather’s grudge was finally reported, but I was not happy because I didn’t expect it to end like this.
  When I looked up at my father again, he looked at the black bear mother and son like a fool, and the shotgun slipped from his hand. I saw tears on his face, but I don’t know if the tears came from the joy of revenge or the regret of dishonesty…